Crazy Detective Chapter 442

Chapter 442 A Genuine Rogue

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Director Wang warmly greeted Zhao Yu and left with the two police officers. He did not utter a single word regarding the case on beating others up.

Witnessing this, Zhao Jinsheng, the village head, became confused. He hurried out with his men, as he wanted to clear his doubts with Director Wang.

Only when Director Wang walked far away from Zhao Yu’s house, did he turn around and reproach Zhao Jinsheng, “Old Zhao, do you know that you got me into big trouble today? And. Do you also know that, if we had arrested the Yu guy just now, I might not be able to keep my job?”

“What? How can that be? Isn’t he a lowly ranked policeman?” Zhao Jinsheng frowned.

“You know nothing!” shouted Director Wang. “Do you know how close we were to getting into trouble? Fortunately, I came in time! Otherwise, things would be unimaginable! Humph! To tell you the truth, the reason why I hurried over was because Bureau Chief Liu of the county bureau gave me a call and told me not to make things difficult for Zhao Yu, or else I would have to bare all the consequences.”

“What?! You mean Bureau Chief Liu of the county bureau?” Zhao Jinsheng felt that this sounded ludicrous.

“Yes! If I did not hurry over, Bureau Chief Liu would have made a trip here personally. Besides, do you know where Bureau Chief Liu got his instructions? Director Wang puffed out his cheeks and said, “He was instructed by the Head Bureau Chief from the Qinshan city council police station!”

“What? City council?”

“Old Zhao, listen to me, in the future… Do not offend this Yu guy!” Director Wang shook his head and sighed. “We cannot afford to mess with him. Before I came, I looked up some information about him. According to reliable sources, someone saw a city council police officer personally fill Zhao Yu’s glass with wine in a restaurant. There were also other sources stating that a few leaders from the provincial offices are buddies with this Yu guy. How can we afford to offend this kind of person?”


Hearing this, Zhao Jinsheng was so shocked that he almost collapsed to the ground. He could not figure out how Zhao Yu could possess such powerful backing.

“Is he… Is he really that powerful?” Zhao Jinsheng asked with a suspicious look. “This young man He just became a policeman this year How can he…”

“Hey, do you understand me?” Director Wang was getting impatient now. “Never judge people by their appearance! These are the facts. If you think that I am of no help to you, you can try getting help from Bureau Chief Liu. Try to see if he wants to help you!”

“No, I don’t mean that…” Zhao Jinsheng said with a depressed look. “But What about my nephew?”

“Cough! Are you in your right mind? Blame your poor relatives for being unlucky to be beaten up!” Director Wang added, “Let me warn you, that Yu guy killed dozens of gunmen easily. Your poor relatives were only beaten up. If you were to go back and get even, you will have to bear the consequences!”

At this point in time, Director Wang waved his hands at the two police officers, indicating that it was time for their departure. They rode on their own motorcycles and left, leaving behind the hopelessly dumbfounded Zhao Jinsheng and his men.

At the same time, Zhao Yu’s home was restored to its previous bustling atmosphere. The women gathered to prepare a large pot of dumplings, and served Zhao Yu’s uncle.

While walking back to his house, Zhao Yu pretended to be serious, saying to Miao Ying, “My dear, let this be the first and last time that you take the lead to ask for help. I am a man, so how could I let my wife take the initiative to ask someone else for help? Do you know how embarrassed I feel?”

Seeing Zhao Yu’s assertive look, Miao Ying could not help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhao Yu pushed his luck by putting on a stern face. He said, “I am serious! If I cannot solve such a small problem, how can I call myself your husband?”

“Alright alright I will follow what you have said. Are you satisfied now, you stinky rogue?” Miao Ying promised Zhao Yu. In her eyes, though Zhao Yu was a rogue, it moved her when she saw him shoulder responsibilities.

“Good! Next time, you must listen to your man. Don’t act on your own,” Zhao Yu said in a satisfied tone. Seeing no one around, he whispered to Miao Ying, “As a reward, I will treat you well tonight Hey hey hey…”

“The stinky rogue…” Miao Ying blushed

After dinner, the whole family was enjoying family time together, and the room was filled with joy and laughter.

