Crazy Detective Chapter 420

Chapter 420 A Quiet Pool

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After entering the pool, Zhao Yu activated the Invisible Night Vision device. Although he carried a lighting device, in such a dark deep pool, the light could not penetrate far!

After the Invisible Night Vision was activated, the field of vision underwater improved. Zhao Yu discovered that the pool was very deep. What an intimidating sight!

In fact, Zhao Yu was well aware that the system opened the “Gen Qian” hexagram today. This meant that, without the “Dui” hexagram opened, it would be unlikely for him to find the Gold Buddha and treasure!

Although he had made a lot of reasonable reasonings before everyone, to the extent that even he believed it himself, he knew that the probability of finding the Gold Buddha was very low. His plight drove him to this decision, as he knew that he had no other way to escape from Li Xiusheng, but hoped that he could find an escape path within the pool.

He felt that, since the pool was so big, there was a possibility that some exits could be found. If he could find any exit, he would go around Li Xiusheng and his men and launch a surprise attack from behind them!

Of course, he knew that the probability was not very high. Thus, he thought of a backup plan for himself. In case he did not find anything, he would simply swim back up and lie, saying that he had found the Golden Buddha. However, because he was short of tools, he had came back empty handed.

Zhao Yu could tell that Li Xiusheng, who took a great risk to follow him to this cave, must be obsessed with the Gold Buddha. Should there be any chance to lay hands on the Gold Buddha, he knew that Li Xiusheng would not let it go.

If Li Xiusheng bought his story, he would definitely get Zhao Yu to lead the way underwater, in order to retrieve the Gold Buddha with the right tools. This way, Zhao Yu would successfully delay for more time. The longer the time was delayed, the greater his chances of escape.

After his backup plan was in place, he ignored the chilliness in the cold water and began to swim fast to find a possible exit.

Although the pool was deep, it was not an open space underwater. There were many huge and irregular rocks, with gaps in between. Some parts resembled a maze!

Tsk tsk

From the look of it, the topography beneath the pool was really complicated. Zhao Yu continued to survey the surroundings as he dived. Only when he needed to take another breath of air, did he rise to the surface of the pool. Though he had an Invisible Breathing device, he did not want to use it unless necessary.


The water in the pool was so cold that Zhao Yu literally felt the chill down his spine. The water in the pool did not seem to be made up of stagnant water. He could feel the surge of current in the water, pushing him towards the depths of the cave.

Even if it were not for the fatal threat made by Li Xiusheng and the others, Zhao Yu would still definitely consider this experience a frightening one.

Exit Exit

Zhao Yu endured the chilliness and dove down again. This time, in order to see more clearly, he activated the Invisible Telescope device. After activation, his vision became clearer! He could see the depth of the pool clearly, even without diving deeper to take a closer look.

Exit Exit

How to find an exit?

Though he saw many gaps between the rocks, he could not be sure that the gaps could lead to other places.

What should he do?

Time passed quickly, and Zhao Yu was getting anxious. He kept swimming forward and thought hard about possible countermeasures.

Why not.

He saw that he had an Invisible Fluoroscopic device in his brain. He contemplated on whether to activate it.

Just when Zhao Yu was thinking about whether to activate the Invisible Fluoroscopic device, something caught his eyes!

Oh my God!

So… What was that?!

Under the combined usage of the Invisible Night Vision device and the Invisible Fluoroscopic device, Zhao Yu observed that, about five or six meters below his feet, there was a huge gap.

The huge gap resembled a devil’s big mouth. It looked much dark inside the gap, as compared to where he was. The more important thing that he observed, was that the gap was in a crescent shape!

Seeing this huge crescent-shaped gap inside the pool, Zhao Yu felt a creepy sensation. Feeling shocked, Zhao Yu forgot to take a breath, and was choked by the pool water. He hurriedly swam to the surface of the water and coughed.

“Cough cough”

He finished coughing and hurriedly took a deep breath before diving into the water again.

That is correct!

The gap was definitely crescent shaped, about thirty meters long.

Could could this be

This time, the creepy sensation had worn off, and Zhao Yu was not fearful anymore. But he felt goose bumps all over his body. Could this crescent-shaped gap be the Crescent Moon pit marked on the treasure map?!

Oh my God!

If he guessed it right, it would mean that the Gold Buddha… is right below?!

Could it be… That the Gold Buddha was truly buried under the water?


For a moment, Zhao Yu could not even feel the chilliness from the cold water. He could only feel the adrenaline pumping through his body. He looked at his watch, still ten minutes from the agreed upon meeting time. That was barely enough to find the Raindrop Stone from within such a big pool!

Thinking of the short duration he was left with, Zhao Yu did not hesitate any longer, but immediately activated the last Invisible Breathing device, as he swam towards the huge gap. He had prior experience with the usage of the Invisible Breathing device, thus, when he used it this time, he could adapt quickly while breathing through it.

Just as Zhao Yu approached the huge gap, something weighed heavily on his mind. This huge gap was five or six meters deep underwater, and the Crescent Moon pit itself was very deep, too. This meant that, if he wished to swim into the Crescent Moon pit, he would have to dive ten to twenty meters deeper.

He did not know if his body was able to withstand diving in such deep waters. Although the breathing device could keep up with his breathing, the great water pressure may slow down his speed. Also, searching such a huge Crescent Moon pit was no easy feat.


In the process of diving deeper, Zhao Yu’s mind was busy analyzing, and soon made a hypothesis. He thought, if there was no water here when Qiu Cheng came hundreds of years ago, the Crescent Moon pit must be a very deep pit in the cave.

So… Where would be the most likely place where Qiu Cheng would choose to hide his treasure?



Or Top?

While analyzing the options, Zhao Yu eliminated the possibility of Qiu Cheng hiding the treasure at the bottom. He thought to himself, “If this is a deep pit, then the humidity at the bottom would naturally be very high. It would be unlikely that Qiu Cheng would hide the treasure at the bottom!”

If it was not the bottom, it had to be either the middle or the top part.

So… Where do I start searching?

While Zhao Yu was seriously contemplating, he had unconsciously swum to the edge of the Crescent Moon pit. The width of the pit was nearly ten meters wide. It looked magnificent.

Zhao Yu swam onward to the middle of the pit. He surveyed his surroundings again. Suddenly, he observed that there was a piece of rock, which looked different from the others, located just beside the wall of the pit.

The rock was not only big in size, but also had a narrow top and wide bottom. The texture of the rock felt smooth. It looked exactly like a teardrop shape!



Holy sh*t! When Zhao Yu saw the stone, he almost shouted out from under the water. It was an incredible moment! How coincidental!

Could this… This stone be the Raindrop Stone?!

What about the Gold Buddha?

The Gold Buddha could it possibly be there too?