Crazy Detective Chapter 411

Chapter 411 The Unimaginable Plot Twist

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Miao Ying’s spin kick was ferocious, but the Taoist priest managed to dodge it easily, using the concept of counter steering the opponent’s strength in Taichi Kungfu (Chinese martial arts) in order to swing her out.

Miao Ying suddenly lost her balance and almost fell on the ground. Zhao Yu suddenly dashed forward and caught Miao Ying on her waist.

Then, Zhao Yu made a round turn in the air, carrying Miao Ying and swinging her legs toward the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest lowered his head and dodged it, while Zhao Yu landed a heavy punch on his face.

After a quick spin, the Taoist priest got into Zhao Yu’s embrace and pushed him off, so Zhao Yu fell backwards again.

Zhao Yu having just fallen, Miao Ying dashed before Taoist priest again. But after a few rounds, Miao Ying was swung onto the ground by the Taoist priest’s Tai Chi Kungfu.

Then, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying quickly ran against the Taoist priest and continued to fight with him. The Taoist priest had trained for Tai Chi Kungfu for many years, so he was already reaching perfection.

Tai Chi Kungfu strived to fight against force with gentleness, but Zhao Yu and Miao Ying used the toughest and strongest punches and kicks. Although the two of them joined forces to fight against the Taoist priest, after a few minutes, they didn’t manage to take advantage, but were rather flipped over by the Taoist priest a couple of times.

Of course, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying weren’t just any ordinary people. Their punches and kicks were extremely ferocious, and even a slight hit was unbearable. The Taoist priest became overcautious, and was getting difficult to fight against!

But, it was two against one at the end of the day. The Taoist priest knew that the longer time it took, the more unfavourable the situation would be for him! Hence, after a while, the Taoist priest suddenly switched his fighting style and drew two steel forks to stab at the two of them!

The two of them saw the Taoist priest’s hidden weapon and quickly hid. After taking out the steel forks, the entire fighting pattern ook a great change. From Tai Chi, which was slow and steady, it became extremely brutal, the priest’s action speed increasing by a few folds, as though it was on fast forward.

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying didn’t expect that, not only would the Taoist priest’s kungfu be so strong, but that he would also know such swift and fierce assassination skills. They were suddenly caught off-guard, and Zhao Yu was slightly cut by the steel fork.

No matter that it was Tai Chi earlier, or the steel forks after, the Taoist priest played very strange tricks always, and Zhao Yu felt that he only had strength enough to survive, and couldn’t give full play to it all, so he was very depressed.

Miao Ying shared the same feeling of not knowing where to start. Helplessly, she took out the dagger that she brought along and fought against the Taoist priest. But the Taoist priest was obviously more skillful. After a few rounds, one of the steel forks in the Taoist priest’s hands was spinning quickly, and flipped Miao Ying’s dagger away.

Miao Ying had yet to respond, when the other steel fork stabbed into her shoulders!


Zhao Yu saw that Miao Ying was stabbed and rushed over, as though he was crazy. The Taoist priest jumped in the air and kicked Miao Ying away, then leapt next to Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu threw ferocious punches, but the Taoist priest lowered his head and dodged them. The Taoist priest suddenly stabbed back from under his ribs at Zhao Yu’s stomach.

Zhao Yu quickly retreated, but the Taoist priest was already going for Zhao Yu’s throat. The Taoist priest’s actions were fast and fierce, leaving Zhao Yu nowhere to hide. He could only raise his hands to grab the Taoist priest’s wrists.

Zhao Yu thought he was strong enough to suppress the Taoist priest from the aspect of strength. But, he was wrong once again. Although the Taoist priest appeared scrawny, he was magically strong.

Zhao Yu tried to pull his wrists apart, but the Taoist priest put force in both of his hands and moved nearer to Zhao Yu’s throat, almost ready to cut him.


