Crazy Detective Chapter 445

Chapter 445 Go Down In History

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The second morning, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying changed into brand new uniforms and headed over to the funeral parlor to attend the funeral of Fu Jianxing and the others. In the General Ridge incident, Moyang Branch suffered a great loss, including five police detectives, among which was Fu Jianxing. All of them died in the line of duty.

Qinshan Police Station did the same as how they had done for Team Leader Qu Ping’s funeral, holding it with the highest standard of the police team force. The five police detectives were in their prime, and as such, the tragic news of their deaths made people wring their hands in sorrow. During the funeral, the family members of the deceased were grief-stricken, and were wailing in sorrow.

During the memorial service, Zhao Yu felt depressed at the sight, as he recalled past memories about Team Lead Qu Ping. Similar reminiscing on the past made many other people present also sob.

When the memorial service ended, Zhao Yu, Miao Ying, and colleagues from the Key Case Investigation Unit in Rongyang Branch, went to the cemetery to place some flowers in honor of Team Lead Qu Ping.

Although the murderer that killed Team Lead Qu Ping had been put behind bars, the prime culprit, Yu Fusheng, was yet to be arrested. It was said that Yu Fusheng, who was guilty of countless crimes, had fled overseas and hid himself. Although the police force had increased their efforts, they hadn’t managed to arrest him. But, Zhao Yu believed that Yu Fusheng’s time was soon to be over, and he would be arrested by the police, then brought for trial one day.

Coincidentally, when Zhao Yu and the team were standing before Team Lead Qu Ping’s tomb, Bureau Chief Zhou Andong suddenly popped by. He was holding a bouquet of flowers, obviously having brought them for Qu Ping, too.

The old leader saw the old underlings, and was naturally extremely delighted. He started chatting with everyone outside the cemetery.

As of then, Bureau Chief Zhou had benefited from this misfortune, as he had received a promotion. However, reminiscing about the prison experience back then, he couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat.

Because of these circumstances, every time Bureau Chief Zhou took up a new post, he attended to everything himself, and would become extremely careful. Also due to this reason, he hadn’t yet had the time to return to visit his former underlings.

Everyone was chatting, and Bureau Chief Zhou suddenly called Zhao Yu to one side, speaking to him from the deepest part of his heart. Bureau Chief Zhou bared his soul, telling Zhao Yu, “Zhao, I knew very clearly that, I could survive, and the grievance could be redressed. For that, I have to thank you the most! And, there was no ‘one of them’! If it wasn’t you that had arrested those criminals, and found the evidence that they framed me, I, Zhou Andong, wouldn’t have been able to remove the stigma from my name!”

“Don’t say that, please don’t say that. Hehehe” Zhao Yu said, humbly, and without hesitation. “Bureau Chief Zhou, there’s no point in thanking me verbally! From what I see If you want to thank me, let’s be more practical Hehehe”

Then, Zhao Yu extended his hands, making a gesture of counting money. Zhou Andong was used to being a leader, after all. On a normal basis, all his underlings would agree with all he thought. When he heard Zhao Yu’s unreasonable remarks, that he had yet to hear for so long, he felt extremely friendly and familiar with him.

“Hehehe, you, are still the same!” Bureau Chief Zhou said emotionally. “Honestly speaking, the way you boast shamelessly, I really hated it from the bottom of my heart back then!”

“Hehe, and now?” Zhao Yu asked playfully.

“Now, I hate it even more!” Bureau Chief Zhou said as he continued to laugh.

Zhao Yu teased, “Turns out, a proper leader like you would tell lame jokes, too!”

“Hahaha” Bureau Chief Zhou shook with laughter, and the police detectives from afar were stupefied, as it was a solemn cemetery after all!Wasn’t it a little unsuitable for a leader to roar with laughter around there?

As expected, after they finished laughing, Bureau Chief Zhou suddenly noticed the current occasion, and immediately kept his smile, but said solemnly, “How about this, Zhao! I am not the kind that bites the hands that feeds him. I will say this first. No matter what kind of trouble you run into in the future, come and look for me, and I will try my best to help you! Even if you were to cause a great trouble, I would be on your side!”

“Alright! Brother!”

