Crazy Detective Chapter 431

Chapter 431 The Goddess Has Returned

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Zhao Yu brought Miao Ying to a very special place, totally beyond Miao Ying’s expectations. No one would have guessed that Zhao Yu would have driven and stopped before the entrance of a Taekwondo studio. The Taekwondo studio belonged to no other but Miao Ying’s senior, Lei Bin. It had been almost a month ago, since Zhao Yu won against Lei Bin there!

“Zhao Yu, you…. What do you mean?” Getting out of the car, Miao Ying was confused.

“Come on!” Zhao Yu pulled Miao Ying by her arm and dragged her towards the Taekwondo studio. At the same time, he spoke, “Whenever I felt uneasy when I was young, I would look for a fight! Whether I would be beaten up, or I’d beat other people up, after fighting, I would feel better!”

“It can’t be, right? You crazy freak!” Miao Ying opened her eyes wide. “You can’t be thinking to look for Lei Bin to have a duel, right? You really can’t tell from the previous time? The last time you won against Lei Bin, you underestimated his enemy, and you were lucky, so you really want to try again? Do you want to die?”

“Not me, you!” Zhao Yu smiled, “Didn’t you say that your senior was always a shadow behind your head? Win against him! Win against the shadow!”

“You…” Miao Ying was getting nervous, “Do you have something wrong in your head? The shadow behind my head, how does it relate to the current matter? Zhao Yu… Hey…”

Although Miao Ying resisted, she couldn’t fight against Zhao Yu’s strength. She was dragged along into the Taekwondo studio.

Inside, they were having a Taekwondo lesson, so many of the disciples were bustling around, training with great enthusiasm. When Zhao Yu dragged Miao Ying into the studio, there were people that recognised the two of them. They stopped training and surrounded them both.

Zhao Yu let Miao Ying stand outside the siege, while he walked straight to the middle of the area. Then, he shouted arrogantly,

“Hey! All of you, listen to me. Quickly call over your garbage head, Lei Bin. I want to crush your studio!”

The heck…

Zhao Yu shouted, and the Taekwond disciples were all in shock. No one had ever seen such an arrogant and aggressive person. From what they saw, Zhao Yu was almost a psychopath!

“Lei Bin! Hurry up, your grandpa and grandma are here to visit you!” Zhao Yu shouted, but besides the Taekwondo disciples that were surrounding him, Lei Bin was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey! You jerk!” Then, one of the Taekwondo disciples that was wearing black frame spectacles shouted at Zhao Yu, “You have guts. How dare you mess around in our studio! Are you bored of life?”

“Senior, senior,” someone reminded the guy that, “This was the person that hurt Master, the one that got master stuck in the hospital, still!”

“What?!” Zhao Yu was shocked, “It was almost a month ago, and he hasn’t been discharged yet? How come? Has he been beaten into becoming a disabled person?”

“Ah! Bastard!” The guy with black frame spectacles quivered in anger and spat, “You bastard! Alright! I haven’t sought revenge from you yet, and still you came to the studio yourself! Son, I now have to take revenge for master today! Come here and take this!”

“Tsk tsk…” Zhao Yu didn’t bother with him, but turned around to wave at Miao Ying, “Captain Miao, Lei Bin is not here. Why don’t we come again in two days time? If you can’t wait anymore, we can go to the hospital to beat him up…”

“How could I?!” Miao Ying shook her head and said, “We have to have manners, right? I have to have a duel with him, fair and square, then I can defeat him in glory! If not…”

“Then… Should we write a letter of challenge? My handwriting is not that good, why not send a digital version…”

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying sung the same tune and ignored the black frame spectacles guy and many of the Taekwondo disciples by the side. That scene had triggered a bunch of people. All of them were burning with anger, and they even blocked Zhao Yu’s way.

The black frame spectacles guy even held Zhao Yu’s shoulders and roared, “Son, do you dare to have a duel with me? If you don’t, climb below my crotch…”

Before the black frame wearing spectacles guy finished his sentence, Zhao Yu turned around and landed a punch on his face. His glasses shattered into pieces and he tried to limp away. Zhao Yu seized the chance to press on his hand and leap over him.

