Crazy Detective Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Invincible Female Killer

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“Zhao Yu! No!!! ”

Seeing that Zhao Yu had been shot, Miao Ying felt a sudden gush of emotions and hugged Zhao Yu tightly.

Click clack

Before Miao Ying had time to check out Zhao Yu’s injury, she suddenly heard a clicking sound. Looking up, she saw Li Xiusheng putting a new poisoned arrow on his crossbow.

This type of crossbow was not a machine crossbow. It could only launch one arrow at a time. After firing, a new arrow had to be replaced.

Seeing the culprit, Li Xiusheng, Miao Ying’s eyes became red with fury. She seized the poisoned arrow in Zhao Yu’s hand and dashed straight towards Li Xiusheng.

When Li Xiusheng saw Miao Ying dashing over, he felt nervous and could not replace the arrow in the crossbow. He hurriedly threw away the arrow and crossbow, and then he held the Gold Buddha in his arms and fled.

Seeing that Li Xiusheng was going to flee, Miao Ying used her left hand to reload the rifle and accurately shot his leg in her first attempt! Li Xiusheng fell to the ground, and his face looked pale. Despite the pain, he carried the Gold Buddha and ran on.


In the blink of an eye, Miao Ying caught up with Li Xiusheng. Li Xiusheng was shocked, when he heard Miao Ying shouting for him. He quickly turned around and used the Gold Buddha to shield himself.

Miao Ying pulled back the arrow with her right hand, then used all her might to throw it forward. The arrow fell on Li Xiusheng. She picked the arrow up and raised it up high, then threw it down with great strength. With the sound of “puff”, the crossbow arrow penetrated through the gaps in between the structure of the Gold Buddha and directly into Li Xiusheng’s neck.


The angry Miao Ying used all her strength to push the full arrow further into Li Xiusheng’s neck. Li Xiusheng was in so much pain. He wanted to groan in pain, but no words were heard. Instead, blood gushed out of his mouth. Even though the arrow was no longer poisoned, he would surely not survive this ordeal!


Seeing Li Xiusheng being assassinated with an arrow, his men, who were retreating, were stunned. They hurriedly pointed their pistols and rifles at Miao Ying, hoping to make their last stand.

However, just as the first person lifted up his pistol to aim, the Taoist priest, who seemed to be missing in action, suddenly appeared and kicked the man to the ground. The Taoist priest had proven to be agile, as he leaped into the air, his feet jumping over his handcuffed hands. Then, he turned around and locked his hands with the handcuffs around the neck of another man.


The Taoist priest’s grip was so tight that it strangled the man. Although the Taoist priest had gotten Miao Ying out of a fix, Miao Ying, who had momentarily become violent because of Zhao Yu’s injury, was not appreciative. When she saw that some of Li Xiusheng’s men were still around, she immediately shot them.


The first bullet hit the man who was kicked by the Taoist priest. He was shot in the head!


The second bullet hit the Taoist priest on the shoulder, causing him to bleed. Not giving time for the Taoist priest to shun the next bullet, Miao Ying fired the third shot and hit the Taoist priest’s thigh!


The Taoist priest, screaming in pain, fell to the ground.

Next, Miao Ying shot the man who was strangled by the Taoist priest previously. The bullet hit him on the forehead, killing him!


At that moment, there were only two enemies left. One of them was scared stiff and motionless, with no means to escape. The other fared better. Facing the violent Miao Ying, he raised his rifle again and tried to shoot her.

However, Miao Ying’s speed was so fast, that she was able to shun the bullet. She used her long legs to kick hard, hitting her opponent on the lower abdomen. The man fell back in pain, and Miao Ying grabbed his rifle from his hands.


Miao Ying used the rifle to kill the man who was scared stiff and motionless.

