Crazy Detective Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Disciplinary Monitoring Group

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Ever since the occurrence of the General Ridge incident, the police force needed to deal with the aftermath of the incident. Among which were mainly a few aspects:

Firstly, and the most important and urgent one, was to arrest the Taoist priest, Yuan Shucai and Li Xiusheng’s remaining gang members, and to root out their criminal organisation completely.

Knowing that Fu Jianxing and the other police detectives were killed in an explosion caused by Yuan Shucai, the police detectives in charge of the case bottled up their anger, working through day and night to quickly arrest all his remaining gang members for trial. They even hunted down those that had fled overseas.

Among those rounded up, were the few that were involved in Huang Jing’s and Gege’s murders. They were all Yuan Shucai’s brothers, from the same clan.

Besides this, in the process of arrest, the police detectives found a few underground storehouses that belonged to the Taoist priest, and were able to seize countless amounts of relics. It could be said that they had a bumper harvest.

Li Xiusheng’s power was inferior to the Taoist priest, and his organisation was mainly based in Qinshan, so it was smooth and easy for the police force to wipe out these people. Within a short time of just two days, they managed to arrest most of the suspects and were only tasked with the final stage of interrogation.

After solving the most important task, the police had another focus, which was in regards to investigation of the incident. Firstly, they had to return the crime scene to its original situation and clarify the entire progress. Secondly, they had to investigate the other cases that were linked altogether, such as the Female Corpse in Ancient Costume Case, the Tomb Murder Case, and so on. The workload was extremely heavy.

Thirdly, was the task related to mass media, which involved many new happenings, including the discovery of the legendary Golden Buddha treasure! The combination of all the news into one, could be seen as a major occasion. Hence, it definitely drew great attention from the public media.

As the police authority, how they made announcements about the incident, before details went public, was naturally an important task!

Lastly, it was naturally referring to the handling of matters relating to the deceased. In the incident, besides the five police detectives from the Key Case Investigation Unit that died in the line of duty, there were a large amount of deceased. The underlings of the Taoist priest, Li Xiusheng’s comrades, and the two gangs of people, were almost all completely wiped out, and died in extremely tragic circumstances.

Regardless of it being relating to policemen or criminals, the police authority had to deal with all these matters with extreme care, and not give anybody the upper hand. For the above-mentioned tasks, the workload and the pressure placed upon the police authority could be well-imagined. No matter which municipal bureau or branch, everyone was bustling with work.

At the beginning, although they were a little knocked up, the main focus of the police authority was clear. However, later on, when the case was investigated in-depth, there was a new situation that came up.

Not knowing what kind of reason is what a result of, there was a Disciplinary Monitoring Group that popped out from the municipal bureau. The group was also charged with a special task: they were not investigating criminals, but policemen instead.

More accurately, they were directed to focus on one person: the captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit in Rongyang Branch, Miao Ying! In a short span of a few days, the group had spoken to Miao Ying a couple of times. There was even one time that they talked to Zhao Yu.

From the way they talked, Zhao Yu realised that, from the verbal confessions of the few survivors, which were Li Xiusheng’s underlings, they had heard things that put Miao Ying at a disadvantage. Hence, the attraction of the investigation conducted by the group. Plus, Zhao Yu heard them mention phrases like “excessive law enforcement” and “excessive use of weapons” many times.

These happenings recalled to Zhao Yu the time during the gun war in the cave back then, when he was shot by Li Xiusheng’s antiar, causing him to be knocked out for a period of time. He was lucky that he had an all-purpose Antidote and an Invisible Heart Pacemaker to save his own life.

But, he could remember clearly that, before he fainted, most of the enemies were still alive. But when he woke up, these people were all dead!

No doubt, Miao Ying took care of all these people! But.. Among those people, there were most likely many of them that lost their abilities to resist, so Miao Ying shouldn’t have killed them all, right?

Zhao Yu wanted to ask for more details, but he saw that Miao Ying’s mental condition was unstable, so he didn’t ask. However, despite these suspicions, Zhao Yu didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with what Miao Ying did. Those killed were all robbers that were vicious and wicked. In such circumstances, it’s a war for survival, and at such a crucial moment, risking one’s life in order to take on the proper standard procedures…well, that just seemed not smart common sense-wise.

