Crazy Detective Chapter 450

Chapter 450 I Want To Turn Myself In

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Although Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were madly in love, he had no idea of Miao Ying’s family background at all. Not only did he not know whether her hometown was in Qinshan or not, but he also did not know who her parents were.

Whenever the two of them discussed this topic, Miao Ying would always deliberately avoid it, as if she had something to hide. At first, Zhao Yu did complain about it. He felt that, since Miao Ying had already seen his parents, it was only right that Miao Ying would bring him home to meet her own parents.

However, he later thought that, perhaps Miao Ying’s mother was in a high-ranking position, and her father was a wealthy rich man, making it then inconvenient for her to disclose that.

Since Zhao Yu did not wish to make things difficult for Miao Ying, he never uncovered the truth. However, when he got up early this morning, Miao Ying was getting dressed up, and said that she had to go back home. She also said that it might take her a week until she returned.

Initially, Zhao Yu did not understand what Miao Ying meant. After asking her again, he realized that she meant going back to her hometown.

“Okay!” Zhao Yu said shamelessly, “I will follow you home! I can apply for leave and join you to meet my future mother-in-law and father-in-law!”

“Zhao Yu…” Miao Ying said awkwardly, “It is not the time yet”

“What?” Zhao Yu pretended to be angry. “Do you mind that I am not rich, or think that I have no taste? Are you worried that your rich family will not be able to accept me, a simple rogue?”

“Zhao Yu…” Hearing this, Miao Ying stopped all that she was doing at once, held on to Zhao Yu’s shoulder, and gently said, “What are you talking about, my dear? You do not know… Actually…”

The TV had been on with a low volume in the background. However, when Miao Ying was talking, the TV volume increased louder all of the sudden. This attracted the attention of the both of them.

It turned out that there was urgent news being broadcast.

“Dear viewers, we have an announcement to make. According to the police of the Yun state, at 3:25 a.m. this morning, a prisoner from the Yun state escaped from the prison!”

“It was reported that the prisoner suddenly fell ill at night, and had to be sent to a hospital in the Yun state for treatment. However, on the way to the hospital, the prisoner absconded, and he is yet to be found. Now, we are releasing the photo of the prisoner to the general public. If anyone has any related information, please contact the police as soon as possible.”

“Gosh!” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “He must have had some help from his accomplices! I am sure of that!”

“Huh.. What?” Miao Ying did not expect Zhao Yu to change the topic so quickly, and frowned.

“When I was in prison Hmm… No…” Zhao Yu quickly changed his speech. “When I was studying prison criminology in the police school, I used to come up with several hypotheses. Later on I came up with a conclusion, that is, the key to the success of a prison break is not how you get out of the prison, but how you can escape from being tracked down by the police after the prison break! That is the toughest!”

“So… How do you not get tracked down?”

Zhao Yu pointed his index finger and affirmed, “The most important thing is to have some accomplices. With no support from accomplices, the criminal is doomed after the escape. Think about it, with no food and money, it would be better off to stay in the prison! Dear Ying, do you feel that this year has been filled with misfortune? There were bank robberies, and now, a prison break! This seems to be a real police blockbuster!”

“Hello The prison break happened in the Yun state.Yun state is a provincial capital, not Qinshan!” Miao Ying shook her head.

“How strange! Let’s have a bet?” Zhao Yu laughed and said, “I bet the police will not be able to arrest the prisoner within ten days. If I were to win the bet, you… Well…”

When Zhao Yu looked up again, he noticed that Miao Ying continued to dress up, now ignoring his presence.

“Hey? You…” Zhao Yu hurried over to hug his goddess. “How about this? I will buy some gifts, and you will help me to deliver them to my future mother-in-law? Tell them to take it as a token from their future son-in-law!”

“No need for that!” Miao Ying laughed. “You can rest assured that my parents are not stubborn people. They would accept you, as long as I want you! But now… It is really not the right time! Well… Can I explain it all to you, next time?”

