Crazy Detective Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Positioned Firing

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The first two Tomb robbers, who managed to catch up with them, must have followed their footprints to track them down. One was tall, while the other was short. When the Tomb robbers finally caught up with them near a water puddle, they realized that the footprints near the puddle were fading off.

What happened?

Feeling puzzled, the two Tomb robbers surveyed the surroundings by looking up in the trees and at the shrubs on their left. They were surprised to see the two old experts standing right in front of them, waving their arms in surrender.

“Come over here!”

As soon as the Tomb robbers spotted the two old experts near them, they hurriedly lifted their feet out of the water puddles that they were in. At this moment, there was a sudden blue electric current running through the water puddle under the Tomb robbers’ feet. The electric current ran through their bodies instantly.

However, the electrocution had little effect on the two Tomb robbers. They only felt a little numbness in their bodies. As they looked down at their feet, they saw a person lying on the ground, hitting the water puddles with an electric baton!

That person holding the baton was swearing in disappointment, “Gosh! This do not work!”

This person was none other than Zhao Yu. The two Tomb robbers aimed their guns at Zhao Yu. When they were just about to fire at him, Miao Ying swiftly came to his rescue.

Miao Ying gave a swift and forceful punch at the tall Tomb robber’s face, and kicked hard at the short one. Zhao Yu took this chance to spring up. He used the electric baton on hand to hit hard on the shorter Tomb robber’s back.

As the electric baton lost its electrical effect after being drenched in the water puddle, Zhao Yu used the baton like a stick, and hit the short Tomb robber’s face mercilessly.




After the third blow, the short Tomb robber’s face was beyond recognition. As part of a fail-safe plan, he decided to give the robber a few more hard punches, till the robber stopped moving. Zhao Yu then found an old-fashioned revolver in the fallen Tomb robber’s hand. He grabbed it.

At the same time, Miao Ying managed to knock out the tall Tomb robber. She also grabbed the old-fashioned hunting rifle belonging to the robber.


A loud gunshot could be heard, coming from below the mountain. Both Zhao Yu and Miao Ying took shelter behind a tree, while the two old experts hid themselves in the bushes.

Snap! Miao Ying fastened a bolt in the rifle. When she was just about to try shooting, she saw a troop of enemies below the mountain. Many bullets flew in her direction, and almost hit her.


Seeing the danger Miao Ying was in, Zhao Yu quickly fired at the enemies to defend her. Similarly, many bullets flew in his direction. He retreated to safety.

The situation did not look good. The two of them had no idea how many enemies were there. And it would worse if the enemies managed to flank them in the bushes around them.



At the crucial moment, Zhao Yu recalled that he could make use of his Invisible Detector. This detector could easily detect anyone in the vicinity that was carrying any electronic devices, including a mobile phone.In this way, Zhao Yu could easily locate the Tomb robbers’ actual position.

Zhao Yu activated the enhanced version of the Invisible Detector. However, its detection was not precise enough to detect equipment such as cameras, bugs and explosives.

In seeing this, Zhao Yu wasted no time and activated another Invisible Detector that could only last for ten minutes. Upon activation, all electronics within the circumference of twenty meters within the vicinity could accurately be detected!

The Invisible Detectors gave out a signal indicating that there were some movements just beside Miao Ying. Zhao Yu shouted, “Ah! Captain Miao, there could be an ambush on your right hand side, within a distance of 18 meters.”

Miao Ying looked at the bush on her right and asked, “Right hand side? What is the clock position?”

“Uh” Zhao Yu turned and faced the direction and said, “Eight o’clock? Yes, it should be eight o’clock.”

After responding to Miao Ying, Zhao Yu immediately lifted his rifle and shot at the target. The rifle was powerful. With a loud bang, a pool of blood surfaced in the bushes.

“Ouch!” Someone cried in pain, and scurried away.

Zhao Yu patted himself in his chest and felt relieved. He said, “Wow, I said it right!”

As soon he finished speaking, he found another enemy in close proximity!

Oh gosh!

Zhao Yu hurriedly lowered his head and shouted, “Captain Miao! Three o’clock on my left, fifteen meters away!”