Then, the sudden appearance of such a Disciplinary Monitoring Group, aiming directly at Miao Ying, was obviously extremely unfavourable to Miao Ying. It was uncertain if it was the higher ups that wanted to call her to account, or the deceased families that had raised objections.

Besides all that, the group even pinpointed the fact that Miao Ying was asked to go off-duty, due to the previous fight, before she was involved in the General Ridge incident. According to their explanation, Miao Ying didn’t possess the power, at the time, to enforce the law effectively. Killing so many robbers, under such a situation, was against some of the rules of the police force.

Miao Ying’s emotions were already unstable. Although Zhao Yu had been trying to comfort her many times, her psychological health was not well. Bureau Chief Luan even hired a psychologist to help her with counselling, but Miao Ying refused.

Looking at his beloved one struggling so much, Zhao Yu was already burning with impatience. Then, with the monitoring group popping up out of nowhere to bug her, it was definitely adding fuel to the fire. How could Zhao Yu accept that?

For all of these reasons, as Zhao Yu was rushing back to the police station, he was already raging with anger. He charged into the meeting room where they were questioning Miao Ying.

Then, before he pushed the door open to enter, he heard a man asking in a high and mighty tone, “Miao Ying comrade, as a captain of police detectives, you should understand the norms of executing fieldwork missions. But, in the mountain cave, you shot seven people, which was obviously excessive usage of weaponry. Regarding this, how would you explain yourself?”

“I…” Miao Ying wanted to say something, but she didn’t.

“Even if the seven were all robbers, and you took action based on self-defence purposes,” an incisive woman cut in and added, “We still have sufficient information to certify that, before you shoot any robbers, half of them had completely lost their abilities to counterattack, and were thus unable to constitute a threat! Your actions were not simply an excessive usage of weapons, but they even contain components of personal intention!”

“No… No!” Miao Ying defended herself, but under these accusing words, she grew extremely pale.

“Among all this, there are three of the victims that were either hit in between their eyebrows or shot in the head!” The man who spoke with a high and mighty tone earlier continued, “We heard that Captain Miao was a spot-on shooter. At such a close distance, you could have totally opted to shoot the enemy’s shoulders, thighs or other areas that were not vital, which is a clear requirement in the Code of Conduct For Police Detective Officials…”

Zhao Yu, listening in anger, could take no more. He raised his legs and kicked open the door!


With this kick, even the door lock flew off, and the glass on the door shattered into pieces. Besides Miao Ying, who was sitting on a lower stool in the sitting room, the others inside were two men and a woman, who were three members of the municipal Disciplinary Monitoring Group. The company of Rongyang Branch, Peng Xin, and a section chief from the Discipline Inspection Team were also there to act as observers.

The door suddenly being kicked open by Zhao Yu frightened all these people, and they all stood up from their seats.

“Zhao…. Zhao Yu…” Miao Ying raised her head and shouted. She was still seated on the stool, her face growing unusually pale.

Looking at his beloved one, so full of grievance, made Zhao Yu’s blood boil. He suddenly shouted at the Disciplinary Monitoring Group, “You bloody pieces of dung, are you all going against justice?!”

Then, Zhao Yu picked up a glass teacup from the table and pretended to fight.

“Zhao Yu!” Peng Xin was shocked, and quickly came forward to stop him.

Zhao Yu held the cup and shouted at those people, “What is wrong with all of you? What do you motherf*kers want? Are you interrogating criminals? Who do you think you are treating us as? Oh… We were fighting against the enemy out there, risking our lives. When we return, we still have to listen to you fu*kers’ crap? You bloody motherf*ckers!”

“You! You! You…” The three members from the Disciplinary Monitoring Group were at a loss for words after Zhao Yu’s lecture. Ever since they joined the workforce, they had never come across such hot tempered police.

“You what? Damn you motherf*ckers!” Zhao Yu spat out the words, “Looking for entertainment from your own crew, right? Do you have any consciences? Listen to what kind of crap you just said. If the law didn’t restrict me, I would have beaten you to death!”

“Hey, how can you act like this? Even cursing. Are you with the police?” One of the men was angry and spat at Zhao Yu.

Then, Zhao Yu pushed away Peng Xin and threw the glass cup toward the man!!!