Crazy Detective Chapter 384

Chapter 384 A Method That Was Not A Method

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The police detectives were not idiots. Regarding the ambiguous relationship between Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, they could naturally tell. But the police detectives cherished their lives too. One was a violent king and the one was a woman with great ability. Who would dare to spread rumors and talk behind their back?

Just when the first batch of the police detectives entered the office, they saw that Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were in a room by themselves. They lowered their heads and pretended not to see anything.

Actually, Zhao Yu stood in front of the whiteboard and racked his brains while Miao Ying was sleeping soundly in the corner. The two of them had not shared some intimate moment. Plus, even if Zhao Yu had wanted to initiate some intimate scene, Miao Ying would have to want to as well. Although the two of them were in an ambiguous state, there wasn’t any definite relationship. Especially since Zhao Yu had rescued Huahua, Miao Ying felt extremely upset.

“Team Leader Zhao, why is there another whiteboard?” Da Fei came next to Zhao Yu and looked. When he saw the information about Golden Buddha, he was suddenly astonished. “Thiswhat does it mean? Golden Buddha Temple? Is it the one with the lily pond?”

Zhao Yu didn’t reply to him but continued to analyze the case in his head.

But hearing some noises, Miao Ying woke up. She yawned and came before Zhao Yu to see. As she had slept lying facedown the entire night, Miao Ying’s mushroom-styled hair was messy and puffy.

Miao Ying patted Zhao Yu’s shoulders and asked, “Hey, he’s asking you a question! What does it mean? Is there another new case? Look at you, I asked you to check on the cultural relics. You first caught a bunch of counterfeit sellers, and now you found another legend. Isn’t this a little weird?”

Zhao Yu was suddenly drawn back to reality when Miao Ying patted him. He then told everyone the latest news that he had found. Of course, he took out Li Xiusheng from the story.

The police detectives heard and thought Zhao Yu was even more unbelievable than before. Everyone shook their head, and nearly no one believed that the historical legend was true!

“The statues that people worshipped in the temple are huge!” Liu expressed his opinion, “Casting with gold, is that even possible? It would be difficult even for one, let alone, twelve. Even the emperor wouldn’t be able to afford such a thing!”

“Are you stupid!” Liang Huan refuted, “Who says that it must be a huge statue? The small one could be used for worshipping too! Even fist-sized would do. Butthe legend sounds quite fantastical; there’s no official historical record!”

“Have you been to the Golden Temple?” Da Fei asked. “No one saw any Golden or Stone Buddha, right? There were only a few statues of Buddha in the temple! My girlfriend even bowed her head!”

“That’s nonsense.” Liang Huan waved his hand. “The Golden Temple was ruined many times! Those things that you talked about were newly built on the original site. They don’t even have the original look! Only the lily pond is from ancient times. It was almost ruined!”

“It’s a pity” Suddenly, Miao Ying crossed her arms and said, “I heard that the investigation team from the municipal bureau searched the three old experts’ workplace and house, but they didn’t find any clues! According to their family’s verbal confession, before they left, the three of them brought big suitcases out! It’s summer now, how much clothing can one bring? I reckon they brought along all the information!”

“If we could find out what the information was, maybe we could work with the Gold Buddha prediction!” Miao Ying did not wait for anyone to respond, and said to herself, “Why don’t I ask my friend again to see if they can find anything related to the Golden Buddha. Oh wait, I can’t If I asked, the other branches would all find out, I thinkI will visit personally! Zhao Yu, how about you, are you going to come with me?”

“No!” Zhao Yu was still talking, facing the wall, “I feelI still have things that I haven’t made sense ofI have to think again”

“Alright, Mr. Sherlock Holmes! I’m going home to shower and change into fresh clothes” Miao Ying nodded and said, “I will go on my own! If you have any updates, keep me posted!”

Miao Ying delegated duties to the other detectives before she left the office.

Ten minutes after Miao Ying left, Zhao Yu suddenly slapped his thigh and shouted “Aiya!”

The police detectives thought Zhao Yu had made some surprising discovery and quickly ran over to inquire. However, Zhao Yu wasn’t thinking about the case but he suddenly recalled the hexagram that he had gotten that day, “Gen-Kan” hexagram!

“Kan” represented woman. Just now Miao Ying was talking about showering and changing clothes; it was obviously a good opportunity to get close to his Goddess.

“Aiyo, the f*ck!” Zhao Yu exclaimed in his head. He slapped his head and regretted that he had been too absorbed in the case, but had totally forgotten about such great things. Unacceptable!

But the Phaeton was a fast car. Miao Ying was already long gone, and there was no point of chasing after her! Zhao Yu had no choice but to continue to ponder about the case and see if he could retrieve anything from “Gen” hexagram. But after looking into it for so long, Zhao Yu couldn’t find anything. Until then, he had no idea what was the grave robber’s and the three old expert’s aim was of robbing the ancient tomb. If he was unable to guess their goal, he wouldn’t be able to make any conclusions about the Golden Buddha. Plus, even if he could come to any conclusions regarding the Golden Buddha, he had no idea where the grave robbers and the other two experts went.

“What to do about this?” Zhao Yu thought. He got a “Gen” hexagram that day, would he be unable to make progress in the investigation? Zhao Yu felt that he had to get in touch with his “personal consultant”Li Xiushengto see if the master of cultural relics could provide any novel ideas.

That very moment, the invisible camera on Li Xiusheng was still on! After turning it on, he was surprised to see Li Xiusheng lying on a cot in the hospital, and there was an IV drip on the back of his hand. He actually fell sick!

“Fuck!” he thought to himself. Zhao Yu was upset. It seemed after a busy day at work the day before, in addition to Zhao Yu’s threat and con for money, Mr. Li fell sick!

“This is” Zhao Yu picked up his phone then put it down again. He couldn’t give him another call. “Tsk tskhow should I proceed to investigate the case?” he wondered.

Zhao Yu knew that as Fu Jiancing found the lost relics, the municipal bureau gave them power and told Moyang Branch to take full responsibility of hunting down the grave robbers. The other branches couldn’t intervene!

Although no one could intervene, the progress of the case was still shared. Fu Jianxing and his troop used two methods simultaneously. They tried to track the suspects through surveillance videos around the place where they hid the relics, and at the same time, they were looking for information through buying relics. However, as so much time had passed but no progress had been made, they must have run into some sort of trouble.

It looked like the gang of grave robbers were not nobodies. Not only were they good at robbing graves, but they had skills in avoiding being found. They were definitely hard to deal with! Even Fu Jianxing couldn’t take care of it, so there was no point for him to intervene! If he wanted to arrest the criminal before everyone else, Zhao Yu would have to take another shortcut! But where was his shortcut? After pondering, Zhao Yu figured out a way. But it was a method that was not a method!