Upon hearing this, Miao Ying aimed and shot at the target without any hesitation.


The target was a man hiding behind the tree, who was planning to launch a surprise attack at Zhao Yu. However, the powerful bullet left a big hole in a tree, and the man ran off hastily, fearing for his life.

“Holy sh*t!”

Zhao Yu raised his shoulders and aimed at the man, the bullet penetrating the man’s shoe.

“Ouch” The man groaned in pain, and fell into the bushes.

“Wow!” Zhao Yu asked Miao Ying. “You see that? I I hit the target? It was it was all to your credit, mentor!”

“Stop showing off! Are there anymore enemies?” Miao Ying shouted impatiently.

“Oh!” Zhao Yu looked into his brain’s Invisible Detector and said. “I see another, at the tree that faces the tree right behind you, about fourteen and a half meters away!”

“Good! Zhao Yu!” Miao Ying pointed to her right hand side and said. “Jump out!”

“Huh?” Zhao Yu was puzzled for a moment, but quickly understood what Miao Ying meant. He quickly rolled over to his side.

While Zhao Yu was rolling over to the right, the man hiding behind a tree took out his gun to shoot at Zhao Yu. But Miao Ying was quick to appear on the left hand side and retaliate. She aimed accurately and shot the man.


The bullet from Zhao Yu’s rifle hit right at the barrel of the man’s gun. The impact not only made the gun drop, but also grazed past the man’s face.


This left the man in a state of shock, and he fled away screaming loudly.

After the man left, the whole mountain was peaceful once again.

“Oh? They retreated?!”

Still feeling uneasy, Zhao Yu crawled on the ground to and fro, trying to use his Invisible Detector to see if there were anymore enemies around. The Invisible Detector did not give out any new signal. This made Zhao Yu feel relieved.

Miao Ying was on standby with her gun for almost half a day, getting ready to shoot at anytime. Only until she was certain that the enemies had retreated, did she feel relieved, then quickly reached for her mobile phone.

“Damn it!” Miao Ying discovered that her she had lost her mobile phone, and had no idea when or where!

“Don’t worry, it’s alright! Mine is not lost!”

Zhao Yu took out his mobile phone and tried calling the headquarters. Despite calling for half a day, the call was left unanswered.Then, he pushed the emergency button, but to no avail.

“Gosh!” Zhao Yu shouted. “I thought this mobile phone had satellite signal? What happened? The phone must be broken. Could this be why I could not call?”

He felt anxious and impatient, hoping that there could be a signal amplifier device. It was a pity that there was none.

“Maybe…” Zhao Yu looked at Miao Ying and said. “We should move to a higher location, try calling again?”

“Let us go back to the tent!” Miao Ying suggested. “I received a call from the tent yesterday. That meant that the reception there must be better, so you can make a call there. And your mobile phone’s battery seemed to be running low too. Go back to the tent and charge your mobile phone there!”

“Good idea! But” Zhao Yu pointed at the two old experts and said. “Do they have the energy to go back to the tent?”

“We have no other choice!” Miao Ying seemed especially impatient, after not being able to make the call. “I have a feeling that the troop of the enemy below the mountain would not retreat so easily.”

Zhao Yu shared the same sentiments as Miao Ying. A while ago, both Miao Ying and him had launched some surprise attacks at the enemies, causing them to back off. After much thought, the Tomb robbers do have a strong gang, despite the little setback.

“Then what do we do with these two?” When they were about to leave, Zhao Yu pointed at the two fallen enemies and asked.

“Let them be!” Miao Ying replied. “I broke the ankle of the tall Tomb robber. Even if he managed to make his way back to the troop of enemy, he would only be a burden to them!”

“Wow! That is brilliant!” Zhao Yu exclaimed. “Wait for me, I shall follow suit and break the leg of the short Tomb robber!”

“Come on, hurry and let’s go! This short Tomb robber’s face is already disfigured. I wonder if he can even gain consciousness later.” Miao Ying hurried Zhao Yu and walked on.

Both of them told the two old experts their plans, and they cooperated. Both Zhao Yu and Miao Ying supported one old expert each, as they all walked back to their tent.