Crazy Detective Chapter 437

Chapter 437 The Cow Killer In Arrears With Intelligence

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Zhao Yu said, and the crowd was bubbling over with excitement again.

From what they could hear, what Zhao Yu said was unbelievable. Even Miao Ying found it inconceivable, let alone the people at the scene.

“Real… Really?” Listening to such a statement, Doggy Li felt even more guilty, causing him to dodge all other eye contact, except to stare at his wife.

“That’s great!” Zhao Yu’s father was delighted and quickly urged, “Son, hurry up, find the weapon, and see who killed his cow.”

“Yeah, yeah…” The audiences were looking forward, and the people surrounding the fence started urging too.

Then, Zhao Yu tiptoed forward and snapped his fingers at Miao Ying, who was outside, as he said, “Daheng!”

Miao Ying suddenly understood, and opened the Landrover’s back seat door. Daheng immediately got down from inside.

“Woof woof…” Daheng barked and, when he heard Zhao Yu’s call, he immediately ran through the crowd and came next to Zhao Yu.

“Hehehe…” Zhao Yu pointed to Daheng as he spoke to everyone else, “Let me introduce to all of you, a high class police dog from our police station, Daheng. He is very amazing, and he once got a gold medal in an international competition of super tracking dogs! Hehehehe…”

Looking at a dog that suddenly came from out of nowhere, the Doggy Li couple looked even more strange, a sign of their obviously feeling guilty. Zhao Yu ignored everyone’s surprised gazes and patted Daheng’s head lightly. He then pointed at the vital wound on the cow’s dead body, and said, “Come on, Daheng, smell this, and find the weapon that killed this brother cow. Good boy!”

Looking at Zhao Yu speaking to the dog, every onlooker was dumbfounded. Then, even Miao Ying was extremely curious as to what Zhao Yu was trying to do! Miao Ying knew that the dog was a little crazy, just like Zhao Yu. It was impossible for him to find the weapon!

“Woof woof…” Daheng didn’t even smell it, but ran in circles around Zhao Yu. Then, Zhao Yu waved, and Daheng turned around and ran out of the housing area.

“Look guys,” Zhao Yu spoke, while he ran behind Daheng and reminded everyone that, “It’s time to witness a miracle!”

Everyone was curious, so they obediently tailed behind Zhao Yu. In the end, something that shocked everyone was going to happen. Daheng dashed straight toward Doggy Li’s house. When he arrived before Doggy Li’s house, he immediately barked, while running in circles around Zhao Yu.

“Hahaha!” Zhao Yu pointed at Doggy Li and said, “Did you see that? The truth is right before our eyes, what else do you have to say? The weapon used for killing the cow is hidden in your house. All of you killed the cow yourselves, and you want to frame my family! Wahaha…”


Everyone was shocked again.

But, the Doggy Li couple and their relatives were all dumbstruck, especially Doggy Li himself. He quickly raised his hands and beckoned, “No… No no no… Impossible! This is impossible!”

“Yeah!” Doggy Li’s wife creased her eyebrows, then said, “It is really impossible!”

“Doggy Li!!!”

Zhao Yu suddenly shouted before Doggy Li, ear deafeningly loud. This frightened Doggy Li, and he quivered.

“Humph! The truth is right before our eyes, and you still do not admit it? You shameless failure, how dare you bully my father?! Alright, then, let me show you the last bit of evidence. So, you will have nothing to say!”

Then, Zhao Yu suddenly unlocked his phone and turned on the function for counterfeit money detector, so the handphone was giving out an eerie blue light.

“Doggy Li!” Zhao Yu held his phone and threatened him, “Did you see how the cow died? It is agreed that the one who slaughtered the cow was an expert, as we know that the cow’s legs were not tied up with rope, and that it was middle of the night. But we also know that the blood would have had to splash out vertically, so it is impossible that the cow slaughterer could have avoided getting blood stains on his body and his shoes!”

“Now, my handphone has the most advanced blood stain detector function. Even if you washed your shoes clean, with one shine, the blood stain would reveal itself, so…”

As he spoke, Zhao Yu landed a kick on Doggy Li’s stomach, sending him suddenly down to one knee. Zhao Yu then shone the blue light on his shoes.

Doggy Li’s shoes suddenly revealed a big spatter that looked like a blood stain!



Then, the crowd was noisy again. The villagers were throwing disdainful looks at Doggy Li, as all pointed at him to rebuke him.

“No… No no no… It’s impossible!” Looking at the blood stain on his shoes, Doggy Li was suddenly at a loss, completely stunned!

“Humph, isn’t it blood?” Zhao Yu continued to pressure him, “Such framing measures are quite low standard. You obviously killed the cow yourself!”

“Yeah!” Old Zhao finally stood with his head held high. He pointed at Doggy Li and scolded, “You rubbish carry no morality, you are really ridiculous!”

“Exactly, how can you do that…” The villagers, too, gestured as they spoke.

“No… No no no… It is definitely impossible!” Looking at everyone reprimanding, Doggy Li shouted emotionally, “All of you please don’t bullshit, okay? I… I I I… I already changed my pair of shoes, how could there be blood stain? And, the weapon is not in my house, after I killed the cow, I already… Already…”

Doggy Li accidentally slipped the confession out in his eagerness to claim innocence, after which, he immediately stopped, stuttering out an “ohhhh”.

His wife’s intelligence was not functioning well, either, as that silly woman took the cue and continued for Doggy Li, “Exactly, Doggy Li had been slaughtering cows for so many years, so how could he splash the cow blood on his shoes! So, it is definitely not cow blood on his shoes! Doggy Li, am I right? Eh? Say something!”


Then, the villagers, besides being shocked, were beginning to be entertained by the low intelligence level of the couple. Many of them roared with laughter.

“Oh…” Then, Doggy Li’s wife suddenly understood, and looked at Zhao Yu, demanding, “Languid Zhao, you… You schemed against us?”

Zhao Yu gave her a mischievous smile, followed by the middle finger.

“Woof… Woof woof woof…” Then, Daheng was still running around Zhao Yu excitedly! As it turns out, Zhao Yu saw that there was a toilet built right outside Doggy Li’s house, so he seized the chance to release the expert of feces detector, Daheng!

Zhao Yu concluded that, whatever he told Daheng to look for, he would definitely find the toilet!

The outcome was just as expected. With one look, Daheng looked like he was beckoning to Doggy Li’s house, but in actual fact, he was only interested in the toilet! Besides, Zhao Yu noticed that, since the beginning, there was a patch of oil stain on Doggy’s Li’s shoes. So, he figured out the trick of the fake cow blood stain with his handphone. Actually, he only activated the function of counterfeit money detector.

Who knew, after bluffing, the Doggy Li couple would take the bait and announce the truth, one after another, on their own?!

“Oh! I understand now!” Then, Zhao Yu’s mother came before them and scolded Doggy Li, “I know why you hold grudges against our family now! Last year, you asked someone to offer to buy our house and land, but we didn’t sell. So, you’ve held grudges since then, and wanted to chase us away! The pigeon shed was built all the way to our house, and you even slaughtered a cow that was dying in our housing area to frame us! Tell me, what do you call these things that you have done? Are you human?”

“I…” Doggy Li couple stood ashamed, as curses from the crowd rained down upon them from all around.

“Mom! Don’t be angry!” Zhao Yu smiled faintly, “I couldn’t care less if they’re human or not. However, as they framed innocent people, it’s a violation of the law. So…” Zhao Yu took out his handcuffs, as though he was playing a magic trick, then walked before Doggy Li and said, “Uncle Doggy, if you have anything to say, save it for the police station later! You… are arrested!!!”