Crazy Detective Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Three Minutes

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After returning to the car, Zhao Yu took out a tissue to wipe the blood from his nose.

Miao Ying taunted Zhao Yu, “I told you to practice regularly. You would not listen to me. Look at what you just did to handle them? You either threw them off or thrust at them. If you had encountered a martial arts expert, you would be done for!”

“Go, go” Zhao Yu replied with a nonchalant attitude. “Are you not able to tell at all? I was helping you with your psychological counseling, to ease your mental block. If I were to take them all down, how would you get any chance to strike at all?”

“You are so stubborn!” Miao Ying pouted. “Try recalling what I taught you. When that man strangled your neck, you could have done a forward bend to get him imbalanced, or you could have fallen on your back and put the impact of your entire body weight on him. But you helplessly stood there and wait for him to punch you in the face. How shameful and humiliating! Do not ever tell anyone that I am your mentor.”

“Come on, Miss!” Zhao Yu insisted stubbornly. “Did you not see that, when I was being strangled, I was admiring the sight of you in a fight? That was to observe the therapeutic effect of your psychological counseling. How do I concentrate on fighting, while observing you? Talking about that, it was quite disappointing not to get a chance to fight a duel with Lei Bin. How about visiting the place again another day?”

“You are trying to sidetrack the issue and change the topic!” Miao Ying stuck out her tongue at Zhao Yu with a disdainful expression. “It was obvious that you were not skillful enough and thus, let them beat you to this state. And you are still making excuses for yourself. How shameless is that?! ”

“Hey! What you just said is making me angry!” Zhao Yu straightened up and said, “You are taking a sleeping tiger for a Doraemon!Since you spoke your mind, I will let you choose a venue for us to fight a duel between the mentor and the disciple! I want to show you how skillful I am! At that time, don’t blame me for being ruthless! ”

“Why not? If you wish to take another round of beatings, I am game for it! Let’s go!” Miao Ying also straightened up and clenched her fists.

“Good! You better not regret it…” Zhao Yu threw away the blood-stained tissue and drove off immediately.

Forty minutes later, they were in the VIP suite at the Brilliant hotel. Struggling from under the soft velvet quilt, Miao Ying scolded, “Zhao Yu, you are a scumbag! Did you not say that you wish to fight a duel with me? Why did you drive me to a hotel? And then you push me right on the bed once we stepped in You…”

Zhao Yu was on top of Miao Ying and was rubbing himself against her body. He even attempted to take her clothes off. However, Miao Ying was physically strong, and did not allow Zhao Yu to take advantage of her.

“This place is big enough, right?” Zhao Yu chuckled. “Moreover, we can fight the duel not only on the floor, but also on the bed! Come on, Captain Miao, I am going to make my move. Pay attention!”

With that, Zhao Yu plunged into the quilt and hugged Miao Ying tightly.

“Giggles…” Miao Ying was tickled by Zhao Yu, laughing and scolding at the same time, playfully beating Zhao Yu’s head, “You scumbag, let go, let go! How could you bring me here, scumbag…”

“Hehehe…” Zhao Yu Yin grinned. “Captain Miao, do not make me sound so bad. You knew that I was heading to the hotel and yet, you still followed me. Hehehe… I cannot differentiate who is the scumbag between the two of us… ”

Then Zhao Yu rubbed his two hands together at the thought of starting the duel. At this very moment, Zhao Yu could feel the warmth of Miao Ying’s body next to him. He could not help but stick out his tongue and attempt to lick Miao Ying on her face.

To stop Zhao Yu, Miao Ying twisted his elbow and pressed down on his wrist. She managed to strangle Zhao Yu on his neck. After a while, she was on top of him instead.

“Sob…” Zhao Yu’s mouth was covered by Miao Ying, and he could only sob.

“Zhao Yu! Do not say that I did not give you a chance!” Miao Ying laughed and looked at her watch. “Can you see the time on the clock? In three minutes, I will do everything I can to get you out of the bed. Once you land on the floor, you will not get a second chance. And three minutes later, if you are still on the bed… I will be at your mercy!”

