Crazy Detective Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Backers Competition

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Looking at the head of the village, Zhao Jinsheng, who was asking him to answer for a wrongdoing while he exchanged glances of silent understanding with the two local policemen, Zhao Yu understood that the person who lodged a police report must be that person!


Zhao Yu sighed in his heart. He already had a mutual agreement with Doggy Li and the rest. So, regardless of who was the one who lodged the police report, that signified that Doggy Li and his troop did not keep their words, and thus, violated the unspoken rules.

When dealing with people who violate the rules, Zhao Yu had his own way for taking revenge. Of course, to take revenge with Doggy Li, he must first resolve the obstacle before him now.

“As you hit people, you have to follow us for a trip!” Then, one of the local policeman took out a pair of handcuffs.

“Don’t! Village chief,” Old Zhao was shocked when he saw the handcuffs. He quickly pleaded with Zhao Jinsheng, “We can discuss this. There’s no need to go to the police station for such a small matter, right?”

“Humph! In your dreams!” Zhao Jinsheng clamored, “What do you do when you hit people? This is considered an assault, you will be going to trial. Do you know that?”


Along with the noise of a clanking chain, Zhao Yu took out his own handcuffs, too, and then showed his police identity card. He told the two local policemen, “Brothers, my fellow men!”

The two local policemen didn’t know Zhao Yu was a policeman, too. They took over the identity card and, as they realized that Zhao Yu was a team leader of police detectives, their faces grew awkward.

“Aiya?” One of them quickly returned the identity card to Zhao Yu and said in surprise, “I thought your name was familiar. You are the police detective that solved the Mianling Case, right? And… also the General Ridge Golden Buddha Case that happened recently. Aiyo, my god, it’s really you!”

“Huh?” The other local policeman was shocked, too. He quickly saluted Zhao Yu nervously. “Really… I’ve heard so much about you, I look up to your great name!”

Then, the three of them were shaking hands with each other with appreciation.

“I said, how could one fight against eleven?!” the local policeman said. “Turns out, it’s Zhao Yu, the detective from Rongyang branch, and you definitely live up to your reputation!”

“Yeah, I heard a dozen armed robbers couldn’t do anything to you, too. Fighting with only eleven people would be easy as ‘ABC’ for you, right? Hehehe…”

“You…. You… All of you…” Looking at the three policemen chatting among themselves, Zhao Jinsheng was angry, and quickly complained, “Hey, can we get down to business? Even though he is a policeman… He still beat people up! He has to be arrested!”

Although he was loud, Zhao Jinsheng was obviously not confident. He knew that Zhao Yu was a policeman, but he didn’t expect Zhao Yu to be such an amazing policeman.

“Mm…” One of the local policemen creased his eyebrows, turned around, and talked to Zhao Jinsheng, “Village chief Zhao, I think…. This… There must be some kind of misunderstanding. Why don’t you… solve it personally?!”

“How can it be?” Zhao Jinsheng suddenly panicked, pointing at Zhao Yu as he spoke, “He beat people up, how can it be a misunderstanding? You, as enforcement authority, you can’t just bend the law for the benefit of friends, right? Let me tell you, you should be clear with the relationship between me and your police inspector. If you do not arrest him today, I’ll see how you explain yourself to him?!”

“This..” the two policemen were suddenly in a difficult position.

“Hehehe…” Zhao Yu laughed, pointed at Zhao Jinsheng, and nodded at the two policemen. He said, “Alright… Alright… You want some explanation? Hold on!”

Then, Zhao Yu took out his phone to make a call in the inner room. What Zhao Yu meant to do was to give a ring to Bureau Chief Liao Jingxian and ask for a favor.

Although he always argued with Liao, he was a sensible man, especially when Zhao Yu had rendered such great service in the Quping’s case. Regardless of it being a personal or public offer, Liao would surely offer to help him.

But, just when Zhao Yu unlocked the phone, Miao Ying suddenly walked into the inner room. When she saw Zhao Yu’s actions, she straightaway covered up Zhao Yu’s phone.


What do you mean?