Zhao Yu and Zhou shook hands and he was clear that it seemed that Zhou Andong was a little old-fashioned, as if he practiced the courtly knight culture in ancient times. Hence, if he could say such things, his sincerity could clearly be seen and counted on.


Zhao Yu smiled in his heart, “That’s nice. Besides Liao Jingxian, I now have another strong and powerful backer!”

“Zhao,” Bureau Chief Zhou advised wholeheartedly again, “in the municipal bureau, regardless of it being the higher ups or normal police officers, they have all been praising you! In the future Work hard! If you have any intentions of climbing the ladder, tell me, and I will help you figure a way!”

“Alright! Alright! Relying on your blessings, hehehe”

The two of them continued to chat, then finally joined the crowd again. Bureau Chief Zhou invited everyone for lunch, all of whom naturally accepted the invitation with delight.

Around noon, besides the police detectives from the Key Case Investigation Unit, Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, Secretary Songcao, and the other old colleagues from the other sections were summoned by Bureau Chief Zhou. Even Captain Jin, who had retired to the second line of defense, came as well.

As all the old friends gathered, it was a fairly happy occasion, and the banquet seemed extremely noisy, but warm. After lunch, according to their earlier appointment, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying drove to the Qinshan Cultural Relics Bureau. Their purpose for visiting that day was an invitation they received to see the Golden Buddha treasure. They were also required to fill in some related documents, as well as desiring to pay a visit to the two old experts.

When those at the bureau heard that Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were coming, Professor Tian Dongmin, who had gotten shot, even came to the door to welcome them via his wheelchair. In the eyes of the two old men, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were life saviors! If it wasn’t for the two of them having helped in a crucial moment, the two experts would have died along with Dong Peizhuo.

Due to their connections with the Golden Buddha case, the two old professors were to be punished. However, the police authority took into consideration that the two of them were under orders, and hadn’t had a choice in their actions.

So, the police authority didn’t continue to pursue the matter further. As for the Cultural Relics Bureau, they knew that the two of them were already quite old, and had contributed greatly to the excavation of the Golden Buddha, so they were excused from their punishment there as well.

Then, under the lead of Tian Dongmin and Wang Taiming, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying came to the thermostatic storehouse in the Cultural Relics Bureau in order to visit the processing scene of the Golden Buddha treasure. That moment, domestic and international experts were taking care of the treasure with extreme care.

All present were looking at the dozen of the Golden Buddha, with different designs appearing before them. After processing, the dozen of the Golden Buddha were glistening with golden beams, looking extremely luxurious and delicate. Even Zhao Yu, who had no idea about them, was gawking at the brilliant statues.

The amount of jewelry that was found in the wooden boxes, of which included agate, pearl, antique, and jade, was enormous. All around, were dazzlingly splendid jewels, numbering too many for the eyes to take in

Looking at the treasure that was acclaimed to be the best, he kept thinking to himself that, no matter how he calculated, he felt that his final reimbursement would be more than five million! But, in discovering the Golden Buddha treasure, the benefit for Zhao Yu was not limited to being merely financial.

As the person most involved, as well as the discoverer of the treasure excavation, Zhao Yu had signed a number of related documents and reports, before he finally took photos with various pieces of Golden Buddha treasure, under an approved arrangement or via the related staffs.

After signing the documents and taking photos to mark the occasion, Zhao Yu was the only legal discoverer of the Golden Buddha treasure that drew worldwide attention! In other words, his name alone would be forever etched in history with the Golden Buddha treasure.

Then, it could be said that Zhao Yu gained fame and money. As Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were still enjoying their honeymoon, they naturally needed to celebrate. That night, the two of them opted for a quieter, high-class restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal.

But, after a delightful dinner, Miao Ying made an appointment at a Female Lifestyle Club for a body shaping treatment, so she would be finished late. As the Female Lifestyle Club was nearer to Miao Ying’s house, she decided to return to her own house, instead of staying over at Zhao Yu’s.

Zhao Yu had something important to do as well, so naturally, he had no objections. After parting ways with Miao Ying at the restaurant, he drove for ten minutes, rushing to a place called the Fad Grand International Hotel.

Zhao Yu had spent a long time calculating on the map the previous night, and had finally found the place that the numbers in the hexagram were referring to, which was this very same Fad Grand International Hotel.

At that moment, it was almost nine-o-nine in the evening. He wondered what miracle would be waiting for him.