Crazy Detective Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Last Words

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“What is it, police officer? Cough cough…” Li Xiusheng was a careful person. He saw that Zhao Yu took two steps forward, as he dragged the Taoist priest two steps back while asking, “Do you have, any last words?”

“Lao Li! Tsk tsk…” Zhao Yu saw that Li Xiusheng wasn’t taking it, and he couldn’t just leave, so he might as well stop.

He solemnly declared, “You are right, I have my last words! You see if it’s doable? We are going to die anyway. So, could you fulfil my wish before I die, and let me see how the Gold Buddha looks?


Li Xiusheng and the rest were dumbstruck at what Zhao Yu said.

“Police officer, you are already dying, and you are still thinking of playing tricks?” Li Xiusheng shook his head and pointed at Tian Dongmin and Wang Taiming when he said, “When the two of them were fighting with Taoist priest, I already interrogated the two old folks! They didn’t even know where the Gold Buddha was! Where would you see them?”

“No! You are wrong!” Zhao Yu said seriously, “Just because they can’t find it, doesn’t mean other people can’t! Let me tell you, now… I already know where the Gold Buddha statues were hidden!”


Everyone was surprised, even Miao Ying. She was confused as to what was hidden under Zhao Yu’s sleeve.

“Hahaha… Jokester! Are you trying to con me?” Li Xiusheng laughed, “Although you found a will and treasure maps, from what I see, a Dozen Statues of Gold Buddha was only a legend! It feels like as if someone was telling me that Qianlong Emperor was still alive! Son, stop struggling unnecessarily. That’s useless! Quick, bid farewell with your girlfriend!”

“Li Xiusheng!” Zhao Yu said calmly, “You could lie to the others, but you can’t lie to yourself. Actually, you are the same as the Taoist priest. You want the God Buddha statues, even more than him! I believe you had your dream once, and I can fulfill your dream today! If you were to kill us now, you will miss your dream! Unless…” Zhao Yu’s eyes grew mysterious, “Do you really… Do not want the Gold Buddha statues?”

“You…. Cough cough…” Li Xiusheng looked at Zhao Yu coldly, not buying what he had said.

“There were clues on the ancient jade!” Zhao Yu said. “The Taoist priest had found five for you: General Ridge, Jade Stone Slope, Millennium pine tree, Crescent Moon pit, Rain Droplet Stone! This is a treasure hunting game that the prefect Qiucheng was playing with his descendants. The others couldn’t get it, but I got it!”

“How?” Li Xiusheng raised his eyebrows and asked, “Unless… Do you know what the clue was that was left out?”

“Yes!” Zhao Yu said with confidence.

“Impossible. How?” Li Xiusheng was still suspicious.

“You forgot? I am a… Detective!” Zhao Yu looked proud when he spoke, “Li Xiusheng, I believe you have gone through my background. You should know from the Hand Chopped Case, and the Mianling case until the Bank Hidden Corpse Case, all were solved by me, Zhao Yu! If I had no confidence, how could I come all the way here?”

“Mm…” Then, Li Xiusheng thought about what Zhao Yu said seriously. Zhao Yu was right. He definitely searched Zhao Yu’s background before, and so knew all of his glorious history.

“Actually, we police force mastered even more beneficial resources, and have resolved the clues from the Buddhist scripture,” Zhao Yu made use of his advantage again. He blabbed calmly, “Honestly speaking, those police that the Taoist priest killed with explosions were in charge of arresting the criminals, while the two of us were sent to investigate the location of the Gold Buddha statues in secret…totally unrelated to them!”

“At first, we were confused, as there weren’t any clues! But… After I talked to the two old experts, I was suddenly enlightened! Hehe, I managed to reveal the answer! No point hiding it from you, as I have already figured out where Qiu Cheng hid the Gold Buddha statues!”

“Oh? Then.. you tell me?” Li Xiusheng squinted his eyes while he asked.