Then, Miao Ying suddenly popped out from the side, sending a spin kick towards the Taoist priest’s head. Maybe after a long fight, the Taoist priest already got the gist of Zhao Yu’s and Miao Ying’s abilities. When he saw Miao Ying’s spin kick again, he laughed coldly and lowered his head to dodge it.

But while he dodged, he thrust his steel fork quickly at Miao Ying’s calf. Miao Ying screamed and quickly lifted her legs to dodge. The Taoist priest took the opportunity to sweep his legs and tripped Miao Ying directly. Then, the Taoist priest jumped and pounded the steel fork towards Miao Ying’s body again.

Zhao Yu already got up from the ground and dashed over at the back of the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest seemed to foresee Zhao Yu’s attack, so didn’t even turn over, but rather, did a back kick to trip Zhao Yu.

Then, the Taoist priest took up the steel fork and stabbed towards Zhao Yu’s throat again! But, this time, it was the Taoist priest’s turn to be shocked.

After such a long fight, Zhao Yu understood that, even if Miao Ying and him were to join forces, they might not be able to win against the Taoist priest! So, I’d better take out my old expertise, and take an illegal way!

Looking at the steel fork approaching him, Zhao Yu did not resist, but rolled over on the ground and came next to the Taoist priest. Then, he suddenly raised his head and shouted in the Taoist priest’s ears.


Technically speaking, a scream didn’t matter. But before he shouted, Zhao Yu had already activated the Invisible Sound Amplifier, turned to its loudest!


Zhao Yu’s sudden shout was piercing and ear deafening! Plus, it happened quite suddenly, so the Taoist priest was caught off guard and could only hear his ears buzzing. Not only couldn’t he hear anything, but half of his body was numb, too!

In the end, as he remained stunned, Zhao Yu extended his hands and grabbed his right leg! The Taoist priest was shocked and quickly stabbed him with the steel fork. But why would Zhao Yu give him another chance, when Zhao Yu was finally winning? Zhao Yu immediately grabbed onto his right leg and started dashing to the empty land.

The Taoist priest’s weight was limited, and with Zhao Yu’s drag, he couldn’t stand firm on the ground, but fell hard onto the ground. Zhao Yu started running around, pulling onto the Taoist priest’s thighs. He intentionally picked the places that were filled with stones, causing the Taoist priest to be knocked all over.

In the end, just when Zhao Yu saw Miao Ying had stood up, he swung the Taoist priest toward Miao Ying.

Miao Ying was already prepared. She landed a forceful spin kick right on the Taoist priest’s chest, sending him flying about five metres away in the air. He landed like a bomb on the ground. It even caused a cloud of dust!

“Oh…Oh oh…”

The dust slowly fell on the ground, revealing the Taoist priest, blood coming out from the corner of his mouth, lying down on the ground. He couldn’t stand up anymore, and the two steel forks were nowhere to be seen.

“You bastard! See, I’ll kill you or not!” New hatred piled onto the old, and made Zhao Yu’s veins pop in anger, as he launched punches against the Taoist priest!

But, just then, in the woods next to the empty land, came a loud gunshot!

Zhao Yu thought it was Taoist priests’ comrades, and so they suddenly stopped their footsteps to attack, now prepared to hide.

But, at the same time, there were loud and clear gunshots from the surrounding woods. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying then realised that those gunshots were shots being fired towards the sky!


What is going on?

The two of them exchanged a glance and suddenly felt the situation was not right. Within a few seconds, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were shocked to see that there was a bunch of armed people that popped out from the woods around them.

These people appeared and hemmed in Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, leaving them with nowhere to hide! Then, the two old experts, Tian Dongmin and Wang Taiming, and those grave robbers that had no power to resist, were all dragged out from the woods.


It can’t be, right?

Zhao Yu took a few looks and recognized the people. These people had never seen Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu had seen them before! These same people had once appeared before Li Xiusheng’s sick bed, and Zhao Yu had seen them through the Invisible Camera.

In other words, these people were all Li Xiusheng’s underlings!!!