Crazy Detective Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Wait For Me

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“Police Officer Zhao, as you are so certain,” Li Xiusheng aimed the gun at Zhao Yu’s forehead and said cooly, “Why not you go down to get us the Gold Buddha statues?”

Li Xiusheng exposed his ferocious side as he spoke, while all his underlings looked equally unconcerned. From what they saw, they thought Zhao Yu’s inference about the Gold Buddha statues didn’t make sense, and they didn’t believe that the Gold Buddha statues were hidden underwater!

Then, with Li Xiusheng forcing Zhao Yu to go down to the water, no doubt, that was his way of giving Zhao Yu a death sentence! Not only was the water cold, the landforms were complicated, and there might be an undercurrent. If Zhao Yu were to go underwater, it was like committing suicide!

Hence, everyone on the scene was definite that Zhao Yu wouldn’t agree with Li Xiusheng’s suggestion and that Li Xiusheng would pull the trigger to kill Zhao Yu without hesitation!

“Alright! No problem!” Zhao Yu nodded in agreement readily, surprising everyone. “Master Lee, this idea is good! Among everyone, I know the location of where the Gold Buddha was hidden. If I am not going, who else could?”


When Zhao Yu spoke, everyone was taken by surprise, even the old experts and Miao Ying were surprised.

“You… Really want to go down there?!”

Li Xiusheng took a glance at the cold lake, but he had yet to put down his gun.

“Mm, although it’s a little cold, I think I can deal with it!” Zhao Yu nodded and said, “How about that? Look at your watch, and within half an hour, I will definitely find the exact location of the Gold Buddha statues!”

“You…” Zhao Yu said and Li Xiusheng looked awkward. He didn’t know whether to hold the gun up or put it down. He creased his eyebrows and said, “You… You are so certain that the Gold Buddha statues are underneath the water?!”

“Like I said earlier, believe it or not!” Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and said, “Kill me and you will miss the opportunity to get the Gold Buddha statues!”

“No! I cannot!” Miao Ying suddenly ran forward and said, “Zhao Yu, let me… Let me go with you!”

“No way!” Li Xiusheng seized the chance to keep his gun and said, “I need to keep the policewoman as a hostage!”

Li Xiusheng’s underlings quickly stopped Miao Ying.

“Alright!” Li Xiusheng shouted at Zhao Yu, “Zhao Yu, I am not afraid of you fooling around, I have waited for such a long time, so I might as well give you another 10 minutes!”

“Are you deaf? I said half an hour!” Zhao Yu beckoned to the water, “Although I know the accurate location of the statues, I still need some time to find it, right?”

“No way, half an hour is too long! I can only wait for you for 10 minutes!” Li Xiusheng didn’t allow space for negotiation, “If I don’t see you bringing the Gold Buddha statues back after 10 minutes, I will kill your girlfriend and the two old experts in the most brutal way!”

“Bas… Bastard!” Miao Ying gritted through her teeth. She wanted to break through the enemy’s restraints, but they were dominating her with sheer force of number and stopped her again.

“Captain Miao! Don’t worry…” Zhao Yu quickly said, “As we can’t escape anyway, why not take a look at the Gold Buddha statues first? Then, we can die in peace. Am I right?”

When he spoke, Zhao Yu nodded faintly at Miao Ying. Although Miao Ying wasn’t sure what Zhao Yu meant, she could feel that Zhao Yu might have a plan, so she stopped struggling.

Zhao Yu turned around and spoke to Li Xiusheng, “Fifteen minutes, that’s my limit! Oh please, what’s the point of you fussing over a few minutes time with a person that is going to die?”

“Okay! Son, this is what you said!” Li Xiusheng nodded and said, “But… I’m telling you, we didn’t bring any diving suit or oxygen tank!”

“I don’t need them!” Zhao Yu bent his neck and beckoned, “Unlock my handcuffs, and I will do this!”


“Aiyo, come on. Stop wasting time!” Zhao Yu pouted and said, “If you think that I could still run away under such circumstances, you might as well kill me with one shot!”

“Mm…” Li Xiusheng was still hesitating.

Then, there was a comrade, who was quite old, that walked from the back and whispered into Li Xiusheng’s ear. Although no one could hear what he was saying clearly, the person was most likely reminding Li Xiusheng to not let Zhao Yu have a chance to escape, or something along those lines…

“Humph!” Li Xiusheng obviously didn’t have such concerns, and finally waved his hand and said, “The pool is connected to the underground river. It is at least a dozen metres from here to the underground river.

Then, Li Xiusheng beckoned to his underlings, sending someone forward to unlock Zhao Yu’s handcuffs.

“Taoist priest!” Li Xiusheng turned around to tell Yuan Shucai, “If you were me, you would have made the same decision, right? This boy is right, the both of us are extremely selfish humans, but… only people who are selfish would be so obsessive with their dreams.

“Humph!” Taoist priest snorted and turned away in disdain.

Zhao Yu moved his wrist and told Li Xiusheng, “Hey, Li, you must have rope, right? Tie it on me. When I find the Gold Buddha statues, I will tug the rope, and you can just pull me up!”

“Okay! Alright! We’ll do as you wish!” Li Xiusheng nodded, sending people to prepare for the rope immediately.

Then, there was someone holding a torchlight that came forward, saying, “Take this, it’s waterproof!”

“Don’t need it!” Zhao Yu waved his hand and smiled maliciously, “I am good at looking in the dark!”

“Crazy!” The person rolled his eyes at Zhao Yu, showing an inconceivable expression.

“No way, young man! It’s so dark underneath, how could you not bring a torchlight?” Professor Tian Dongmin reminded from the back.


Zhao Yu originally thought that he had Invisible Night Vision on hand and didn’t need any illumination equipment. But, after Tian Dongmin’s reminder, he thought that, if he didn’t use a torchlight, it would give rise to suspicion. So, he extended his hand to take the torchlight.


Then, everyone there was even more in doubt of Zhao Yu.

“Master Lee, you’ve got to keep your word!” After everything was ready, Zhao Yu told Li Xiusheng again, “Look closely at your watch. After 15 minutes, I shall return!”

“Before that, you can’t cause my people to be in any danger, including the two old experts. They spent their entire lives looking for the Gold Buddha statues. Before they die, you’ve got to let me take a good look at the Gold Buddha statues, alright?”

“Of course!” Li Xiusheng nodded and said, “Can’t I wait another 15 minutes? But, after those minutes, everything would be hard to say what will happen! If you don’t want your girlfriend to die miserably, you’d better be back quick! I will make it short for all of you! Hehe!”


Zhao Yu then turned around and walked towards the pool, Miao Ying couldn’t help but be worried, and shouted, “Zhao Yu!”

“Mm…” Zhao Yu turned around to look at Miao Ying and requested from Li Xiusheng again, “This is such a dangerous trip, can I bid farewell to my girlfriend?”

“No way!” Li Xiusheng was worried that there was a trick they were trying to pull, so he rejected firmly.

“Alright! Great!” Zhao Yu sent a flying air kiss to Miao Ying and said, “Don’t worry, my dear. I will find the Gold Buddha statues! Wait for me!”

Then, Zhao Yu winked at Miao Ying and turned around to jump into the pool.

Feeling the first splash of water, Zhao Yu suddenly exclaimed, “Aiyo, my goodness, the water is so damn cold…”