Crazy Detective Chapter 392

Chapter 392 There Was One That Did Not Return

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Zhao Yu flew toward the door of the Cultural Relics Bureau. He parked his car vertically, right in front of the door, nearly knocking into the other car.

Waiting till Zhao Yu got out of the car and ran up the stairs, he suddenly saw that there was a crowd gathered around in the hall of the Cultural Relics Bureau. Zhao Yu pushed everyone away, and before he saw the situation in the middle, he saw Lan Bo, who was covering his face.

“Huh?! Lan Bo, you’re hit?” He saw a blue black tone near Lan Bo’s eyes, and Zhao Yu got even more anxious.

“Bro Yu, forget it… Forget it…” Lan Bo suddenly changed his mind and stopped Zhao Yu from going further into the middle. “Moyang Branch and the investigation team from municipal bureau, not only did they bring the information back to their police station to process them, they wouldn’t let us see the information. Also, they were giving irresponsible and sarcastic remarks, then… Mm… Eh? Hey hey hey…”

Zhao Yu was keeping Miao Ying in mind, so how could he listen to what Lan Bo was saying? He was eager like a bull, as he dashed through the crowd and knocked aside a few innocent people along the way.

When Zhao Yu finally got to the front, he was shocked to see that there were already four or five people on the ground! Then, he looked at Miao Ying again, seeing that she was holding onto a man that had his face punched, and she was shouting at him:

“Yes, it is an order! I did not say that I wouldn’t follow the order!” Miao Ying looked cold as she spat the words. “But, you should not have said anything sarcastic, nor raised a fist at us! We are all colleagues, so why do you have to speak so harshly? You found the culture relics, but you did not solve the murder case! The competition has yet to end, and you already raised your tails up to your faces?!”

“So what if I said so?!” That police detective already had been beaten up, like a pig head, but his mouth refused to yield and he was still being rude and unreasonable. “I tell you, you beat us up to this state, and you won’t meet a good end. I… I will sue you! I will sue you until you are discharged from public office… Ah…”

The man had yet to finish talking, before he was knocked away by Zhao Yu!

“Aiya, My captain, how could you do that? Stop, quick stop, don’t hit him anymore…” After he knocked the man away, Zhao Yu started his talent of being shameless. He held on to Miao Ying, while he purposely stepped on the body of the police who were on the ground.

Zhao Yu stomped heavily, steps which landed on his calf, causing the person to suddenly wai, like a pig being killed!

“Aiya!” Zhao Yu covered his mouth and quickly apologised, “Aiya! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you!”

Then, he stepped onto his hand intentionally again.


“Zhao Yu, you..”

Miao Ying naturally knew what Zhao Yu was trying to do, but she didn’t want to continue such a farce, and so pushed Zhao Yu lightly. Zhao Yu flew out exaggeratedly, knocking into a policeman that was trying to get up with his elbow.


There was another loud cry,and the police fell onto the floor again.

“Stop! Everyone, stop!” Suddenly, there was a loud and clear voice. The captain of the investigation team from the municipal bureau, Feng Xiao, took huge strides before them and commanded, “All of you stop this instance!”

Hearing the captain’s command, the scene finally quiet down. Zhao Yu saw that, behind Feng Xiao, was Fu Jianxing, the Sherlock Holmes of Moyang Branch.

“Captain, you have to do us justice!” Among the people that were beaten up, there were a few from the investigation team in the municipal bureau. At the moment when they saw their captain at the scene, they quickly complained, “Rongyang Branch, the… woman, hit us!”

“I know!” Feng Xiao stared at him and scolded, “All of you are rubbish, being beaten up by a woman, and yet you dare to complain. Hurry up and get back to the police station, and be prepared to be punished!”

“Huh?!” The two injured police detectives were stunned, as they didn’t know what was going on.

“Captain Feng,” Miao Ying told Feng Xiao, “Go ahead and check the surveillance video! They started the fight, and I was merely defending myself!”

“Exactly, exactly!” Lan Bo quickly ran over and said to Feng Xiao, “Uncle Feng, those people grabbed the evidence and said sarcastic remarks. I heard them, and I verbally refuted them. Then, they raised their fists at me! Look at my eyes…”

Lan Bo’s step dad was the person in charge of the Finance Department in the municipal bureau, and he was at the same ranking as Feng Xiao. Also, the two of them were very close friends.

