Crazy Detective Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Greed

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At that very moment, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were sitting side by side on the big rock. Zhao Yu had a towel draped over his shoulder and was drinking mineral water, while Miao Ying was supporting her cheeks with her hands, while watching the police officers and rescue team walking back and forth before her blindly. They had made about a dozen trips with the stretcher, either carrying a dead person or a heavily injured person.

Zhao Yu had never expected that a vigorous fight would turn the cave into a scene of bloody slaughter. There had been eleven of them in total, with only two to three left that could still pant! The rest of them were finished, including Li Xiusheng, and had died tragic deaths…

Not knowing if Miao Ying did it on purpose or out of instinct, she had shot the Taoist Priest twice, but it wasn’t life threatening. That moment, he had already been sent onto the plane to be rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment!

Professor Tian Dongmin got shot on his shoulders, his life wasn’t endangered either. The two old experts were sent to the hospital together.

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying could leave too! But the helicopter was overcrowded, so they needed to wait for another one to be able to leave.

Zhao Yu had already reported to the police station leaders regarding the Gold Buddha statues, and the leaders had gotten in touch with the related authorities, like the Cultural Relics Bureau. Then, the expert team that took care of treasures was already on their way there, too. Zhao Yu would still need to provide them with the exact location of the treasure.


Zhao Yu lifted his head to look at the top of the cave, where the Ming Dynasty corpse that was discovered by the old experts was, still, right in the concave near the top of the cave. When Dong Peizhuo and his team found the corpse back then, they couldn’t bring the corpse along, so they returned it to its original position.

From Zhao Yu’s angle, he could see a corner of the corpse. Then, along with his discovery underwater, Zhao Yu was even more puzzled of the intention of the person from the Ming Dynasty!

If the treasure was hidden deep within the mountain cave, why would he climb so high up and die for no reason? Why had it happened?

Would it be…. Although he lived in the cave for many years, that he didn’t manage to find the treasure?

Theoretically, it should be.

Back then, the cave had no water. If he had the treasure map, he could easily find the treasure. Would it be… He really lost his treasure map?

Or maybe, he had found the treasure, but it was useless to him, so he left it untouched?

But… If he really found the treasure, why didn’t he just die in the cave, where the treasure was hidden? Then, it would be considered as treasure that was buried together with him, right?

After pondering, Zhao Yu felt that the descendants of Qiu Cheng didn’t manage to find the treasure! Most likely, Qiu Cheng didn’t reveal to his descendants completely, and intentionally left out a clue on his treasure map. As long as he didn’t write Raindrop Stone, even if his descendants lived in the cave for a decade, they wouldn’t be able to find the treasure!


Regardless, such an old story, it was totally unrelated to me! Now that I found the treasure, there shouldn’t be too little of a reward, right?

Although he thought about fat rewards, Zhao Yu still couldn’t feel excited at all.

Looking at the stretcher used for carrying dead bodies, as it had been transporting bodies out constantly, and seeing the evidence collectors from the Municipal Forensic Identification Bureau that were looking through the cave to collect evidence, he reckoned there would be people who would want to question the two of them very soon. Zhao Yu stole a glance at Miao Ying, but saw that Miao Ying was watching everything happening before her eyes, dully.

Qian hexagram!


Zhao Yu thought about his system and the hexagram, and felt a surge of emotion. Although he still couldn’t quite understand what the “Qian” hexagram represented, according to the situation before his eyes, the “Qian” hexagram was definitely even more powerful than the “Kun” hexagram!

Explosion, gun war, treasure hunt, murder…

Zhao Yu roughly gauged that the groups that entered the mountain for a treasure hunt could be categorised into four different teams. The first one was the grave robbers that were left by the Taoist priest, who were here completely to chase after the Golden Buddha statues!

The second group was the police detectives, led by Fu Jianxing. Besides going after the treasure, they were also there to arrest the Taoist priest and his gang.

The third group was obviously referring to Li Xiusheng and his troops. But this troop of people was not there for the Golden Buddha statues, but was directing their focus at the Taoist priest. Their aim was to bring the Taoist priest under submission, first to take revenge on behalf of Huang Jing and Gege, and second, to find the Taoist priest’s storehouse and gain a fortune from it.

