Crazy Detective Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Do You Know How To Climb A Tree?

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“Woo… Woo…”

The two old experts were dragged before the bushes, forced to kneel down on the ground. Their mouths were taped and they couldn’t speak, but only made noises.

Maybe they were aware that their lives were coming to an end, as the two old men looked like they were in fear and were shivering. Then, the person, who was called “Da Niu”, stood before the two old men and held a dagger in his hand! Although Daniu seemed to be macho, he seemed to be hesitating, when he was holding the dagger.

“Da Niu! Proof of allegiance, can you see that?” The elderly grave robbers were encouraging him by the side. “We have killed so many policemen. These are all death sentences, so killing more or less of them doesn’t matter much anymore. Hurry up and train your courage!”

“Mm… Mmhmm…”

Da Niu agreed, while he slowly aimed the dagger at one of the old experts. The old expert was so scared that he was wailing and shaking his head. Just then, Miao Ying couldn’t hold back anymore. She was squatting among the bushes beside them, along with Zhao Yu. Miao Ying was prepared and wanted to dash out to the rescue!

Zhao Yu saw this and quickly pressed her down, shaking his head. Every grave robber there had guns in their hands. If they were to rush out then, not only would they be unable to save the people, but they would also get themselves involved!

These people just killed so many policemen and were in a crazy state of mind. Once the fire started, they wouldn’t show mercy. Miao Ying understood the situation, but…. Looking at the two old experts being killed before her eyes, she did not have the heart to sit by and let it happen!

The young man called Da Niu should be inexperience in killing people. That very moment, he held the knife for a very long time, but he had yet to slash it down! Looking at such a situation, the guy that took over the handgun from the deceased said, “Hey, Da Niu, the knife is too hard! Try this, one gun for one, smooth and clean!”

He threw over the handgun and Da Niu quickly raised his hands to catch it. As he was really nervous, after he caught the gun, he dropped the knife on the floor. That made the grave robbers roar with laughter.

“Don’t worry, there should be many bullets left! Hurry up!” The grave robber in the distance urged him. “Send the old men away, and we shall live in peace! If we were not dragged behind by them, we might already have found the treasure!”

Under everyone’s persuasion, Da Niu took a deep breath and finally aimed the handgun at one of the old experts’ chest. Then, he placed his fingers on the trigger.

“Woo… Woo…”

The old expert pleaded with his eyes, as his tears streamed down his cheeks. He already felt hopeless then. Da Niu suddenly hesitated, walking to the back of the old expert! What he was trying to do was probably to shoot from the back, as if he thought it would be able to feel less sinful!

Then, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were right behind the two old experts. The changing of his position stopped right before them. Miao Ying saw this and had an idea. She immediately made a few hand signals at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu understood that Miao Ying wanted him to attract the enemy’s attention, so that she could dash out to rescue the people! If only Miao Ying had a gun in hand, the entire situation would be much better.

But, dealing with so many brutal grave robbers, Zhao Yu felt that it was too risky, and wanted to tell Miao Ying to hold off for a little while. But the old experts were going to lose their lives right before their eyes, and Miao Ying couldn’t hold back anymore. She was going to take action first. Under such circumstances, Zhao Yu picked up a piece of rock from the ground and threw it onto the river water.

Gu dong!

Suddenly, hearing that there was movement from the river, the grave robbers were shocked and looked over. Miao Ying seized the opportunity to dash out and shock the back of Da Niu with the electric baton!

Pak pak pak…

The electricity flickered…

Da Niu did not notice that there was someone behind him. After being attacked by the electric baton, he suddenly twitched and dropped his gun on the floor!


The grave robbers then realised that they were under surprise attack, quickly redirecting their attentions back. But Miao Ying and Zhao Yu were well coordinated. Zhao Yu grabbed one old expert in each hand and dragged them into the bushes, while Miao Ying took over Da Niu’s handgun, pulling the trigger in lightning speed.

Miao Ying took a shot. The first shot hit onto the leg of the old grave robber that was closest to them, and the second shot landed on the shoulder of the leader that was referred to as Taoist priest!


Taoist priest groaned and fell, cursing.

“What is going on? Aiyo… Ah…”

The Taoist priest fell, and the grave robbers dispersed. Some looked for shelter and some snuck into the woods. But after that, they immediately counter attacked and shot at Miao Ying.

These people had all kinds of guns with them. Air gun, hunting gun, handgun! There was suddenly a gun fight on the empty land.

Miao Ying saw that the enemy’s power was strong, and she had to front leap and dodged the enemy, before she could even shoot the third shot!

“Let’s go!”

Zhao Yu dragged the two old experts and retreated, as they heard gunshot all around. He quickly cut loose the rope that was tied around the old experts, dragging them back.



There were bullets shuttling and whistling among the bushes, and the old experts were wailing in fear. Miao Ying shot another two shots at the enemy. Although she did not manage to shoot anyone, she suppressed the enemy for a bit. Seizing the time, the four of them put in all their efforts to run up the hill.

“Chase! Go! Go after them!” Suddenly, the command of the Taoist priest rang from the empty land, “Don’t let anyone run away. Kill all of them! Aiya…It hurts…”

With that command, those grave robbers quickly got out from their shelter and chased after Zhao Yu and the rest.The four of them ran through the muddy woods, intending to dodge the pursuit of the enemy.

Miao Ying retreated while she protected them. She occasionally shot against the enemy. In the end, with only two shots, she finished all the bullets! The worst part was, after running for about five minutes, the two old experts couldn’t run anymore. First, they were already of an age where they have problems with their legs. Secondly, they were abused by the grave robbers for the past few days, so how would they have strength to run?

Zhao Yu dragged them and ran for a while, but they couldn’t move anymore.

“Why not… Let’s hide for a bit.” Zhao Yu looked into the depths of the thick forest and wanted to find a spot that they could hide.

“Can’t!” Miao Ying took out the cartridge to confirm that she really had ran out of bullets. She pointed at the muddy route and told Zhao Yu, “It just rained. No matter where we go, there would be footprints! We can’t hide!”

“Tsk tsk…” Zhao Yu pouted while he looked through the devices in his system…the bullet proof suit, invisibility cloak, all devices of that sort had been used. The night vision device and telescope wouldn’t be of any help just now!

This…What should we do now?

“Young pals, leave us behind!” Suddenly, the old expert named Tian Dongmin tore away the tape on his mouth and told them, “Thank you for your kindness. You shouldn’t bet on your lives too, Hurry and leave!”

“How could we?!” Miao Ying shook her head and said, “We can’t!”

“Can! Can!” Zhao Yu suddenly told Miao Ying emotionally, “I have an idea Captain Miao! I have an idea! We leave them alone! You, hurry up and follow me!”

Then, Zhao Yu pulled away Miao Ying and left.

“Zhao Yu, you call this… What kind of an idea is this?” Miao Ying removed his hand angrily.

“Captain Miao,” Zhao Yu pulled her again, saying with his eyes wide open, “Didn’t you say that they were following our footsteps? Did you not realise a problem, as the rain stopped! There are puddles on the floor too!”

“Sunny day? Puddle? Miao Ying looked back down the hill, she did see many puddles on the road and her eyes brightened up, “You mean…”

“Captain Miao, look!” Zhao Yu pointed at the branch above the puddles and asked, “You, do you know how to climb a tree?”