“Hehe,” Zhao Yu opened his hands and said, “Still like what I said earlier. I know that, no matter if we could find the Gold Buddha statues or not, you will not let us off the hook! So, I only wish to find the Gold Buddha statues personally, to see with my own eyes. Then… I can die in peace!”

“Oh, is it so?” Although Li Xiusheng looked cold, he was obviously thinking about the possibility of what Zhao Yu said.

“You said it yourself,” Zhao Yu continued, “After the police station realised that they couldn’t contact us, they needed at least thirty hours to find us! I wouldn’t be wasting much of your time, but could at least let you get your Golden Buddha statues. This transaction is not worthwhile enough?”

“Taking a step back to see things clearly, you have so many people, and there are only two of us. You are still afraid that we would run away?” Zhao Yu spread his hands and said, “If my judgement was wrong, and I couldn’t find the Gold Buddha statues, you can kill us then. It’s not too late then, right?”

Then, all was suddenly in silence.

Li Xiusheng was thinking about what Zhao Yu said seriously. Indeed, before the police arrive, he would have the advantage.

Although, it was a little risky, but what if… I could really get the Gold Buddha statues?

Actually, Zhao Yu guessed his thoughts. Although he spoke as though he wasn’t bothered, his heart had an unspeakable desire toward the Gold Buddha statues!

“Alright! I can only give you six hours! If there is no result in six hours, I could only…” Li Xiusheng waved his hands at Zhao Yu, then said to his underlings, “Put handcuffs on the two police officers. Separate them and watch them when we are walking later. Keep your eyes on them closely!”

Li Xiusheng’s underlings were all experts in relics. They all possessed the same indescribable affection toward the legendary Dozen Golden Buddha statues.

Hence, no one went against Li Xiusheng’s decision, but there were people who quickly got the handcuffs from Taoist priest and handcuffed them on Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. Plus, their hands were handcuffed behind their backs!

“Son, if you were to play tricks, I can kill you anytime!” Li Xiusheng threatened, “It’s okay if you die. But you’d better think of your policewoman girlfriend, as she is such a beautiful policewoman. I can’t guarantee my underlings, tsk tsk….”

Zhao Yu gave him a death stare and gritted his teeth, “The two old experts have to follow me. In this, there are many things that are related to them!”

Li Xiusheng looked at the two old experts held captive and snapped his fingers. His underlings brought forward Tian Dongmin and Wang Taiming. Then, Li Xiusheng seemed to be planning his next action, as he was discussing things with his underlings.

Zhao Yu seized the opportunity to ask Tian Dongmin softly, “Hey, old man, is it far away from the mountain cave where you found the will?”

“Huh?” Tian Dongmin was dumbstruck. He then answered, “On the east, about… A three-hour walk, I think. Police officer… What do you mean?”

“It can’t be, right?” Wang Taiming seemed to understand and quickly told Zhao Yu softly, “It’s impossible for the Gold Buddha statues to be hidden in the mountain cave! We searched through that mountain cave! And…. A few days back, the Taoist priest ransacked the mountain caves too!”

“Yes!” Tian Dongmin said, “Qiu Cheng’s descendant died there. If the Gold Buddha statues were hidden there, it’s possible that he couldn’t find it!”

“You two old folks,” Zhao Yu scolded, “The two of you just want to die, is that it? Would you die if you talked less?”

“Huh?!” The two old men were confused and didn’t understand what Zhao Yu was trying to do.

“Let me tell you, later, just lead the way!” Zhao Yu commanded, “Bring us to the mountain cave, understand?”

“Oh, okay…” The two old folks nodded.

There were sudden gunshots from the woods behind them. Bang Bang Bang…Along with the gunshots, there were sounds of heavy items falling on the ground….

“No! No….” The Taoist priest heard all this and suddenly roared at the sky.

Zhao Yu and the old expert turned back and looked. They were all shocked. They never expected Li Xiusheng and his brutal gang wouldkill every grave robber that was under Taoist priest!!