Crazy Detective Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Shall We?

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Zhao Yu’s intention was obvious. He wanted to enter the mountain with Miao Ying to continue to investigate clues for the ancient tomb murder case, to trace those grave robbers that were looking for the Golden Buddha statues.

Of course, besides work, Zhao Yu had selfish motives, too. First off, if Miao Ying were to say yes, even just imagining entering the woods alone with her was a beautiful sight. Just in case… I am thinking “just in case”, we really find the Golden Buddha statues, then… Hehehe…

So, Zhao Yu aimed at the opportunity to arise, where he would get wealth and sex simultaneously. Hence, he brought up the suggestion to Miao Ying.

“Captain, I will go too!”

Just when Zhao Yu asked this, Miao Ying had yet to reply, but there was a conflicting voice from the side. Not only did Ma Wei cut off the conversation, he even raised his hands and offered: “I am from a travelling companion club. Regarding the outdoors, I am an expert among the police force…”

“Bullshit expert?!” Zhao Yu cut in, naturally not wanting anyone to spoil his bizarre plan. He stared at him angrily. “I am the true expert! Everyone calls me Sir Outdoor Zhao. What use are you?”

After scolding him, Zhao Yu blinked his eyes at Ma Wei, signaling him to not cause any more trouble. Ma Wei was a simple-minded man and didn’t understand what Zhao Yu meant, but he wanted to say something. Yet the smart Lan Bo got the memo and shouted at Ma Wei, “Ma Wei, what kind of an expert are you? You were lost when you were going around the garden that one time!” Lan Bo shook his head and continued, “You, stop causing trouble. Captain Miao is on holiday, but we are not. We need to stay in the office and be on duty! What if those grave robbers appear again?”

“Mm… You… But…” Ma Wei was flushed, but couldn’t say anything.

Zhao Yu nodded at Lan Bo and spoke in his heart, Bro Lan Bo knows me the best.

“Huh? What? No more investigation?” Then, Liang Huan finally understood the truth, and suddenly roared, “These officers know nothing. I… I spent so much time and effort?! I… Those relics experts and Buddhist scripture experts that I invited, what should I do with them? I must treat them to dinner! This is ridiculous!”

“No worries,” Miao Ying waved and said. “Lao Liang, go ahead and treat them to dinner. I will reimburse you!”

“Aiya, Captain Miao, it’s not about reimbursement. They are the Golden Buddha statues! National treasures!” Liang Huan said, disheartened. “If we could find them, it is something that’s beneficial to the nation and the people. On what basis could they stop us from investigating? This… Sigh!”

“It’s okay,” Zhao Yu advised. “Lao Liang, go ahead and continue your investigation. Captain Miao and I will back you up! Besides the content of Buddhist scriptures, investigate with Hu Bin to try to find out what the grave robbers found out from the Buddhist scripture.”

“Yes!” Miao Ying added. “See if you could shrink our search radius! Don’t worry about the higher ups! Although I’m on holiday, and the higher ups don’t let us get our hands on the case, if we are able to solve the case, we would still be able to give them a tight slap on their faces!”

“Correct!” Lan Bo shouted. “Mainly my aim is to slap that evil Fu Jianxing. Find the Golden Buddha statue, and we could slap his face… Slap anyway we want! Call him a bull!”

“Then… Alright! I’ll try to figure out a way again. Go ahead with your plan!” Liang Huan said, telling Zhao Yu, “Oh yeah, Team Leader Zhao, that… Zhang Jingfeng went to Qinnan Prison today. He says he might have found a lead regarding the female corpse in the ancient costume case, as there is a criminal that might know that victim. He will update you later!”

“Alright!” Zhao Yu nodded and spoke to the Team A members, “As they stop us from investigating the ancient tomb murder case, we shall investigate the female corpse in the ancient costume case. Everyone give your full cooperation to Zhang Jingfeng! If we can solve the case, at least we could get a consolation prize!”

The police detectives nodded.

Then, Zhao Yu asked Miao Ying with his perverted face again, “Did you say to shrink our search range? Does it mean you agree? How, Captain Miao, Qinshan depopulated zone, shall we?”

As she was suddenly suspended, Miao Ying was in an angry state. However, seeing Zhao Yu’s classic gangster smile made her smile joyfully, and she answered firmly, “Of course! Why not?!” Miao Ying continued coldly, “But, like you said, you’re paying! You need to prepare all kinds of outdoor equipment!”

“Really?! That… That… That is needless to say!” When he heard a beauty agree to enter the mountain with him, Zhao Yu stuttered in surprise: “Don’t worry, I will only buy the best equipment. I will call the forestry management later, and hire a helicopter! Hehehe..”

“Wow!” Li Beini pouted. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen you being so generous!”

“Team Leader Zhao!” Da Fei suddenly raised his hands and suggested, “Why don’t all of us tag along? I think, with such a big surface to cover, with more people, there would be higher chances of success…”

“Mm…” Zhao Yu gave him a death glare and cut him off. “Bro Da Fei, do you not understand? The work here is the most important thing, so how could they do it without you, the pillar rock in the midstream? We need you to plan! Plus, the higher ups just gave an order to stop investigation. If there were so many people that left that office, wouldn’t we expose ourselves very quickly? Low profile… Low profile… Okay?”

“But, Captain Miao is on leave and Team Leader Zhao is taking off as well,” the naive Ma Wei chimed in again. “We would be a group without a leader. Why don’t you stay back…”


Zhao Yu felt murderous rage then. He stood up and roared at Ma Wei, “Since when do you have so much to say? Are you having a hard time or something?”

“Exactly, exactly…” Lan Bo quickly came over to mediate the dispute. “Just entering the mountain, and we could keep in touch with our handphones! Plus, there is Team Leader Mao Wei! Why are you so worried? Come on, follow me to the toilet…”

Lan Bo ignored Ma Wei’s objection and dragged him away by his arm.

“Mm… Hehehe…” Zhao Yu turned around and told Miao Ying, “It’s on. I am going to prepare now. We shall depart tomorrow early morning… Why don’t I pick you up….”

Looking at Zhao Yu sucking up to her, Miao Ying couldn’t hold back a smile, replying, “I’m hungry, I am going to eat…”

Then, Miao Ying simply packed up, ignoring Zhao Yu. She then left the office. Zhao Yu thought for a moment, then quickly followed behind Miao Ying…

“I… What did I say that was wrong?” Da Fei was confused.

“Hehehe….” Le Beini laughed, “Bro Da Fei, aren’t you married? Did you buy your wife online?”

“Buy her online? No? What do you mean?” Da Fei was puzzled.

“I just mean.. Well, have you been in a relationship before?” Li Beini shook her head helplessly, as she continued typing on her keyboard.

“Relationship? Really? Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, this…” Da Fei still couldn’t understand as he mumbled, “But, the case! Isn’t the case more important than some relationship? Sigh….”