“Huh? Xiao Lan, you… Sigh!” Feng Xiao looked at Lan Bo, and then at Miao Ying. He then told everyone who was involved in the fight, “Alright, this is not the police station, we are embarrassing enough! All of you return to the municipal bureau and prepare for your punishment!”

Then, Feng Xiao turned around and told Fu Jianxing, “Lao Fu, look, this is all because of you wanting to see the information. Now, I think I will put the information in the municipal bureau, and all of you can share and investigate together!”

“It’s okay, captain!” Fu Jianxing took responsibility for what had happened, saying, “About the fight, we do not want to make any enquiries! As for information, give it to Rongyang Branch! Captain Miao Ying, right?” Then Fu Jianxing turned around and told Miao Ying, “Regardless of the reason, my people shouldn’t have fought with a female colleague. So, on their behalf, I apologise to you! We’re sorry!”

“Captain Fu..” The police detectives from Moyang Branch were dumbstruck. They were severely beaten up, and thought Fu Jianxing would ask for justice for them. They had never expected Fu Jianxing would apologise.

“This…” Miao Ying was surprised too.

“Lao Fu, you…” Feng Xiao was equally confused.

“Captain Feng, please tell the leaders who are investigating the case, that it would be sufficient with just one team. Take the lesson, and please do not fool around in the future! Hurt each other’s feelings!” Then, Fu Jianxing snapped his fingers at the people who were beaten up, then left!

Those who were beaten up dared not go against his order, but instead, quickly got up and hobbled along behind Fu Jianxing in order to leave the Cultural Relics Bureau.

“This…” Feng Xiao’s face grew unusually awkward. Fu Jianxing spoke impolitely earlier, sounding just like he was giving the captain a lecture.

But all the leaders in Qinshan municipal bureau knew that Fu Jianxing was always independent in mind and action, the way he thought was known to be unusual, and hence, Feng Xiao couldn’t be bothered over him!

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying felt that something was extremely fishy, too. Hearing what Fu Jianxing said, it seemed to mean that he had already found a new clue, and didn’t need the information from the old experts.

Then… What clues did he find?

“Alright, dismiss. Everyone please dismiss…” Feng Xiao’s underlining police detectives quickly broke up the rest of the detectives and the crowd in the Cultural Relics Bureau.

Among them, was a female relics staff, who was wearing a yellow skirt and came over and gave Miao Ying a thumbs up. What she meant by this gensture was probably that she had never seen any woman that could fight against so many men!

“Captain Miao, Moyang is fine. My people won’t inquire about this either!” Feng Xiao said to Miao Ying, “Maybe Lao Fu was right, we shouldn’t be fighting internally at this time. Solving the case is more important! Then… What do you think?”

Feng Xiao spoke extremely politely. Feng Xiao must have heard about Miao Ying’s power backstage. Although Miao Ying severely violated a discipline, he did not plan to further investigate about it.

“Since they don’t want to see, then we won’t as well! Whoever wants to see, can go ahead!” Miao Ying did not buy the idea, but started calling over Zhao Yu and the others to leave the place.


Feng Xiao shook his head helplessly, then ordered his underlings to move the old experts’ information away. Then, he called Lan Bo over and comforted him, before he left the ultural Relics Bureau.

“Aiya!” Zhao Yu regretted, and shook his head constantly while he told Miao Ying, “If I knew fighting wouldn’t cause any trouble, I would have come over earlier! I have yet to loosen up my bones and muscles for a while!”

“Humph! You are everywhere!” Miao Ying laughed coldly, but she suddenly grabbed Zhao Yu’s arms and said softly, “Zhao Yu, let’s talk about something serious! I just got an update, and it might be helpful for the case!”

“Oh?” Zhao Yu was surprised, and quickly asked for updates.

“Do you remember? There was once the three experts, who went for an outdoor inspection in Qinshan, when they were young, but they encountered a flash flood?”

“Mm!” Zhao Yu nodded.

“I’ve checked, back then, on the inspection trip, there were actually four of them!” Miao Ying’s eyed suddenly looked deep. “After the flash flood, there was one that did not return!”