Louder bang

The gunshot from the rifle was so loud that it blurred Miao Ying’s vision for a while

“Oh… Ah…”

Wounded with two gunshots, the Taoist priest rolled on the ground in pain, with his two hands still in handcuffs. Seeing that, Miao Ying used her whirlwind leg stunt to kick him in the temple, knocking him out instantly!

Armed with a rifle in the left hand and a pistol in the right hand, Miao returned to the cave again. At this point in time, most of the enemies in the cave had either lost their capacities to fight or were unconscious.

But Miao Ying took no chances. She shot each one of them.

Just then, the two persons who were kicked into the pool by Zhao Yu earlier, regained consciousness and started to climb back up. But witnessing their fellow men being shot, the two of them held their breath and jumped back into the cold water.

However, their movements did not escape the alert eyes of Miao Ying. She shot them, and the pool was stained red with their blood

Finally, when all the enemies were put down, the cave was restored to its former tranquility.


Miao Ying dropped both the rifle and the pistol to the ground.

“Zhao… Zhao Yu… Zhao Yu…”

Miao Ying thought of Zhao Yu and hurriedly ran to where he was.

Zhao Yu’s face turned ghastly pale and was motionless.

Miao Ying was certain that the poisonous arrow that wounded Zhao Yu could cause a fatality. Could Zhao Yu be already dead?!

She simply could not accept the reality that Zhao Yu could be dead. She laid her head on Zhao Yu’s motionless body.

“Zhao Yu… Zhao Yu…” She cried softly, her tears pouring down like raindrops. After a while, she bent over and gently embraced Zhao Yu’s head.

At this painful moment, Miao Ying’s heart sank, and her mind was completely blank.

“Zhao Yu… Zhao Yu…” She gently called out a few times, but after seeing no reaction from him, she finally could not hold back her emotions and cried, “Ah! Ah! Zhao Yu! Why were you so silly to block that arrow?! Zhao Yu, you rogue, get up! Sob… Sob… Zhao Yu… Wake up, wake up…”

For a moment, memories of Zhao Yu’s talkative nature, selfless sacrifices, persistence and everything else about him flashed in her mind.

“Zhao Yu… You wake up! You said you would court me! Your task is not accomplished so you cannot dieSob…”

Suddenly, Miao Ying felt some slight movements from Zhao Yu.

“Um” She stopped crying and did not bother to wipe away her tears. She quickly cupped Zhao Yu’s face and took a closer look. She said, “Zhao Yu… You…”

Miao Ying seemed to have seen a promising sign. She squeezed Zhao Yu’s nose, opened his mouth, and gave him artificial respiration.

However, after several tries, she saw no effect. She quickly pulled apart Zhao Yu’s shirt and began to perform heart resuscitation on him.

“Zhao Yu! Zhao Yu, do not die on me, do not die on me…” Miao Ying called out as she performed heart resuscitation. On calling out the tenth time, Zhao Yu suddenly opened his mouth and raised his limbs like a resurrected zombie, and then took a deep breath!

At first, Miao Ying was shocked to see Zhao Yu’s reactions. Then, she realized that Zhao Yu was not dead!

Breathe in Breathe out

Zhao Yu opened his mouth wide and took a few deep breaths. Little by little he got some color back on his pale face.

“Ah… Ah…” Zhao Yu gasped for breath with eyes opened wide. When he saw that Miao Ying was safe right by his side, he felt relieved. Miao Ying stretched out her arms and embraced him.

“Zhao Yu… Zhao Yu!” After experiencing dramatic ups and downs, Miao Ying’s mind went blank. It felt unreal like a dream. She asked, “You… are not dead?!”

“Miao Miao Miao” Zhao Yu gasped for air and spoke with much difficulty, “I have not had sex with you in the wild! How could I die?”

After saying this, Zhao Yu thought he would have ticked Miao Ying off. On the contrary, Miao Ying raised his head up high and kissed him on his lips!


Zhao Yu’s heart swelled with happiness. Both of them were locked in an embrace and kissed passionately