Crazy Detective Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Extinguish The Evil Fire Within

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The glass smashed to the ground in front of the three inspectors. There were a lot of broken glass shards everywhere, even on the inspectors’ legs!

“Ah!” The three inspectors were so afraid that they hopped around in fear and took a step back together.

“Zhao Yu, no!” Peng Xin tried his best to hold Zhao Yu back.

“Well, well!” Zhao Yu gritted his teeth and said, “You want to investigate the truth? Ok, I am one of the parties involved. Let me tell you some truth! Come… Look at this…”

Zhao Yu took off his jacket and revealed his fit physique with strong muscles.

“Look at this…” Pointing to a wound on his lower abdomen, he said, “This is a stab wound caused by a criminal with a fork.” Then, he pointed to a wound on his arm and said, “Look at this too! This was shot by the criminal’s arrow. You should be well aware of the type of fatal poison which was smeared on the arrow, right? My being able to stand in front of all of you now, is this not a miracle?”

“You… You…” The prosecutors stammered.

“What do you want from us, who have just had a close brush with death?” Zhao Yu shouted angrily. “Both Captain Miao and I were handcuffed and surrounded by more than ten enemies at that time. We were at their mercy, and our lives could be taken away by them at any point. You punks! How would you be able to fully understand how we were feeling?”

“Can you imagine what kind of situation we were in? Have you ever had the feeling of having a gun pointed at your head, wondering when he was going to blow your head off?”

“You think, and put yourself in our shoes. In the cave, I was shot by a poisoned arrow, uncertain whether I would pull through or not. It was dark in the cave, and Captain Miao was left alone fighting. Surrounding us were enemies armed with deadly weapons. Had she not killed them, how would we have been able to escape?”

Zhao Yu’s ear-piercing string of words made the three inspectors tremble with fear.

“It is easy for you to say that the enemies had lost their resistance. How could you prove this?” Zhao Yu shouted again, “Do not tell me about your unforced firing theory! The cave was so dark, and there were so many of them. If one of them had a hidden gun in his pants, do you think we could still be standing here?”

“Or… Do you want us to die at the hands of enemies? Just like Fu Jianxing? Would you feel happy if we were dead? Would the whole police force in Qinshan be happy as well? And, when that happens, you would send us some couplets and bow at our funeral?”

“We are the police, but we are human too! Do you think everyone in the police force will make a heroic sacrifice?” Zhao Yu stared fiercely and asked loudly, “Now that the two of us had a close brush with death, killed the enemy, and came back alive, we do not expect any of you to sing our praises, but surely we should not to be belittled by you?!”

“Did you not make a mistake? The guilty ones are not the criminals who kill ruthlessly, without batting an eyelid, but the two of us?!”

Zhao Yu’s impassioned speech made the three inspectors’ faces flush with shame, rendering them speechless.

Peng Xin was touched by Zhao Yu’s words and released his grip on Zhao Yu’s hand.

“Bring out any witness or evidence that you have and validate it with us! Show it to us!” Zhao Yu added, “We can even go to the court with you!”

“Cool down, officer. Listen. We were under orders to act this way…”

The male inspector tried to explain their actions, but Zhao Yu only said this to him, “Get lost!”

“You…” The three inspectors frowned. Seeing how emotional Zhao Yu was, they walked out.

As soon as the three of them walked out, Bureau chief Luan arrived.

“Oh my Zhao Yu How could you be so rude?” Bureau chief Luan said anxiously. He held back the three inspectors who were leaving and said to Zhao Yu, “These inspectors were just carrying out their official duties. You should not react like this.”

“Humph!” Zhao Yu smiled wryly. He pulled out his mobile phone and called Bureau chief Liao Jingxian in front of everyone.

As the conversation was held on speakerphone, everyone could hear Liao Jingxian’s voice: “Hello, Zhao Yu, what’s up?”

“Brother Liao!” Zhao Yu said bluntly in front of the crowd, “I will just say this once. Listen! If the team of inspectors were to come around and trouble Captain Miao Ying again, I will not hesitate to break their legs! I mean what I say!”

After speaking, Zhao Yu did not wait for Liao Jingxian’s response and hung up the phone.

“Zhao Yu You!” Bureau chief Luan was completely gobsmacked when he heard Zhao Yu’s conversation. He did not dare say more. The three inspectors were confused. They could not understand how a lower ranked officer could speak to a bureau chief in that tone.


Zhao Yu clenched his fist and flashed it right in front of the inspector’s face. He said, “Do you wish to experience what having a broken leg feels like?”

On hearing this, the three inspectors did not dare stay a moment longer and hurried away.

“Zhao Yu” Bureau chief Luan sighed and walked away too.

As soon as Bureau chief Luan left, the other officers in the room gathered around Zhao Yu. However, apart from speaking comforting words, they did not know what else to say.

However, Zhao Yu ignored everyone and walked over to Miao Ying. He placed his coat over her and walked her to the police station’s carpark.

The officers left them alone. They knew very well that would be the best choice for now.

The two of them walked to Miao Ying’s car. Zhao Yu took the car keys and sat down in the driver’s seat, with plans to drive her home.

At this very moment, Miao Ying still looked pale and low-spirited.

When the car got on the road, Zhao Yu comforted Miao Ying and said, “Do not worry, I am here with you. I will protect you. You did the right thing. If I were you, I would have killed every single one of them!”

Miao Ying remained indifferent after hearing this.

“Rest assured.” Zhao Yu added, “No matter what happens, I will be here for you. If you were to be dismissed, I will resign! And. If you were to be jailed, I will smash the glass of the police station and go to jail with you! Captain Miao, will you give me some response? My heart aches when I see you like this!”

“Stop the car!” Miao Ying unexpectedly shouted.

“What?” Zhao Yu was puzzled.

“I said, stop the car!” Miao Ying shouted hysterically. Zhao Yu hurriedly stepped on the brakes and stopped the car on the sidewalk.

“You… What is the matter?” Zhao Yu faced Miao Ying and asked.

“I thought… That you were dead!” Miao Ying shouted, as she slammed both of her hands against the dashboard of the car, making a loud bang.

“What?” Zhao Yu was still puzzled, and could not understand what she was trying to say.

“Zhao Yu…” Tears flowed as Miao Ying spoke. “After you were poisoned by the arrow, I thought… That you were dead! I felt so empty within, and did not wish to live either! It felt like I lost my mind and killed them to avenge you! But… You are not dead… You are alive!” Miao Ying said nervously. “They are right. I could have not had them killed. But, I…”

“Alright, alright, you do not need to say more!” When Zhao Yu heard these words from Miao Ying, he was choked with emotion. He embraced Miao Ying and comforted her, “I understand, I understand! Everything is going to be alright. Those people deserved to die! It was not your fault!”

“Sob…” Miao Ying buried her head in Zhao Yu’s chest and cried her heart out for several minutes.

Zhao Yu did not expect to see Miao Ying, who was strong and overbearing, have such a fragile moment. He did not make a sound, but gently patted her back to comfort her.

In fact, in accordance with Zhao Yu’s usual routine from his past life, once Miao Ying finished crying, the next stop should be the hotel! However, in order to overcome the mental block for Miao Ying, Zhao Yu thought of an almost insane idea, and took her to a place totally different from a hotel.

Zhao Yu did not bring Miao Ying there purely for her sake, but also because, within his heart, he contained an evil fire that was hard to extinguish. This place would help him to extinguish this evil fire!