Crazy Detective Chapter 421

Chapter 421 The Secret Of The Raindrop Stone

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Zhao Yu originally thought the Raindrop Stone was a piece of stone that was covered with carvings of a raindrop pattern. But according to the situation before his eyes, it seemed to be otherwise.

Would it be, the Raindrop Stone was referring to the stone itself, which looked like a huge raindrop?!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu seemed to understand something. The system didn’t show completion of adventure until then. Would that be…. Because there was some other miracle adventure that was waiting for him?!

Thinking along that train of thought, Zhao Yu got more and more excited, and immediately went through the Crescent Moon pit to swim towards the huge stone that was raindrop shaped. It was way dimmer in the pit than outside the pit. It was like another world. Zhao Yu swam downwards for a while, until he had gotten to a dozen meters deep.

After getting closer, the Raindrop Stone looked much bigger, compared to before, like a house!

Tsk tsk…

Zhao Yu extended his hand to touch the stone, finding that there was some form of soft microorganism that grew on it. It was warm.

But… If it was really the Raindrop Stone, where are the Gold Buddha treasures? Are they still here? If they are here, where would they be hidden?

Zhao Yu knocked the stone, but he couldn’t knock any sound at such deep water. Zhao Yu looked around the stone, but didn’t find any obvious cracks or pits.

He got worried, then wondered if he was wrong. The Raindrop Stone wasn’t referring to this stone?

Looking at the huge stone, Zhao Yu thought through it quickly. On the treasure map, the last clue was the Raindrop Stone. After that, there wasn’t any other clue!

But, if this is the Raindrop Stone, an ordinary big stone, how could it hide the treasure? It doesn’t make sense at all. Would it be… The stone is hollow? But… It didn’t look like that though.


Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled an item. He was still considering if he should use the Invisible Fluoroscopic Device! But under such conditions, didn’t it come in handy?

The time was running short, and Zhao Yu couldn’t spare any time for thinking. He immediately activated the last Fluoroscopic Device and scanned the Raindrop Stone.

But, after he scanned the entire stone, he couldn’t find anything. From the Fluoroscopic Device, the stone was a solid stone, not a hollow stone!


Seems like I really got it wrong. This stone is not the real Raindrop Stone!

In his eagerness, Zhao Yu was panicking. He had to rush back within the time limit. Otherwise, Miao Ying and the other two old experts would be in danger!

Helplessly, Zhao Yu swam towards the middle of Crescent Moon Pit and used all three devices altogether, including the night vision, and the telescope, as well as the fluoroscopic device, to look around in the pit, to see if he could find anything else.

Just when he scanned through one round and turned back to the huge stone in raindrop shape, the Fluoroscopic device caught something! According to the monitor of fluoroscopic device, somewhere on the right top of the Raindrop Stone had a different shade of colour than did the rest.


What is that?

Zhao Yu quickly swam over to take a closer look, seeing that, on the top of the Raindrop Stone, there were shattered rocks that filled up the cave wall. The variation of colour that was captured by the fluoroscopic device was from the pile of shattered rocks.


Just when Zhao Yu looked closely with his Fluoroscopic device, he was surprised that, behind these shattered rocks, there was a hidden space like a mountain cave.


Would it be…. Would it be…

Zhao Yu didn’t want to think anymore. He extended his hands to pry up the shattered rocks. Over a hundred years of soaking underwater, those rocks seemed to have loosened. Zhao Yu didn’t spend too long prying up one of the rocks.

With one piece coming off from the pile, the rest of the rocks were easily removed. In a short while, Zhao Yu removed all the rocks and, after he cleared up the rocks, the entrance, so small that could it only fit one person through it, finally revealed itself.


Seeing that there was really a hidden mountain cave before his eyes, Zhao Yu was so excited, he wanted to scream. From what he saw, all the clues linked up perfectly. From the General Ridge to the Raindrop Stone, a man made mountain cave appeared above the Raindrop Stone. If so, it definitely wasn’t any coincidence!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s heart was bumping. He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the legendary treasure! After entering the cave, Zhao Yu quickly discovered that there was a narrow pathway that led upwards, and the pathway could only fit one person!

At that moment, no matter how narrow the pathway was, Zhao Yu couldn’t hesitate, but swam towards the pathway immediately. Half way through it, he realised that the rope on his feet was being tugged. The rope was tied there by Li Xiusheng and his gang, in order for him to not be lost in the water, so he could return later on. The rope was tight, which probably meant that the rope wasn’t long enough!

Zhao Yu knew that the rope was not only there to prevent him from getting lost, but also was acting as a security rope for Li Xiusheng and the gang. Zhao Yu had to keep it on. Otherwise, once they retrieved the rope and realised that Zhao Yu was lost, they would most likely kill everyone!

Zhao Yu quickly untied it from his leg and tied it onto a piece of rock by the side of the pathway. This way, the rope wouldn’t pull back easily. After settling the rope, Zhao Yu swam upwards through the pathway. He never expected that the pathway was so long, as it took him about two minutes, before he finally broke out through the water’s surface!


Zhao Yu was surprised. He never thought that it would lead him out of the water! What’s more surprising, was that, with night vision device, Zhao Yu was shocked at the sight. It was a grotto that was only ten square meters, right before his eyes!

The grotto’s situation was clear in a glance. Besides the water path that Zhao Yu swam from, there wasn’t any other exit. At a corner by the side of the grotto, there were dozens of eye-catching wooden boxes!!!


Zhao Yu’s eyes were wide: These wooden boxes….. Wooden boxes….

No matter the appearance of the sizes of the wooden boxes, they were all from the same source, and were obviously made from the same batch. There was some dust that was on the wooden boxes, and the designs of the boxes were very old-fashioned…

At that very moment, Zhao Yu could felt his body quivering. He quivered as he ran towards the wooden boxes to take a closer look. He saw that there were ancient locks on each and every box. But, due to the years of weather, the locks were rusted.

Zhao Yu picked up a random rock and knocked open one of the locks with one hit.


Zhao Yu raised his arms and opened the wooden box slowly and carefully. The wooden box was filled with fillers, like cotton and cloths pieces.

Then… After Zhao Yu spread part of the fillers aside, a solid metal object suddenly appeared before his eyes. Through the night vision device, he could only see monochrome images, yet when Zhao Yu saw the metal object, he could recognise it instantly as being a Buddha statue!!

That’s right!

This Buddha statue is the Gold Buddha statue!!!

Zhao Yu carried the Buddha statue out from the box carefully. He saw that the statue was about fifty centimetres high and twenty centimetres wide. Zhao Yu could feel that the design of the Buddha statue was very delicate!

Putting down the Buddha statue, he opened every other box.

This time, Zhao Yu was utterly dumbstruck! In the rest of the wooden boxes, besides Golden Buddha statues in various designs, there were large amounts of jewels, jadeite agate, jade, pearls… The variety was a feast for the eyes, with abundant collections!

Looking at such a huge amount of jewelry, Zhao Yu grabbed a handful of it, sat on top of a wooden box, and roared with laughter.

Ha… Haha… Hahaha…

After laughing for a while, Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly turned gloomy and cool. He was fidgeting with the shiny jewellery in his hands, while he thought about a great way to turn around this adverse circumstance!