Crazy Detective Chapter 449

Chapter 449 The Lie Of The Truth

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Suddenly, Zhang Yu recalled about the green lipstick on his face. He had gotten carried away. Now, he was in trouble. How could he have forgotten to destroy such important evidence?

At that moment, Zhao Yu’s face was even greener than the lipstick stain.

“Mm?” Miao Ying raised her eyebrows, and she seemed to realize something.

“This… This…. This is…” But, Zhao Yu was a lying expert at the end of the day. As he saw that it was urgent, he told the truth unexpectedly, “My dear, I have to be honest with you. Actually, something happened…”

“On the way back, I saw a girl with white hair and green lipstick, who wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a building! As a policeman that upholds justice and protects, I had to save her! But, afterwards, she wanted to thank me, and said she wanted to give me her Ferrari and wanted to marry me! Then, she even kissed me on my cheek, then….. Isn’t this…”

“Zhao Yu, aren’t you bored that you are always like this?” Miao Ying didn’t even lift her head, but waved her hands, as she said, “Please, can we stop bullshitting? It is already so late, so can’t we get down to serious business?”

Hehehe… Zhao Yu’s stratagem to lie of the truth succeeded, leaving him smug. However, in order to not draw any suspicion from Miss Miao, Zhang Yu quickly thought to change the topic.

“What? Serious business? Mm…” Zhao Yu pretended to think, then said, “Okay! I know what is some serious business…”

Then, Zhao Yu started taking off his pants…

“Aiyo! Damn it!” Miao Ying grabbed Zhao Yu by his ears, and brought him before her.

She rebuked, “What is in your brain, exactly? Come over here… Help me with these cases. See if I get them right.”

Then, Miao Ying put the yellow covered notebook before Zhao Yu and said solemnly, “I think, if we really have a chance to investigate the five major pending cases, we should start with this particular case…”

As they spoke, Miao Ying tapped on the notebook.

“Which one, which one?” Zhao Yu quickly pulled up his pants, then took the notebook over to see, “Oh… Really? The Headless Female Corpse Case? Why?”

“Because…” Miao Ying got closer to Zhao Yu, and naturally, sat on his lap. She continued, “These cases happened long ago, when DNA technology wasn’t common yet. Look, the head was lost, the fingerprint was cut off. The police authority then had difficulty confirming the deceased’s identity. Hence, the difficulty level to investigate the case was high!”

“But….. I just checked on the internet. During the national co-investigation a few years back, the identity of the deceased was confirmed! So, I think, we could start from this case!”

“But…” Feeling the rare beauty in his arms, Zhao Yu felt a surge of urging in his heart. But, he was still pondering the case seriously, too, and said, “The dead body appeared in the end of nineties. It has been nineteen years, yet the murderer still hasn’t been caught. Is it because… he is dead?”

“Exactly! Because the murderer might possibly be dead, we have to investigate this case first!” Miao Ying held Zhao Yu’s neck and said, “If not, the longer it drags on, the lesser the clues! By then, the truth would be covered in the dust of history! You say, to those deceased victims, how unjust is this? All these years, so many brutal chain murderers are still free, having gone without punishment. Such an idea has made everyone feel burned up inside, from despair and anger! Shouldn’t we find him?”

“Yeah, I’ve checked the record. It is said that the deceased victims’ skulls were still unfound, until now! Their bodies and heads were separated, such a tragedy!” Zhao Yu sighed, “Alright, if we have a chance, we shall start with this case! Even if the murderer is dead, we should at least find the victims’ skulls, in order to comfort the victims’ souls, as they lay in rest in eternal paradise!”

When he spoke, Zhao Yu hugged Miao Ying’s taut, well-defined abdomen.

“Zhao Yu…” Miao Ying held the notebook and said seriously, “I think, you have solved so many significant cases, that you should be qualified to be a special investigator! Why not… Go ahead and talk to Bureau Chief Liao, and tell him to apply on your behalf?”

“Alright, I’ll call him tomorrow!” Zhao Yu agreed.

“Mm!” Miao Ying’s eyes gave out an exciting gleam, as she continued, “If he were to send in an application, I would help to figure out a way for the higher ups to approve it! By then, we could restart the investigation of these pending cases together, revealing the truth and finding justice for these victims. Okay?”

“Okay! Of course, it’d be great!” Zhao Yu raised his hands in agreement, then said, “But… I have to investigate the truth now, too…”


Zhao Yu took a breath of Miao Ying’s female aroma, and spoke like a pervert, “What material is your sleeping gown made of? Quick, take it off and show me….”

Zhao Yu started making a move. As he touched her tickling spot, Miao Ying giggled, and the two of them rolled together very quickly.

A brand new day was just getting started, and Zhao Yu’s life had resumed its usual tranquility. Although he got a hexagram daily, his life was in its regular pattern, overall. His schedule consisted of working during the day, practicing wushu during the night, and when there was time, he would even practice shooting at the shooting range.

Through various kinds of dangerous encounters in the past, Zhao Yu felt that, although there were system devices that could help, his personal abilities must still be enhanced, especially his shooting skills. But, no one is perfect. Through his daily trainings, Zhao Yu had improved tremendously in combat. However, his shooting skills remained the same.

Although he had worked really hard, he still couldn’t hit the bullseye. It seemed that he was really not that talented in shooting.

Regarding the system, besides getting a hexagram everyday, he also never left the side quest behind. After he got his hexagram, he would go to the side quest location, according to the hexagram, to look for a miracle encounter.

It was quite interesting. Ever since the green lipstick girl, Zhao Yu didn’t come across any strange miracle encounter, only ordinary good deeds, such as helping an old lady to cross the road, sending a stray dog to the shelter, helping a primary school kid to look for his bag, or that sort….

These so-called side quests, almost made Zhang Yu a living Lei Feng (a selfless, modest and dedicated person). After every quest, the accumulative score that he got was extremely low. After a few days, Zhao Yu’s accumulated score was less than ten marks.

But, although he didn’t know what the accumulated score was used for, Zhao decided that, if he had time, he would insist upon continuing to complete these side quests, just to see what kind of benefit the system would provide him with. The days passed, and Zhao Yu’s life was still as eventful as ever.

However, tt that time, the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit was not as busy as before. Regarding the General Ridge Incident, it was almost done, and they were only left with some simple paperwork.

Theoretically, once Miao Ying proactively applied, she should be able to return to the team very soon. But Miao Ying’s mind was fully concentrated on the pending cases in the yellow covered notebook, and she had no intention of returning to the team to resume her post.

After the precious discussion, Zhao Yu had applied with Liao Jingxian, and was waiting for the higher ups to approve his application to be in the Special Force, and to follow up the investigation of the major pending cases in the yellow notebook.

Bureau Chief Liao thought that Zhao Yu had solved many major cases. Regarding his experience and his standards, he was definitely qualified, so the Chief was actively processing the application.

Hence, during the last few days, Zhang Yu had been looking into those cases in the yellow covered notebooks. He was looking forward to solving all the pending cases alongside Miao Ying!