Zhao Yu took the opportunity to hand over one million dollars to his father. He told his father to quickly find someone to build a new house, and to move out of his current shabby old house.

Zhao Yu’s parents were delighted to see their son so filial. However, seeing that Zhao Yu brought home such a big sum of money, they could not help but worry about where it came from. They were concerned whether it could be ill-gotten gains.

To put their minds at ease, Zhao Yu assured them that all the money had been earned, and was awarded to him as a bonus for cases that he had solved. After hearing that, his parents felt relieved.

However, Zhao Yu’s parents only accepted two hundred thousand dollars from him. His mother explained that building a house did not require that much money, so two hundred thousand dollars was more than enough. Moreover, they understood that Zhao Yu now lived in the city and had a girlfriend, so he would naturally want to buy a house in the city. Thus, they insisted on taking only two hundred thousand dollars from Zhao Yu.

Seeing his parents were so insistent, Zhao Yu had no choice but to accept their decision. Meanwhile, everyone was discussing the building of the new house, such as where to invite the construction team, where to buy materials, and what kind of house to build. The whole house was bustling with activities.

Although Miao Ying obviously did not blend into the conversations, she listened with great patience, out of courtesy. When Zhao Yu saw his family chatting happily, he took the chance to run out secretly, using the excuse that he needed to go to the toilet.

After leaving the courtyard, Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly looked cold and evil. As a semi-triad man, he could not tolerate the police being alarmed. Although it was highly likely that the village head, Zhao Jinsheng, was the one who called the police, it did not change the fact that they did not honor their words.

Therefore, at this very moment, the strong feeling of Zhao Yu’s past life as a rogue surged within him. Zhao Yu took off his police uniform and placed it in the car. After that, he went straight to the village head Zhao Jinsheng’s house, shirtless.

After the fight with Li Ergou and the others, Zhao Yu had become famous in the eyes of the villagers. While walking through the village, awe and fear filled the eyes of both men and women, young and old.


Zhao Yu sneered coldly. He enjoyed his current status, knowing all the while, his childhood nickname had become history from today onward.

When Zhao Yu was approaching Zhao Jinsheng’s house, he snatched away a cucumber from a child, chewing on it while walking into Zhao Jinsheng’s house. At that moment, Zhao Jinsheng’s family and some relatives were discussing Li Ergou’s matter. But when they saw the shirtless Zhao Yu, chewing on the half bitten cucumber and walking into their house, they were shocked stiff.

“Zhao… Zhao Zhao Zhao Yu…” Zhao Jinsheng stammered, as he recalled what Director Wang said, “You You… What do you want?”

Zhao Yu took a glance at Zhao Jinsheng and ignored him. He looked around Zhao Jinsheng’s house and saw a huge watermelon and a watermelon knife in the center of the room. Then, he spat out the cucumber from his mouth into Zhao Jinsheng’s basin.

After that, Zhao Yu took a small piece of watermelon and ate it.

“You… What exactly do you want?” Zhao Jinsheng looked at the fearsome-looking Zhao Yu timidly.

Zhao Yu finished the piece of watermelon and threw away the watermelon skin. He said, “This is so sweet!”

After that, Zhao Yu picked up the watermelon knife and threw it hard on the chopping board. The watermelon knife got wedged on the chopping board.


All the people present were scared stiff. One of them jumped up from his seat and felt as if he had jumped as high as touching the beam.


When the watermelon knife got wedged on the chopping board, a piece of watermelon was sliced out. Zhao Yu used his left hand to pick up the piece of watermelon, then used his right hand to gesture to Zhao Jinsheng, and said: “Village chief, come Come over here I have something to tell you!”

As Zhao Yu was speaking, he walked into Zhao Jinsheng’s bedroom.

Though Zhao Jinsheng was afraid, he put on a brave front and followed behind Zhao Yu.

“Ha ha ha…”

After entering the bedroom, Zhao Yu let out a naughty laugh, as he closed the door quietly