Crazy Detective Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Imagination Run Wild

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Zhao Yu awoke with a start from his nightmare. It was already four in the morning. The sky was still dark outside. It was a dark night with no wind, and it was stuffy in the house. Zhao Yu was sweating all over.

“That’s damn scary! Like the saying, ‘what you think about in the day, you will dream of at night.’ Investigating cases like about an ancient tomb with a dead victim makes me feel disheartened” Zhao Yu thought. He turned on his table lamp and took a sip of water. He wanted to turn on the air conditioner to go back to sleep in peace, but he suddenly recalled the vase from the Ming Dynasty that he left outside his room.

“Fuck! Did that vase come from some tomb as well? Why does it feel spooky?” he thought to himself. Although Zhao Yu knew that he was just overthinking, he couldn’t fall asleep when he lied down! If it was before, with his dog Daheng, he might feel more at ease. But unfortunately, Jiang Xiaoqing, who stayed downstairs had finished her midterm examinations and brought Daheng back to her hometown for a trip! “I might as well not sleep!” he thought.

Zhao Yu got up to check his phone to see if there was any progress regarding the Tomb Murder Case on the internet. In the end, when opened it, it was still the same as before. Although Moyang Branch found the stolen items, they did not manage to find any grave robbers. Those people had just into thin air.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu thought about Li Xiusheng’s hypothesis. Gold Buddha Temple, Dozen Statues of Gold Buddha, and things along those lines. Because of these things, it made an originally simple case more and more complicated.

“Thenwhat is the truth? Is it related to the Gold Buddha?” Zhao Yu thought. ButZhao Yu suddenly thought of something else. If he were to ransack the three old, would he be able to get new clues?

Zhao Yu was suddenly energized. He immediately washed his face, got dressed, and went to the police station with his gun. The sun was slowly rising from the east, letting out a glimpse of light, but the earth was still engulfed by the darkness.

Just when Zhao Yu was on his way to the police station, he lit a cigarette to get a new hexagram. Like the saying, “good things come to those who wait,” Zhao Yu had finally gotten his “Gen” hexagram. It was a “Gen” hexagram! Under such circumstances, Zhao Yu was not even bothered by the “Kan” hexagram that represented women. As long as he could get a “Gen” hexagram, he was more excited than anything.

“Alright! If so, relying on today’s ‘Gen’ hexagram, let’s investigate! Maybe I can to the bottom of today’s case!” he thought.

There were people on duty at the car collection department and ammunition room in the police station twenty-four seven. Zhao Yu returned the car and the gun, then went to the office. The office lights were still on. There should be people on duty throughout the night.

Zhao Yu pushed open the door lightly and found the office quiet. The whiteboard for writing down the case progress right in front of him had increased from one to three. Two of the whiteboards were used to record the Tomb Murder Case, while the other one was used to record the Female Corpse in the Ancient Costume case from eighteen years ago. Zhao Yu knew that if he wanted to add information regarding the Gold Buddha Temple and the Dozen Statues of Gold Buddha, he would need to add a fourth whiteboard.

“Zhao Yuwhat is going on?” Suddenly, Zhao Yu heard a familiar female voice from the corner. Looking over at the source, he never expected to see Miao YingCaptain Miao! But he saw that Miao Ying was lying in the corner, away from the light. She looked very sleepy.

“Youhaven’t left yet?” Looking at Miao Ying so exhausted, Zhao Yu’s heart suddenly started to ache for her. He quickly went over and took off his jacket to cover Miao Ying.

“Why did you come here in the middle of the night? Do you have any new clues? Mm?” Miao Ying couldn’t even open her eyes. She spoke, her eyes almost closed.

“No, no!” Zhao Yu patted Miao Ying’s back softly and said, “I am here to analyze the case. Captain Miao, I slept and woke up. You are tired,we will take turns, okay! You go ahead and sleep, let me take over here” Zhao Yu patted her softly a few times, and Miao Ying fall back asleep.

Zhao Yu waited until Miao Ying’s breath was heavy and slow, then he slowly moved away from the table. Looking at Miao Ying in deep sleep, his heart was sore. This case had really made it difficult for the tough woman! So many branches fighting together. She must have felt the heavy burden all by herself.

“Don’t worry, Captain Miao!” Zhao Yu said in his heart. “No matter what, I will share your burden! This time, watch me! I will give it my all and solve the case for you before everyone else!” Then, he turned around to face the whiteboard and started looking into the case thoroughly. After he revised the entire case once again, he pulled another whiteboard over and added information about the Gold Buddha Temple and Dozen Statues of Gold Buddha. After he added the information, the sky was almost completely bright. The sunlight shined through the window. Even without the lights, he could clearly see the information on the whiteboard.

Luya Prefect Qiu Cheng, praying for rain in Gold Buddha Temple, Dozen Statues of Gold Buddha, the prefect’s tomb, the victim in the coffin, three old experts Zhao Yu tried to organize the information in a chronological manner, and he realized that there were still many unexplainable facets in the information.

“Three old experts, what role do they play in the Tomb Case?” he thought. “Were they really looking for the Golden Buddha? Thenwere there Golden Buddhas in the prefect’s tomb? If there were, why did the grave robbers only kill one of the old experts? The three old experts had an intimate friendship. It’s impossible that they killed each other. There must be some hidden reason behind this. But if there wasn’t any Golden Buddha, why didn’t the grave robber take everything from the coffin chamber? And why did they find the cultural relics but not any grave robbers? Did the grave robbers flee with the Golden Buddha, or did they go to do something else? Where are the other two old experts? Tsk tsk” Zhao Yu was deep in thought. He felt that the case was filled with contradictions, and there were many unexplainable matters!

According to Li Xiusheng’s prediction, if the prefect Qiu Cheng really did take the Dozen Statues of Gold Buddha, he would naturally bring them into the tomb to be buried together. Because of this, he built his tomb in a place that didn’t follow Fengshui teachings. That way he grave robbers couldn’t destroy his tomb.

But according to Zhao Yu’s understanding, he felt that the probability of Prefect Qiu bringing the Golden Buddha into his tomb was quite low, only because the Golden Buddha was worth too much money. Even if Prefect Qiu left ha request that he wanted the Golden Buddha to be buried with him his children may have not actually done it!

Qiu Cheng was only a prefect for an area after all. He was not a kinsman of the emperor nor any rich country gentlemen. How could his children not think about his Golden Buddha?

It was hard to say if Qiu Cheng’s children deceived him, like how he fooled the villagers. Qiu Cheng’s children might have put the Gold Buddha statues made of stone into his tomb after he passed away.

“Did those fake Golden Buddha fool the grave robbers as well?” Zhao Yu thought.

Zhao Yu patted his head and thought to himself, “What was I thinking about? Isn’t my imagination running wild?”