Crazy Detective Chapter 451

Chapter 451 A Strange Criminal That Turned Himself In

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“What are you talking about?” Mao Wei turned around and spoke, as his face grew gloomy. “Here… This is not a place for jokes! Please do not fool around!”

“I am not joking!” the man bit his lip nervously and said, “I killed someone! Not only did I kill someone, I framed someone else, too! I am here to surrender and turn myself in. Ten years ago, the Petroleum Second Franchise’s Flat Murder Case… Mm…” His lips quivered, as he said, “I did it!”

When he said this, the police detectives creased their eyebrows. Since they joined the police detectives job, no one had ever seen anyone turn themselves in and admit that they were murderers! Plus, it was a ten year old case!

Petroleum Second Franchise’s Flat Murder Case?

Ten years ago?

Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows. When he was in the Cold Case Department, he memorized almost all the cases in his head, so he could be sure that there was no such case in the pending cases file!

“That’s not right!” Li Beini responded very quickly, as he said, “Sir, you are at the wrong place. Petroleum Second Franchise doesn’t fall under Rongyang Branch’s jurisdiction! It should be… Mm… It belonged to Moyang Branch! So… Please go over to the Moyang Branch to turn yourself in!”

“Huh?!” Hearing that, the young man’s head was covered in a cold sweat. He said nervously, “How could it be? After the second ring road, isn’t it Rongyang area? And, my house is in Rongyang. This… Could it be done according to the account location?”

“The hell…” Zhang Jingfeng spilled the cup of hot tea that he had just made, as he shouted at the man, “This is about turning yourself in, and it needs to be categorized according to the crime scene, not any principle of going to the nearest branch.”

“Sigh…” the man held his arms before his chest, as his body quivered with emotions. “Why is turning myself in so difficult?!”

“Alright, stop joking around!” Mao Wei was worried that there would be a major incident, so he quickly came before the person and said, “Sir, regardless of whichever police branch is in charge of the case, as you came to turn yourself in, I shall document this case! However, just a friendly reminder, if you were just joking, you will have to be prepared to take legal responsibility!”

“Oh… Alright! As long as I can turn myself in, I’ll take all the responsibility!” Then, he took out his hand phone and opened his camera app, as he pleaded, “Then… can you please help me put on the handcuffs? I need a few photographs!”


When he said that, the entire station was shocked. Who would have expected the criminal, who came to turn himself in, was such a weirdo? He even asked to put on handcuffs, before asking for a photograph? Could he….. Really be here to put on a reality show?

“This…” Mao Wei turned around to look at Zhao Yu. That time, as Miao Ying was not in, the next highest ranking police were the both of them. Encountering such a matter, Mao Wei couldn’t decide what to do. He naturally had to ask Zhao Yu’s opinion.

“Motherfucker! Did you escape from the mental hospital? Are you trying to make things difficult?” Zhao Yu was not in a good mood, so the moment he heard this man sounding strange, he suddenly got pissed off.

“Hold on!” Suddenly, Zhang Jingfeng came before the man, and took a careful look. He then gawked at him and said, “That’s not right? Why does this person look so familiar… Yo!” Zhang Jingfeng slapped his thigh, then pointed at the man, yelling, “Isn’t this Teacher Lan? Why… Why would it be you?”

“Zhang, you… Know each other?” Mao Wei opened his eyes wide, confused.

Zhao Yu was also puzzled, so he kept quiet.

“Cough! What!” Zhang Jingfeng laughed. “I’m finally seeing an alive one! I couldn’t recognize him earlier! You are Teacher Lan, from television! Lan… Lan…”

“LAN Shuping!” The man nodded. Besides looking a little nervous, he was also a little embarrassed.

“Eh? Really?” Li Beini took a closer look, then said, ” In Graduation Season, you acted as the father of the male character! Wow! You look so much younger in real life!”

“And the host of Twelve O’clock Delicacies,” Zhang Jingfeng clapped as he spoke, “My wife loves that show! Everyday, she would follow the way you taught, but she never managed to cook anything that tasted like the ones in the TV show!”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve always seen you in the TV dramas!” Da Fei said. “Why… are you here? To do a police reality show, or to host a TV show?”

