Crazy Detective Chapter 409

Chapter 409 The Treacherous Act Of The Taoist Priest

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“Hehehe…” There was the gloomy voice again, crackling from the other side of the walkie talkie. “An amazing female policeman, this is the first time I have come across one! Not only are you amazing, you are also quite pretty!”

Then, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying felt a tug at their heartstrings, because during the short fight earlier, even if the other party saw that Miao Ying was a woman, they wouldn’t have been able to see her face clearly to know that she was a female policeman!

So, the other party must have picked up Miao Ying’s lost phone, and was now using the phone to talk to them! One must remember that the specialised phone for police detectives had a secret lock screen. If they could break the code in such a short period of time, that showed their ability.

“Taoist priest! You have guts! You know that I am a police officer, and yet you dare get in touch with me!” Miao Ying replied, while she pressed on the button of walkie talkie. “Let me tell you, you can’t run away, you are already hemmed in!”

“Yo? So fast?” Taoist priest smiled and said treacherously. “It looks like we’d better be on the run! But, pretty policewoman, the gunshot that you shot at me, we can’t just let it be, right?”

“You killed so many policemen, I haven’t even dealt with you about that!” Miao Ying refuted. “You bunch of grave robbers are guilty of many crimes and deserve damnation. I’ll see where you can run!”

“Sure!” The Taoist priest smiled, “Hurry up and arrest me. If not, let’s bid farewell! Let me tell you, we bear grudges against each other from today onward. One day, you will receive payback for that shot!”

That’s not right!

Listening to the Taoist priest, Zhao Yu suddenly recalled something and took away Miao Ying’s phone to turn off the walkie talkie function.

“Captain Miao, do you remember the manual?” Zhao Yu looked around nervously as he spoke. “Walkie talkie is an auxiliary function, only functional within a hundred meter range!”

“Aiya!” Miao Ying suddenly realised what had happened, and immediately raised the hunting gun in her hands.

“They are playing for time. They said they are running away, but they are actually hemming us in! They are really cunning! We have to leave here immediately!” Then, Zhao Yu quickly ran toward the tent.

Miao Ying observed, and she couldn’t find their enemy, so she switched on her phone again to try to call the headquarters. Sadly, the phone signal was still empty and the call couldn’t go through.

Helplessly, she ran toward the tent, too. As the tent was nearer to the hilltop, it might be possible to get a signal there.

Zhao Yu ran inside the tent to grab the first aid kit. The first aid kit had medication and other emergency items, and it also had a power bank.

But, before he reached the first aid kit, the detector in his mind suddenly sent a warning signal. Although the function of the extended version detector was not as good as a normal detector, it could detect quite a number of devices. At the moment, Zhao Yu realised that the detector showed a warning of explosive items!!



Zhao Yu shivered, and when he realised that the location of the explosive item was at the hilltop, he finally understood the Taoist priest’s treacherous stratagem!

He intentionally delayed!


That treacherous man!

The tent was near the hilltop. With one explosion, they would be doomed forever!

Then, Zhao Yu didn’t manage to pick up any first aid kit, but ran out of the tent to run down the hill.

Then, Miao Ying arrived at the tent, but saw Zhao Yu suddenly run back in a hurry, so she was confused.

“What’s wrong?”

“Run! Hurry up!” Zhao Yu shouted, “Dynamite!!”


Miao Ying and the old experts were in shock. The four of them quickly ran down the hill. But in a few steps, there was an ear deafening explosion from the hilltop!!


The power of the dynamite was extremely strong, the hilltop suddenly broke apart violently. The shockwave knocked the entire row of trees and pushed Zhao Yu and the rest to the ground!

At the same time, the powerful dynamite shattered many stones, the smaller pieces blowing up into the air and showering down.

“Quick… Run!!”

Zhao Yu shouted loudly, but the strong shockwave caused his ears to buzz, so he couldn’t even hear himself.

