Crazy Detective Chapter 410

Chapter 410 A Furious Counterattack

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“Tian Dongmin, what shall we do?” Wang Taiming supported Tian Dongmin with one arm, feeling vulnerable, and asked. “Shall we run?”

“I I cannot run, I really cannot run anymore!” Tian Dongmin wiped the blood from his forehead and asked, “Can you still walk? If you can walk, go ahead!”

“What nonsense, how could I leave now?” Wang Taiming pulled hard at Tian Dongmin’s arm, trying to lift him up from the ground.

They could hear footsteps hurrying through the woods ahead. The two old experts were frightened and held their breath. Three minutes later, a tomb robber holding a hunting rifle stood in front of them.

“Wow! Caught the two old guys!” The tomb robber pointed his hunting rifle at Wang Taiming’s head and said, “Goodbye, do not miss me!”


Just as the tomb robber finished speaking, a person sprang out from the side of the woods and head-butted the tomb robber in the waist. After that, this person lifted the tomb robber up with his hands!

The tomb robber was shocked and failed to shoot at this person. Hence, he was thrown hard at the tree trunk!


The tomb robber moaned in pain, feeling as if his body had broken in two. He was in so much pain that he almost fainted.

“Holy sh*t!” The person shouted and stomped hard on the tomb robber’s face twice.

The person who shouted was none other than Zhao Yu. He was about to stomp on the tomb robber’s face for the third time, when the Invisible detector in his brain gave out a mobile phone signal.

He quickly bent over to pick up the hunting rifle from the ground, and having no time to pull the trigger of the rifle, he threw the rifle right behind the big tree!

There was indeed another tomb robber right behind the big tree. However, Zhao Yu’s attack came too early, and the barrel of the rifle brushed passed this tomb robber and crashed into the side of the tree trunk!


The hunting rifle crashed into pieces. The tomb robber immediately raised his pistol and tried to shoot at Zhao Yu.


No one expected that Miao Ying appeared with her whirlwind leg stunt and kicked right into the tomb robber’s cheeks. The tomb robber was thrown up into the air like a cannonball and hit the tree trunk, then landed hard on the ground!

Zhao Yu followed suit and kicked hard on the tomb robber’s face using the heel of his foot. As a result, this tomb robber was also disfigured!

Miao Ying picked up the pistol, which belonged to the fallen tomb robber, and aimed at the jungle. Once Zhao Yu’s Invisible detector in his brain gave out a signal, he whispered to Miao Ying and said, “There are two targets right in front of us, their location is likely near our tent! Let us make a detour and attack them from behind!”

Miao Ying nodded, and the two of them made a detour through the dense jungle. However, the targets were constantly moving. While making the detour, the targets hid behind a huge boulder.

“Gosh!” Zhao Yu shouted and gestured to Miao Ying. He stamped his feet and rushed over to the rocks.

The tomb robbers hiding behind the rocks saw Zhao Yu coming and fired at him immediately. Zhao Yu did a somersault into the bushes at the side. While Zhao Yu was trying to distract the targets, Miao Ying leapt onto the tree trunk, then onto the big boulder.

Bang Bang

With two swift and efficient gunshots, the tomb robbers behind the rocks did not move again.


Another gunshot could be heard. Someone was shooting at Miao Ying, who was on top of the rocks. Fortunately, Miao Ying somersaulted and jumped off the rock, hence avoiding the bullet.



With a continuous string of gunshots, another two tomb robbers surrounded Miao Ying. Miao Ying shot back. This was followed by an exchange of gunfire between the two parties.

Zhao Yu would not let Miao Ying be caught in the crossfire. He dashed straight into the tomb robber nearest him, but the tomb robber was carrying a powerful rifle in his hands, and shot at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu had no choice but to retreat. The revolving pistol that he picked up earlier had been lost when he was shunning the huge fallen rocks.


No one expected that, while Zhao Yu was retreating into the jungle, the man who Miao Ying electrocuted using the electric batons would have appeared right in front of him.

The man, Da Niu, did not hold any gun in his hands, but only a dagger. He charged towards Zhao Yu with his dagger.

“Holy sh*t!” Zhao Yu shouted, as he was anxious to save Miao Ying. Seeing Da Niu charging towards him, he picked up a stone from the ground and threw it right into Da Niu’s face.