Zhao Yu raised his head and looked at Miao Ying, while Miao Ying smiled faintly and shook her head at him.


Zhao Yu suddenly understood. It turns out that Miao Ying had called for her backer already.

“Aiya!” Zhao Yu pretended to scold her gently, “My dear, you are at fault this time! How could you belittle your husband? If I can’t solve such small issues, how could I continue to work? You, we haven’t even gotten our certificate, so how could I cause any trouble for my mother-in-law?”

“Pfft…” Miao Ying pouted and complained, “Such a small matter, does it even need to trouble my mother?”

Then, Miao Ying was stunned, and thought to herself, That’s not right? I have always kept my secrets to myself. How would Zhao Yu know my backer is my mother?

Although she was suspicious, at that very moment, Miao Ying couldn’t think, so she followed Zhao Yu to stand outside the room. When the two policemen saw Miao Ying, their eyes opened wide. They were impressed by Miao Ying’s beauty, and also, they recalled that there was a female captain that fought by Zhao Yu’s side in the General Ridge Golden Buddha case.

“This… Are you that female captain?” One of the local policemen couldn’t help but aske.

“Hi, I am Miao Ying!” Miao Ying nodded and saluted.

“Hi Captain Miao!” The two local policemen quickly stood straight to reply to the salute.


Zhao Jinsheng started having cold sweats. He didn’t expect that, within such a short time, there would suddenly be another female police present.

Then, at that moment, one of the local policemen’s walkie talkie alerts blared out. It was an extremely panicky voice, saying, “Xiao Liu, Xiao Liu, where are you? Hurry up and reply!”

“Aiyo, Police Inspector!” The local policeman named Xiao Liu quickly took up his walkie talkie and replied, “We are at Luping town hollow land, taking care of something! The one that Village Chief Zhao reported! But… Police Inspector, the other party is…”

“Don’t move! Don’t move! Don’t move at all!” the police inspector shouted from the other side. “I will be there immediately. I am telling you, don’t do anything else. Be more polite, understand? Wait for me!”

“Yes!” Xiao Liu cut off the walkie talkie.

At first, Zhao Jinsheng thought he was on good terms with their police inspector. During the conversation, he had been wanting to speak to the police inspector. But, the local policeman Xiao Liu didn’t pass him the walkie talkie.

Until then, Zhao Jinsheng still hadn’t bothered with Zhao Yu. He was still talking tough.

“Humph, look! He was worried that his underlinings can’t deal with it, and he is coming in person to arrest you! I’ll see what you can do? Today, if I didn’t bring you to the station, my surname will not be Zhao!”

As they spoke, there was suddenly a motor rumbling noise from outside the backyard. That police inspector rode a trishaw over. The vehicle was also called a rickshaw, and it was hardly seen nowadays. After the motorcycle was parked, a middle aged man in a police uniform quickly came into the backyard.

“Aiya, Police Inspector Wang, hi!” When Zhao Jinsheng saw that the police inspector came to visit in person, he quickly greeted and extended his hands with enthusiasm.

But, Police Inspector Wang couldn’t be bothered by his existence. He walked past him and quickly came to the middle of the backyard to ask, “Who… Who is police detective Zhao Yu?”

“Here!” the local policeman, Xiao Liu, quickly pointed at Zhao Yu.

“Aiya, I’m lucky to meet you!” Police Inspector Wang held Zhao Yu’s hands passionately. “Like the saying goes, heroes from youngsters! Who knew that the courageous police detectives that solved the Mianling case are from our Luping Town! It’s my pleasure, it’s my pleasure!”

When he spoke, Wang Police Inspector was not only enthusiastic, he was even behaving as though he was talking to some truly big leaders. Then, the village chief, Zhao Jinsheng, was dumbfounded. His face had grown into an awkward purple shade. He had never expected that even their police inspector would be so polite to Zhao Yu!

It’s impossible!

They were all living in the same village. Zhao Jinsheng saw Zhao Yu grow up, since he was very young. He didn’t think the Zhao family had any backers, especially any that had such amazing backgrounds.

This… What is going on exactly?