The four of them crawled with difficulty, but the shattered stones were falling down from above, like rain showering on their bodies.


Everyone was in pain, as they quickly raised their hands to protect their heads and continued to run down the hill.

Then, the huge rock that rolled down from the hilltop had caught up to them, rolling down next to them!

The power of the rock, rolling down with weight and speed, was strong. Once it hit them, they would definitely die!

“Woods, trees!”

Zhao Yu roared, and the four of them quickly switched paths and ran towards the forest next to them. As the trees were quite close to each other, there were many rocks that were blocked by the trees.

But, among them, there was an extremely huge rock that easily overcame the obstacles, knocking down many trees and rolling toward Zhao Yu and the rest! They were going to be crushed under the huge rock! Zhao Yu put in all his strength to throw the two old experts to a comparatively safer place. But, right after he threw them, the huge rock rolled over, and the trees that were knocked down suddenly blocked Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, hindering their escape route!

Helplessly, the two of them could only run down along the slope!

Gru loo loo….

As the huge rock rolled down, many trees fell. There were many branches that dropped and hit Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. But the two continued, heedless, as they were already fleeing in panic!

The mountain slope was steep, there were countless shattered stones in the air, and most all of the trees on both sides had collapsed. The entire situation was a mess. Miao Ying was accidentally hit by a thick branch, sending her falling to the ground!

Then, the huge rock rolled right behind them, and it looked like it was going to crush Miao Ying underneath, so Zhao Yu quickly extended his hands and pulled her arm to drag her before him.

But, as there was a sudden standstill, the huge rock had already rolled down. Among the urgency, Zhao Yu saw that there was a strong, big tree next to them, so he quickly dragged Miao Ying with him to hide behind the tree.


The huge rock knocked onto the tree trunk. Even with a tree trunk in between, it managed to throw Zhao Yu and Miao Ying to the other side. The two of them started rolling down the slope.

But, it was too powerful, and the big tree was not strong enough to withstand the huge rock’s power. With a crack, the tree collapsed.


The huge tree trunk fell towards Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, who were on the ground. Zhao Yu bellowed and quickly rolled down with Miao Ying as he hugged her. Luckily, there was a piece of rock that popped up above the surface of the ground.

After the two of them rolled there, they quickly laid down against the rock.


The big tree collapsed and suddenly hit the two of them under the tree. Luckily, there was the rock that popped up and slowed it down. The tree trunk hit the rock, when Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were hidden at the triangle area before the rock, so they weren’t crushed under the tree.

Ka ze, ka ze…. Gru loo loo….

Then, just when the tree fell, the huge rock above started rolling down again, grinding along the big tree.

“Get…. Get get get…. Get out….”

Zhao Yu saw the attack of the huge rock through the cracks in the tree leaves. He quickly pushed away the branches with Miao Ying and went out. Just when the two of them pushed away the tree branches and leapt away, the huge rock rolled down from the rock that was popping out!

Gru loo loo…. Gru loo loo….

Although the huge rock had diminished in size, the power wasn’t cut down, but rather, kept rolling towards the valley floor…

“Hoo…. Hoo….”

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were panting. When they recalled the terrifying moment earlier, they were still afraid at the mere thought. The two of them had almost been squashed into meatloaf!

“Hoo…. Hoo….”

Zhao Yu brushed off the branches on Miao Ying and looked closely. He asked with concern, “Captain Miao, are you okay?”

Miao Ying’s face grew pale, as she shook her head and checked on Zhao Yu simultaneously. When they realised that both of them only had some minor scratches, Miao Ying stood up suddenly and looked at the mountain.

“Zhao Yu!” Miao Ying held her fist tight, clenching her teeth when she told Zhao Yu, “Let’s go to take revenge!”

“Alright!” Zhao Yu patted away the soil on his body and said in anger, “You jerks! How dare you play dirty tricks with me? I will skin all of you alive!”