Crazy Detective Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Identifying The Crescent Moon Pit

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In fact, the reason why Zhao Yu was speaking so vehemently, was that he wanted to convince Li Xiusheng and the others to go deep into the cave. Zhao Yu knew that the cave was at the hillside, a part of the hill between the top and the foot, and that there was water deep in the cave. This meant two things: one was that there was complicated terrain inside the cave, and the other was that the cave must be pitch dark inside.

Zhao Yu had the useful Invisible Night Vision device in his brain. He felt that, if he had any chance to escape at all, this was it, in going down to the depths of the cave. When the time comes, he would first use the skeleton key to quietly open the handcuffs, and then use the Invisible Night Vision device to hide himself, before beating them up by surprise, and finally, escaping the cave with Miao Ying…

However, Zhao Yu also knew that the opponents were carrying numerous weapons, many of which were deadly. In such a situation, the possibility of him escaping was critically low. But at this crucial moment, he could not think of a better idea, so he must take the risk!

Not long after walking towards the cave, Zhao Yu’s heart froze.

Holy sh*t!

He had never thought that the depth of the cave would look exactly the opposite of what he had imagined. The cave was brightly lit!

Looking up, there were many holes on the walls and the top of the cave. The sunlight shone in through them all. They did not even need to light up the cave.


The sight made Zhao Yu feel gloomy, as he felt that he did not stand the slightest chance to escape now.


Zhao Yu deliberately slowed down his pace, and kept calling out to the Miracle system in his brain, “Hey boss, what were you thinking? Now, hurry up and give me some miracles. If things go on like this, I will be done for. You would not survive either, as we are both connected.”

However, no matter how Zhao Yu communicated with the system, he did not get any response. As long as an adventure is incomplete, no prop will be rewarded.

The cave was wide enough to allow three people to walk side by side. Li Xiusheng and his men remained vigilant. One of his men with a crossbow was always following closely behind Zhao Yu. If Zhao Yu were to make any suspicious move, he was bound to be shot by this man.

Although the surrounding air in the cave was cold and damp, Zhao Yu’s forehead was sweaty. Zhao Yu found himself in a distressed predicament!

Could it be this place and day, will be the ones that I will perish?

With the group of them walking deeper into the cave, the light became dimmer than before. Gradually, they could not see the sunlight shining into the mountain. However, when Li Xiusheng’s men activated the advanced lighting equipment which they had brought along, all of them could see clearly in the cave once again.

All of them continued to walk deeper into the cave. Suddenly, they heard the sound of water dripping, and observed that the walls looked moister than before.

“Why, do you still need me to spell it out?” The Taoist priest, now standing at the rear of the group, suddenly said, “If we walk in deeper, it would lead us to an underground river. It is impossible for the Gold Buddha to be hidden there.”

“Hmm! You must be cooking up a story!” the Taoist priest added. No one expected that, once the Taoist priest finished speaking, Zhao Yu would stop in his tracks and shout back, “What underground river? This cave is several hundred meters deep. We barely walked only a few tens of meters, so why would there be an underground river?

“Well… To be precise,” Professor Tian Dongmin could not help but interrupt, “it was a pool connected to the underground river. Because of the special structure of the mountain, a pool was formed in a place above the ground! And the pool should be connected to the underground river.”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu quickly thought of a way to handle the situation. Seeing that everyone’s face revealed a suspicious look, he nodded in haste and shouted, “Yes! That is correct!”


Zhao Yu’s loud words gave some of them a fright. One of them said, “You must be delaying the time! Do you think there would be monkeys acting as your reinforcements, waiting for you? Ha ha ha…”

Everyone laughed.

“All of you know nothing!” Zhao Yu growled in anger, “Let me tell you. Now is the most crucial time. In a moment, you will be dumbfounded by what you see! ”

“Sure, let’s go!” Li Xiusheng turned around and waved his hand at everyone behind him, and said, “Stop dawdling and get moving!”

“Sure, let us continue! I am not afraid of you!” Zhao Yu said angrily, and continued to walk deeper into the cave.

Strangely enough, the cave was curved, but there were no crossroad, only one visible path. It did not take the group more than five minutes, before they approached a lake with dark colored waters. This emergence of the pool was unexpected.

Zhao Yu did not expect that the surface area of the pool would be so big. From a look at it, one could only see that it had a width of six or seven meters, but would not be able to tell the length of it!

“Wow! What a big hole in the cave!” It was Li Xiusheng’s first time in the cave. He said, “I guess the water must be very cold. Officer Zhao Yu, do you yearn for a water burial? And do you think Qiu Cheng would hide the Gold Buddha here? ”

“In order to let you die with no regrets, let me tell you this!” the Taoist priest said, “We already explored the whole pool using a lifeboat. There was no sign of the Gold Buddha here!”

“Office Zhao, what else do you have to say?” When Li Xiusheng said so, people surrounding Zhao Yu immediately pointed their crossbows at him.


Miao Ying was shocked to see this, and hurried to the front from behind the group. But the alert group of Li Xiusheng’s men stopped her, turning to now aim their poisonous crossbows at her.

“Wait!” Zhao Yu shouted, “Li Xiusheng, Yuan Shulin, oh no, I meant Yuan Shucai! Let me tell you, when I said that I could find the treasure, I meant it! There is so much water in this pool right now, but what about hundreds of years ago? There was a drought in the Ming Dynasty, this pool could it have been a deep valley?”


Both Li Xiusheng and the Taoiest priest were stunned by Zhao Yu’s words.

“Hmm!” Zhao Yu’s back was facing the pool, as he shouted, “Open your eyes and have a good look. Does this pool look like the crescent-shaped Crescent Moon pit?”


Zhao Yu’s question made everyone curious. Those men with a crossbows in their hands could not help but lower their crossbows. Everyone stretched their necks and focused on giving the pool a good look. Those with flashlights quickly shone them on the pool.

Under the strong light, the pool looked like a trumpet shape, and did not resemble a crescent shape at all!

“Hmm… This… ” Everyone looked at the pool very carefully, and frowned.

Zhao Yu was obviously uttering nonsense. When he turned around and looked back, his heart froze again. Miao Ying could tell that Zhao Yu was at his wits’ end. She stooped down and hugged herself tightly. She seemed to be preparing for the worst.

Zhao Yu held his head high and asked, “Did you see it?” He continued with his story, “Let me tell all of you. The moment of truth, revealing the miracle, will soon arrive! Do not be fooled by what you see now, as the pool does not look like a crescent shape, but that is… because… there is too much water in it!”

“I bet the Crescent Moon pit is right below this pool. And the Raindrop Stone is inside the Crescent Moon pit! Once I manage to find the Raindrop Stone, the Gold Buddha will be found! Ha ha think that I am a genius?! ”

Zhao Yu laughed loudly, but everyone at the scene looked stunned. It was like watching a lunatic.


Li Xiusheng suddenly pulled out a gun and aimed it at Zhao Yu’s eyebrows. He said coldly, “Ok, Officer Zhao! In that case, I will have to bother you to let us witness the miracle! Now! It is time for you to jump down and bring me to the Gold Buddha!”