As for the forth group, there was no doubt, it was Zhao Yu and Miao Ying.

Looking at the battle in the General Ridge, there were three out of four groups that were wiped out. In the end, it seemed like only Zhao Yu and Miao Ying could be called the final winners!

But, although they survived until the very end, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were not happy at all. On the contrary, they were pent-up emotionally and feeling extremely uncomfortable.

The war in General Ridge led to so many deaths! Till then, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying still couldn’t accept the fact, as they felt that there might could have been another way to prevent so many deaths.

Especially Fu Jianxing and his team. Their deaths were too sudden, too unworthy! Although they had conflict, they were all colleagues from the Qinshan police team, so Zhao Yu wouldn’t want to see them waste their lives regardless!

Yuan Shucai, whose nickname was Taoist priest, was really brutal! If he didn’t kill Fu Jianxing and his team with dynamite, the situation wouldn’t be that bad!

Not only did Yuan Shucai killed Fu Jianxing and his team, he also killed Huang Jing and Gege eighteen years ago, and Professor Dong Peizhuo. All of them died at his hands. He was definitely guilty of countless crimes, and thus, deserved damnation! He would definitely receive the most brutal sentence!

Of course, the selfish Li Xiusheng needed to pay a price for his greed, too! Until then, Zhao Yu still couldn’t understand it all. That man was already so rich, but he wasn’t content. He was willing to take the risk, just to take the Taoist priest’s wealth! In the end, if he wasn’t so greedy in search for the Golden Buddha statues, he wouldn’t have been fooled by Zhao Yu and ended up in such a condition!


A person’s greed really could leave one speechless! Zhao Yu was right, Li Xiusheng and Yuan Shucai were both humans who were extremely selfish. In the end, the both of them lost because of their greed!


Zhao Yu extended his neck and drank the entire bottle of mineral water. As he turned back, he realised that Miao Ying hadn’t gotten any better, but was more deep in thought, with no expression on her face.

Zhao Yu knew the reason, as it was because this was the first time that Miao Ying had killed someone! And, she had killed so many people, so of course she must have felt uncomfortable!

Although they were all criminals that were unscrupulous and viscous, and although Miao Ying acted out of self defence and was on a mission, taking away so many lives at oncel was too much for Miao Ying, who was kind.

Looking at Miao Ying being so depressed, Zhao Yu quickly hugged her shoulders and pulled her into his embrace. He comforted her, saying, “Captain Miao, don’t think too much! These people deserved to die. If I were you, I’d tear them apart! I think you even did it too kindly!”

Miao Ying leaned into Zhao Yu’s embrace, while her eyes were looking somewhere far away.

“Alright, stop thinking!” Zhao Yu wiped Miao Ying’s face with a towel and said, “The two of us are still alive, this is the most important thing!”

Then, Miao Ying leaned away her head and looked at Zhao Yu carefully, as tears welled up in her eyes. The next second, she planted her head into Zhao Yu’s embrace and hugged him tightly.

“Zhao Yu, I thought… I lost you… Woo…”

Feeling Miao Ying’s body temperature and her body that was rising and falling vigorously, Zhao Yu felt a hint of warmth. He quickly comforted her, “Captain Miao, I haven’t fulfilled my mission to have sex in the wild with you yet, so how can I die, just like that!”

Listening to him saying “having sex in the wild”, Miao Ying’s body shook, as though Zhao Yu had made her laugh. But just when Miao Ying raised her head, her face was covered with tears instead. She pulled at Zhao Yu’s arms and said, “Zhao Yu, this will be the only time. Next time, if you were to block another bullet for me, I will kill you!”

Then, Miao Ying realised that she was full of contradictions, and she suddenly blushed. Zhao Yu looked at Miao Ying’s blushed cheeks and his male hormones were raging. Just when he wanted to give Miao Ying a kiss, the system in his mind suddenly alerted,

“The miracle adventure has been completed. The completion rate is one hundred and seventy five percent. Congratulations, you have been awarded ten invisible devices, please accept!”