“Sob… Sob… ” Zhao Yu kept shaking his head, as if he had something to say.

When Miao Ying saw that, she relaxed her arms and listened to him.

Unexpectedly, when Miao Ying relaxed her arms, Zhao Yu got away and snuck below her crotch. Then, he raised Miao Ying up on his back.

Miao Ying lost her balance and fell to her side. Zhao Yu hurriedly thrust at her, attempting to hold her down. He did not notice earlier that Miao Ying had already swiftly pulled her knees back, getting ready to retaliate.

As a result, when Zhao Yu landed on Miao Ying, Miao Ying kicked hard and knocked Zhao Yu over. Zhao Yu fell quite a distance backward, so far that he almost fell out of bed. He quickly turned around to regain his balance. However, Miao Ying’s speed was faster than him. Once he was facing her, she kicked him on his hips.

Zhao Yu fell and slid across the mattress. He almost fell out of bed. Fortunately, this big bed had four bedposts. He clung onto a bedpost and turned a full circle, and then returned to the bed from the other side.

However, before Zhao Yu could even gasp for air, Miao Ying was ready to give him another kick that would make him land on the floor.


In desperation, Zhao Yu broke out into a barking dog’s howl. Although Miao Ying managed to kick Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu’s arms were wrapped tightly around Miao Ying’s thighs. No matter how hard she tried to shake him off, he refused to let go.

Miao Ying had no choice but to lift up another leg and split it across the air. With an unimaginable and incredible stunt, she managed to put her foot on Zhao Yu’s shoulder.


Miao Ying first rolled a few rounds with Zhao Yu, locked together. When they rolled to the edge of the bed, Miao Ying repeatedly stepped on Zhao Yu, attempting to kick him down the bed.

However, Zhao Yu was very determined not to let go. No matter how hard Miao Ying tried to kick him down the bed, somehow he managed to get back up. With strong determination, Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying’s thigh tightly, without letting go. He took the chance to rub his face on her thighs that were as white as snow.

Miao Ying repeatedly stepped on Zhao Yu several times, but to no avail. Thus, she raised her thigh higher and kicked his head instead.

“Wowoo…” Miao Ying screamed as she kicked him.

“Woof woof…” Zhao Yu resisted stubbornly and held on to her thighs. They were in a deadlock, as both of them refused to give in.

In the blink of an eye, three minutes were almost up. Eager and anxious to win, Miao Ying began to kick Zhao Yu’s shoulders and head.



Each time Zhao Yu got kicked, he would fall nearer to the edge of the bed. However, the determined Zhao Yu climbed back up after every fall. Gradually, Miao Ying increased the intensity of her kicks. Each kick would make Zhao Yu fall even further. Soon, he could only cling onto the lower part of her leg, while a portion of his body was already out of bed.

Miao Ying’s kicks were fierce and ruthless. Although she did not use her full strength, it left Zhao Yu dizzy and in pain. Enduring the pain, Zhao Yu did not give up. By this time, he could only hold on to Miao Ying’s ankle.

Nearing three minutes, most parts of Zhao Yu’s body were already out of bed. Should Miao Ying give him another kick, he would surely fall out of bed.

Looking at Zhao Yu’s tightly clenched teeth and enduring attitude, Miao Ying could not bear to give him this last kick. Instead, she lay down on her back and pulled Zhao Yu back up to bed.

“Ouch… Ouch” Zhao Yu held on to his dizzy head and said, “Captain Miao, I tell you honestly, I still have a lot of great stunts that I have yet to display! If I had used a little more force, I can guarantee that Oh… Well… Oh…”

Suddenly, before Zhao Yu could finish his sentence, Miao Ying cupped his face and kissed him passionately.

“Woo…” Although Zhao Yu felt as if he was being forced upon with a kiss, he could not wait but to caress Miao Ying’s warm and slender body.