Crazy Detective Chapter 447

Chapter 447 A Suicide Experiment

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Maybe she felt that the high heels were not very convenient, as the woman decided to take off her shoes at the cement wall. When she was taking off the shoes, her body was wobbling, which was extremely dangerous.

No way!

Looking at such a dangerous scene, Zhao Yu couldn’t sit still. He quickly opened the car door and walked toward the woman. That very moment, the woman did an even more dangerous move. She extended her body slightly, as though she was going to jump off the very next second.

Zhao Yu wanted to sneak over and carry her down, but when he saw that she looked like she was going to jump off, he couldn’t wait, and shouted,

“Miss! Don’t…”


Zhao Yu shouted, startling the woman, who then jumped above the platform and did a hundred and eighty degree spin!

“Hey…” Zhao Yu’s heart almost exited his throat. He didn’t expect the woman to look as though she had trained on a balance beam before. After a difficult jump, she finally stood steadily again on the cement platform.

As the woman turned around, Zhao Yu finally saw her face. She looked quite young, to the point where Zhao Yu suspected her to be underage.

However, the way she dressed didn’t seem to be on par with her age. She had a head of Snow White hair, her eyelashes were like a cartoon character’s, she wore a pair of huge earrings, and sported a red lotus tattoo on her right shoulder. The most eye-catching part of her ensemble was her bright green lipstick, a terrifying green.

The fuck…

Zhao Yu thought to himself, why is this girl’s fashion so hipster?

“Who… Who are you?” the girl squinted her eyes, as she glared at Zhao Yu. She asked, “Why, did my father send you here?”

“What father! I just was passing by!” Zhao Yu couldn’t be bothered by such matters, so he appeared to be annoyed. “I say, hurry up and come down! It is so windy, don’t you catch a flu!”

“What?” The girl raised her eyebrows, pouting, “Cheh, you sound quite unreasonable!”

“Let’s get down to business,” Zhao Yu said, revealing his identity. “I am a policeman! Didn’t you know what you are doing is dangerous?”

“Police? Oh, could you be here to arrest me for drunk driving?!” The girl spoke in slurs, with droopy eyes, “Or… Are you the ssssecurity guard here?”

“Miss, can you save your bullshit? Get down here!” Zhao Yu didn’t want to spend any more time being pestered by the woman, so he shouted.

“Yo? You… Who do you think you are? F*ck off!”

Who would have guessed that the girl wouldn’t listen to him, but would instead bend down to pick up her heels to throw at Zhao Yu. Although Zhao Yu was surprised, he still hit away the pair of shoes instinctually.

“Wow, that’s amazing?” The girl’s eyes were wide open. “That’s my pair of Lorentz, eighty thousand a pair! Aren’t you… Aren’t you afraid that you will have to pay for my shoes?”

“Pay with your silly brain!” Zhao Yu was pissed off, and he took a huge stride forward.

“Hey? Don’t come here, don’t come here… Ah…”

The girl took a step back, not to steady herself, but to start shaking. She looked like she was going to fall off the building!

Zhao Yu was quick in his response, as he dashed forward and grabbed the girl’s thighs! Then, Zhang Yu swung her vertically. Not only did he drag the girl down from the railing, but he grabbed her ankle, so her head fell first.

“Eh? Eh eh eh…”

The girl screamed, as her black short skirt was pushed all the way up to her waist, revealing her lace underwear, right before Zhao Yu’s eyes. If it had been anyone else, it might have triggered a male impulsive action, but to Zhao Yu, he was already used to these things. He turned the girl’s waist the other way around, flipping her body over.

“You… You you you you… Ah….”

But, just when Zhao Yu let go off her, she ran toward the railing again, angrily. It looked like she still wanted to jump off the building!

“What is wrong with you?” Zhao Yu extended his hands to hold her. The girl’s chest was heaving up and down, then suddenly, she started puking. Luckily Zhao Yu responded very quickly, and dodged her stinky vomit. If not, it would have been all over him.


After the girl puked for a while, she started wailing. Her crying noises were extremely soft, just like a cat’s meowing. Zhao Yu thought there was something wrong with her!

“You… Are you okay?” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “I have something to do! Why don’t… I lodge a police report?”

“Woo… You are a liar!” The girl cried out in grief, pointed at Zhao Yu, and scolded, “Didn’t you say you are a policeman?”

“Yeah, I am a policeman!” Zhao Yu clapped as he explained, “But, your situation right now is out of my authority! If you are not going to jump off the building, I am leaving now!”

Then, Zhao Yu turned around and walked toward his car.

“Woo…” The girl suddenly cried and said, “The two of them… don’t want me! Woo…”

“What?” Zhao Yu turned around and asked, “Who doesn’t want you?”

“Charlie and Robbie, woo…” the girl sobbed as she spoke. “The two of them were after me and I was annoyed. I told them, I will follow whoever dared to jump off from this car park! In the end… In the end… Woo…”

“Are you serious?” Zhao Yu was shocked, then he quickly asked, “They both jumped?”

“Woo, they both didn’t jump! Woo…”

“Aiyo, the fuck!” Zhao Yu was in a cold sweat.

“Then… They haven’t bothered with me, ever since! Woo…” The girl rubbed her eyes and said, “Then, I just wanted to look from there, to see what it feels like to stand there… But…”

“That’s enough, enough!” Zhao Yu patted his head and waved his hands. “Please, stop, aren’t you driving a Ferrari? Hurry up, get your parents to find you a doctor!”

“You…. What do you mean? Are you saying I am sick?” The girl cried, as she shot Zhao Yu a death glare.

Actually, Zhao Yu really wanted to scold the unreasonable princess. But he knew all about the rebellious psychology of teens. This wouldn’t be solved with a lecture. So, Zhao Yu ignored her, turning around to walk to his car.

Then, an accident happened again. Zhao Yu had just taken two steps away, when two black cars dashed over from the entrance. Then, the cars jammed their brakes, right next to the Ferrari.

Four men in black suits got out of the car. The moment they left the car, they ran towards the girl with green lips and white hair.

“Miss, master asked you to come home!” A man first bowed, then extended his hands to grab the girl.

“No…. No no no… I am not going back. All of you go away, go away…” The girl struggled, but the four men were strong. Very quickly, they dragged the girl into the car.

“Hey! Brother police, save me… They are bad guys! Save me…” Under such urgency, the girl pleaded for help from Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu could clearly see that the four men weren’t robbers, but were just some rich man’s underlings that had come to bring his daughter home. So, Zhao Yu decided that he couldn’t be bothered about it.

But…. Unfortunately, after one of the black suit men heard the girl’s plea, he quickly clamored at Zhao Yu, “Hey, kid, there’s none of your business here. Get the fuck out, as far away as possible!”

The fuck!

Zhao Yu had already turned around to leave. But, when he heard that, he couldn’t help but turn back again….