“Alright…” Zhao Yu kissed his goddess’ face and said, “Then come back soon, and remember to call me every day!”


Zhao Yu embraced her in a very intimate way, then, when Miao Ying finished getting ready, she drove off in a Phaeton, leaving behind the Land Rover for Zhao Yu’s use. Zhao Yu felt strange, as he watched his girlfriend drive off.

He had no idea where her hometown was. It was completely unknown to him whether her home was a faraway place, a place nearby, or even in Qinshan or not. It felt as if Miao Ying’s family were aliens, and she was about to leave the earth.


Actually, Zhao Yu does have an invisible tracking device. All he needed to do was to place the device on Miao Ying, and he could find out her whereabouts. But how could Zhao Yu do that? Miao Ying must have her own reasons for not telling him details. If she wanted to tell, she would not hide things from him.

So he decided to wait for the right time to come!

Zhao Yu looked at his watch, seeing that there was still some time before he started work. Logically, he should be walking Daheng as a morning exercise. But he had left Daheng back in his hometown, and he had important things to do, so he did not go out.

The real important thing for Zhao Yu to do was to open a hexagram! Since having duplicates, Zhao Yu no longer opened a hexagram so casually. He would diligently copy down the hexagram poem, and analyze the exact location and time of the occurrence of the duplicate.

After some severe coughing, after trying to light up his cigarette, Zhao Yu opened a “Gen Li” hexagram. “Gen” represented work, while “Li” represented friends. Zhao Yu wondered if he would meet any old friends today.

However, Zhao Yu was more interested in the latter part of the hexagram poem. After some analysis, he quickly found the location and time of the duplicate adventure from the map.

The result was interesting. According to the hexagram, this adventure would take place in Shun Feng street, only thirty to forty meters away from his residence. The time of the adventure would be 7:33 a.m. Zhao Yu looked at his watch, and the time now was already 7:30 a.m.


In order not to miss this adventure, Zhao Yu did not even wash his face, but hurriedly got dressed and ran downstairs. Like the previous days, though Zhao Yu was very excited, what he encountered was somewhat disappointing. It turned out that, after he ran to the target location, he saw a thief picking a wallet from an old lady.

Zhao Yu had no choice. In order to achieve an adventure score, Zhao Yu had to beat up the thief and catch him red-handed. Next, the enthusiastic neighbors in Shun Feng street brought the thief to the police station.

Tsk tsk

Looking at the newly awarded 4 points, Zhao Yu had some mixed feelings. On the one hand, he felt that he had been fooled by this duplicate adventure. On the other hand, he felt good after doing good. The overall outcome did not seem as bad as expected.

Although the old lady’s money was not much, if it had been stolen by a thief, she would be so anxious, or even perhaps have suffered a heart attack, having to be hospitalized


Well, in that case, Zhao Yu decided to carry on in his adventure. He wondered if, in the near future, it be excellent to be an elite police officer, receiving the title of “model Lei Feng police”.

After completing the duplicate adventure, Zhao Yu took some breakfast and went to work. Miao Ying’s departure left Zhao Yu feeling a little lost. Moreover, he had nothing to do at the police station. Hence, he had a depressed look all morning.

Unexpectedly, when it was 11:30 a.m., just when he was about to leave work, two people suddenly came in the office door. The first one was the policeman on guard duty. Following behind him, was a young gentleman.

“Bosses!” said the police officer. As soon as he entered, he pointed to the man behind him and said, “This gentleman said he had something urgent for you, sharing that he was going to provide an important clue to the case. Now that I have brought him here, talk to him yourselves!”

After that, the police officer turned around and left, leaving the young man behind, now alone at the door. The agents all sat in their chairs and looked at him, wondering what he had to say for himself.

“What is the matter?” Mao Wei’s desk was the nearest, so he got up first and asked, “Sir, what kind of clues do you wish to provide us?”

Unexpectedly, the man walked quickly to the middle of the office, then lifted his arm to his chest, and said calmly, “I killed him! I want toturn myself in!”