“Aiya, spare the etiquette. It’s needless to be so polite!” Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed, “A kowtow would be sufficient, why do you have to go below my crotch? I didn’t bring any red packet!”



“Kill him, ah….”

Zhao Yu raised his fist, so how could all the Taekwondo disciples hold back? Everyone of them was clamouring, while leaping towards Zhao Yu, and they fought him into a corner!

There were at least twenty of them, bu Zhao Yu came aiming at Lei Bin, and he didn’t care about them. Still, he rolled up his sleeves and fought with them.

Zhao Yu knew that they were all trained. Dealing with all of them swarming forward, he couldn’t dodge all the punches and kicks. So, as he couldn’t dodge all, he might as well not dodge, but fight directly instead!

Zhao Yu landed a punch on someone’s face, broke the person’s nose, and left his face covered in blood. Turning around, he landed a kick on someone’s crotch, nearly turning the person into a court eunuch.

However, when Zhao Yu was fighting, he took a lot of punches and kicks on his own face and body. But Zhao Yu didn’t seem to feel them, and kept swinging his arms and throwing continuous messy punches. Then, he knocked down another two persons.

Then, Zhao Yu knocked forward, like a bull, and broke through the siege. After that, he pulled onto someone’s thigh and arm, and carried out his lost skill of throwing people. He swung the person and threw him onto the crowd of Taekwondo disciples. They were suddenly knocked down.

But, even a hero is unable to resist that amount of people. Just when Zhao Yu grabbed the second person and wanted to throw them, he landed multiple kicks on their back and fell forward.


Just as Zhao Yu landed, he heard a ferocious roar from behind. The two persons that were going to beat Zhao Yu up suddenly flew out, like they were tied up with wire.

Everyone turned around and looked, shocked to see that Miao Ying’s right leg hung in the air firmly. Only an expert in Taekwondo could pull of such a leg lift position.

Plus, she had raised her long legs at such a height, yet stood stable and firm like a nail. Any commoner would not be able to pull that off.

“Phew..” Zhao Yu got up from the ground. He felt at ease that Miao Ying was finally taking action, “That’s great, the Goddess has returned!”

“Everyone, attack! We definitely can’t let the two of them return with them still standing on their feet, so go!” The Taekwondo disciples were naturally unwilling to just give up, so immediately separated into two groups and fought against Zhao Yu and Miao Ying.

The ones who attacked Zhao Yu were better in skill, but those who attacked Miao Ying, some didn’t even last for two minutes before they were kicked and flew off! Miao Ying demonstrated and gave full display of her abilities. She shuttled through the Taekwondo disciples, suddenly spin kicking and flipping someone from her back. During the fight, there were people groaning in pain, as well as noises of broken and dislocated joints…

Unlike those fighting against Zhao Yu, throughout the entire battle, almost no one manage to touch Miao Ying. Miao Ying was quick in her responses, and swift in action. Even though there were many of them that attacked simultaneously, she could fight more than equal against them, like quicksilver spilling over the ground.

Within a short time span, with a difficult slam kick, Miao Ying struck the last Taekwondo disciples to the ground. After landing on the ground herself, Miao Ying kneed the person’s back, which led to the person wailing in pain, while hammering the ground with his hand.

Now, Miao Ying was done with her battle, while Zhao Yu was far from done. Although Zhao Yu had learned some martial tricks of advancing in fight, he was desperately hard-up in their application, and seemed unfamiliar. Sometimes, he was restricted, as his action was illogical and he would get head collared by the Taekwondo disciples. He even got punched on his face, leaving his nose bleeding.

Motherf*cker. Zhao Yu panicked and resumed his method of fighting in the market, risking his life. When the enemy gave him three punches, he would return with six. He beat one up to misery, then would deal with the next one. At the same time, he ignored the others’ punches and kicks completely.

In the end, Miao Ying couldn’t bear watching, and came over to send the rest of the few remaining away with her kicks! Until Zhao Yu stood up from the ground again, the twenty disciples of Lei Bin were all lying on the cushion, not one of them able stand up anymore.

The working staff of the Taekwondo studio were all dumbstruck. The way they looked at Zhao Yu and Miao Ying was as though they were looking at a pair of devils….