“Ah?!” The attack shocked Da Niu, and he used his arm to block the stone.

The stone hit hard on Da Niu’s arm, which left him in great pain. This young lad was clearly not a match for Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu calmly waited for Da Niu to drop his arm. Zhao Yu grabbed a handful of sand, then threw it right into Da Niu’s face.

“Ah” This time, Da Niu was completely baffled, as he had not seen such a stunt before. Once the sand got in his eyes, he could not see anything.

Zhao Yu took the opportunity to rain punches down on Da Niu’s face. He snatched Da Niu’s dagger, then bent over to carry the tall Da Niu on his shoulders.


Carrying Da Niu on his shoulders, Zhao Yu ran towards the tomb robbers, who now outflanked Miao Ying. Seeing Zhao Yu running in their direction, the tomb robbers wanted to shoot at him. However, they hesitated when they saw Da Niu in front of Zhao Yu.

During this moment of hesitation, Miao Ying took the chance to shoot at one of the tomb robbers beside her. It hit the robber’s shoulder!


The rifle fell to the ground, slipping from the hands of the robber who was shot. The robber was groaning in pain

With one Tomb robber down, Zhao Yu threw Da Niu off his shoulders and into the other robber who was left standing. The two of them collided into each other, leaving them both unconscious!

Bang Bang

Gunshots could still be heard. Another tomb robber was about to get near Miao Ying, but there were no more bullets left. Some bullets were stuck behind the rocks.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu ran forward at lightning speed to pick up a double barrel rifle from the ground, then threw it over to Miao Ying. While throwing over the rifle to Miao Ying, the alert Zhao Yu felt a sensation behind him. He quickly did a somersault forward.

When Zhao Yu turned his head, he was astonished to see the Taoist priest, with braided hair, appear out of nowhere. The Taoist priest was unarmed, standing right in front of Zhao Yu.

The Taoist priest looked like he was fuming with rage. He probably did not expect that the explosives would not kill these two policemen, and that the policemen would manage to defeat his men!

When the Taoist priest met his arch enemy, Zhao Yu, they stared hard at each other. Without any warning, the Taoist priest leapt off the ground towards Zhao Yu, in an attempt to kick him off balance.

Oh no.

Zhao Yu felt that the Taoist priest was no match for him. Firstly, the Taoist priest looked thin and frail. Secondly, the priest’s shoulder had been wounded by Miao Ying. This confidence in himself spurred him to counterattack the Taoist priest.

Seeing that Zhao Yu did not back off and counterattacked instead, the Taoist priest changed his strategy by retracting his leg and using his bare hands to fight. The eagle-eyed Zhao Yu swiftly locked the Taoist priest’s arm! This gave a boost to Zhao Yu’s confidence. He intended to give the Taoist priest a sound thrashing.

Unexpectedly, the Taoist priest used a Tai Chi move, “Transform the coming force to attack the opponent” , to attack Zhao Yu, causing him to be thrown off!


This unexpected move caught Zhao Yu by surprise. Zhao Yu was flung towards a tree and almost hit his head. He hastened to protect his face with his arms, as he crashed into the tree trunk and rebounded from it.

As soon as Zhao Yu rebounded from the tree trunk and got back up, the Taoist priest appeared right behind him. Zhao Yu turned around and tried to kick the Taoist priest, but the Taoist priest managed to shun the kick and sneak right in front of Zhao Yu. Then, the Taoist priest used another Tai Chi move, “Pushing Hands”, to push Zhao Yu away.


With the great pushing force, Zhao Yu was thrown into the air. His back crashed right into the tree trunk

When the duel between Zhao Yu and the Taoist priest was happening, Miao Ying won the fight on her end. Although Miao Ying had finished all her bullets, her opponents’ bullets were also used up!

With no bullets left, the tomb robbers had a one-to-one fight with Miao Ying. They were no match for Miao Ying. Thus, Miao Ying defeated them in no time!

After defeating several tomb robbers, the only man left standing was the Taoist priest. Seeing that Zhao Yu had crashed into a tree, Miao Ying rushed over with her whirlwind leg, charging towards the Taoist priest!