“Police officers! Police officers!” Suddenly, Lan Shuping clasped both his hands together in a gesture of pleading. “Please, everyone! I am really here to turn myself in today! I heard that the Rongyang Branch could even solve the Mianling Case. So, I came here to turn myself in!”


Then, the police detectives were gawking at each other again, as they were all confused as to what he was trying to do. As a criminal that had just turned himself in, Lan Shuping responded quite unusually!

“If so…” Mao Wei was sitting in for Miao Ying, after all, so he had no choice but to come forward and say, “Are you really here to turn yourself in?”

“Yes! For real!” Lan Shuping raised his hands again. “Please, put on the handcuffs for me first!”


Mao Wei was hesitating, but then, there was a shocking voice that was heard from the corner of the room, “Aiyo, oh god!”

Liang Huan, who had been quiet all along, suddenly stood up and pointed at his computer, saying, “I say, everyone, this Teacher Lan… is not making a joke! I think, we should really put handcuffs on him first!”

“Mm, why?” Everyone still didn’t understand.

“Ten years ago, in Qinshan Moyang Petroleum Second Franchise’s Flat, there was a woman who died after being stabbed!” Liang Huan read out loud, “On the suspect list, there is the name of Lan Shuping!”


Everyone was shocked, and hemmed in to see.

Li Beini lay on her working table, pressing on Liang Huan’s shoulders, “That’s not right, this isn’t a pending case? Isn’t it a closed case? The criminal has already been arrested, so why did you come and turn yourself in?”

“That murderer is innocent!” Lan Shuping bit his lips and said, “I am the true murderer!”

Hearing that, Mao Wei immediately gave Da Fei an eye signal, and Da Fei took out the handcuffs to cuff his hands.

“Please guys, can you please deal with mine first?!” Lan Shuping pleaded, “Please, sentence me!”

“Teacher Lan, even those turning themselves in need to go along with the process,” Mao Wei said. “Don’t panic, just explain to us the details of the situation!”

Mao Wei nodded again, as Da Fei quickly gathered a pen and papers to make the confession record.

“Alright! Alright…” Lan Shuping panted as he spoke, “The deceased woman is my college mate, Liu Jiao! What happened was…”

“Liu Jiao and I, and Feng Kuo, we are all from the same college, Yunzhou School of Film and Theatre. During college, the three of us were very close, and we even formed a sibling group to perform short repertoires and dramas. We even joined some commercial shows, and were considered as being quite famous.”

“Then, I had been been secretly admiring Liu Jiao, but she got together with Feng Kuo in the end! Feng Kuo was better looking than me, and he had a better financial background, and was very cheerful. All in all… He was better than me in all aspects! Although I didn’t say much on the surface, regarding the fact that he took Liu Jiao away from me, I took it to heart.”

“In the end, after graduation, the three of us joined a film and television production team! Most of the production was based in Qinshan’s film and television production base. And, Feng Kuo and I are from Qinshan, so it was quite convenient for us.”

“But, Liu Jiao is not from Qinshan, so she arranged to stay in Petroleum Second Franchise’s Flat. Every time they were shooting, Feng Kuo would stay over at Liu Jiao’s! So, to me, everyday was torturous! One day, I had some drinks, and I felt extremely upset. So I seized the chance, when Feng Kuo was not around, to find Liu Jiao!”

Lan Shuping spoke with a face of regret, “After I told Liu Jiao everything, I was criticised by her! So, out of anger, I killed her with a knife!”


Just when Lan Shuping was telling how he committed the crime, Zhang Yu said “eh”, cutting him off.

“Why, bro? What are you aiyo-ing about?” Li Beini pouted and complained, “It is the crucial moment!”

“No!” Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and said, “Feng Kuo! Feng Kuo… The name…” Zhao Yu pointed at Lan Shuping and said, “I remember now, this Feng Kuo, isn’t he the prison breaker? The very one that ran away from Yunzhou Prison yesterday?”