Crazy Detective Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Zhao Yu And His Desperate Counterattack

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“Boss, thirteen minutes passed!” Li Xiusheng’s men reminded him, “Two more minutes to go!”

“Yes!” The other said, “The rope had been extended to its longest length. That guy could have been frozen to death, or drowned. Should we pull the rope back?”

“I believe, in this case, the probability of finding the Gold Buddha is not more than zero point zero one percent,” another man said. “We should not have listened to that guy! To be honest, his analysis sounds reasonable, but after all, hundreds of years has passed, the Gold Buddha would probably have been taken away.”

“No! Cough… ” Li Xiusheng looked at the Taoist priest from a distance, shook his head, and said, “Our Taoist priest is so well-informed. If the Gold Buddha really did appear, he would surely set out to find it!”

“Hmph!” The Taoist priest twisted his head with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

“Hey! It is moving, it is moving!” At this time, the man holding on tightly to the rope hurriedly shouted, “The rope moved, and he… Is he coming back up? ”

Immediately, two to three people came together and began to pull the rope together.

Li Xiusheng looked at the rope and then at the water. Suddenly, he snatched over a crossbow from one of his men and said, “My patience is running out!” He pointed the crossbow at the surface of the water and said, “If he were to come back empty handed, I will shoot him with the crossbow. I would be happy to see him die before my very eyes!”

“You! No!” Miao Ying hurried forward, after hearing what Li Xiusheng said, but was held back by his men.

“Hey! What… Why does it feel so heavy when I pull the rope?” At this time, the man pulling the rope had noticed something different than before, and said with suspicion, “Could it be that the guy found something? How can it be so heavy? ”

“Hmm!” Li Xiusheng squinted his eyes and said, “All of you, be on your toes! This guy might be planning a surprise attack on us. He could have tied the rope on heavy objects, and come around behind us to counterattack. Do not be fooled by him! ”

After Li Xiusheng’s reminder to be alert, his men hurriedly took up their guns and aimed them at all directions at the pool.


Several people pulled the rope hard together, and as the rope pulled out of the water, it grew longer and longer, and they felt that something in the water should be surfacing soon.

“Be careful!” Li Xiusheng reminded everyone once again, and continued to point his crossbow at the direction where the rope was surfacing from the water.


At last, with a big splash of water, something golden in color surfaced from the water.

Although Li Xiusheng prepared himself mentally, he had never imagined that the first thing to emerge would be such a thing.

When he looked at the golden colored item again under the light, he was stunned. He subconsciously lowered the crossbow in his hands.

“That is… What is that?!”

Everyone else was equally stunned and surprised. They were speechless.

As the men continued to pull the rope up, Zhao Yu, with his hands holding the golden colored item, slowly emerged from the water.

“Ha ha… Gold Buddha! I found the Gold Buddha!” Zhao Yu screamed excitedly, as he climbed onto the shore with the Gold Buddha in his arms.

As Li Xiusheng and his men all gathered around the shore, Zhao Yu hailed: “Hey, step back! Do not drop the Gold Buddha! Achoo! The water was freezing cold! ”

Once Li Xiusheng laid eyes on the golden colored item and realized that it was the Gold Buddha, he felt that it was unbelievable. It felt unreal, like a dream.

Others could not believe what they saw either. They were all taken aback.

“Ha ha ha ha…” Zhao Yu raised the heavy Gold Buddha and shouted, “What did I say? Do you believe me now? Let me tell you, the twelve Gold Buddha statues are all below!”

When Zhao Yu spoke, Tian Dongmin and Wang Taiming, who were standing at the back, could not help but respond. Tian Dongmin said, “Wow! Gold! Oh my God, that… That is really the Gold Buddha! Gold Buddha!”

Tian Dongmin was so excited, almost brought to tears. The Taoist priest muttered, “Impossible! This is impossible… ”

Seeing that Li Xiusheng stepped back to a distance of about two meters, Zhao Yu said to him, “Boss Li! I found the Gold Buddha! Come on, come over and examine it!”

As Zhao Yu was speaking, he walked towards Li Xiusheng and deliberately slipped. The Gold Buddha flew out of his arms.


Zhao Yu deliberately screamed very loudly.


Li Xiusheng screamed even louder, and hurriedly opened his arms to catch hold of the falling Gold Buddha.

Fortunately, Li Xiusheng was standing close to Zhao Yu and managed to catch hold of the Gold Buddha. But the Gold Buddha was too heavy, thus causing him to lose his balance. His men near him hurriedly supported him from behind to avoid a fall.

Just when all these things were happening, Zhao Yu did two things very quickly.

The first thing he did was to release the skeleton key on Miao Ying, and the handcuffs on her hands were unlocked.

The second thing he did was, while throwing the Gold Buddha, he bent over and used his left hand to unzip his waist pouch. A large number of jewels fell to the ground with a clatter!

The jewels shone brightly. As many of them were round in shape, when they fell out of Zhao Yu’s waist pouch, they rolled everywhere.


Li Xiusheng’s men were trained to be sensitive to jewels. As they looked at these high-grade jewels, they could not help but pick them up. For a moment, the area beside the pool was thrown into chaos. All of Li Xiusheng’s men were caught up in the excitement of gathering jewels.


Zhao Yu had a smirk on his face, with an expressionless look in his eyes. All of this was part of the plan that he had thought of. When he felt that the time was right, he leapt up and kicked one of Li Xiusheng’s men into the water!

The man was carrying a headlamp. After the man fell into the water, the cave seemed darker than before, now with one less light.

Zhao Yu’s actions were so swift and violent. He continued to kick one man after another into the water, similar to a domino effect.


Everyone was shocked, and finally realized that Zhao Yu was up to something. Li Xiusheng’s men picked up their guns to strike back.

On the other side of the cave, when one of Li Xiusheng’s men was about to lift a gun to shoot at Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, who was now free from the handcuffs, came to the rescue. She gave a hard punch on the man’s face!


The man fell backward, hit his head hard on the wall, and fainted. Miao Ying conveniently snatched his hunting rifle over.

At the same time, the man who was closely watching Miao Ying from her rear came rushing over. He had a poisonous crossbow in his hands. As Miao Ying’s rifle barrel was too long, she had no time to turn around and shoot. She turned around and hit the man behind her with the barrel.


The crossbow of the man fell to the ground, broken in two. Miao Ying took the opportunity to use her leg and give the man a hard kick. The man fell to the ground.



Just as Miao Ying knocked down the two men, gunfire broke out in the cave. The man, who was responsible to watch from the outside of the cave, learned of what happened and rushed into the cave to strike back at Zhao Yu.

Miao Ying saw them rushing in and pointed her hunting rifle at them. She shot at them as a counterattack. The sound of the hunting rifle was extremely loud and deafening. The opponents were forced to take a step back.

In Miao Ying’s mind, she knew very well that both Zhao Yu and she were outnumbered. To defeat the enemy, she had to capture the chief.

With that thought in mind, she attempted to capture Li Xiusheng. However, Li Xiusheng was very cunning. When the gunshots were heard, he had already carried the Gold Buddha and fled the cave.