Crazy Detective Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Being Framed?

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“Zhang,” Zhao Yu said, “Go and investigate again! Feng Kuo’s friends, relatives and family, and pull out their old connections, one by one! If his partner in crime is not one of his prison friends, then we have to try to find out who it is, among these people!”

“Okay! No problem!” Zhang Jing Feng threw the empty rice box into the dustbin, and quickly returned to his working desk.

“Beini!” Zhao Yu said, “Feng Kuo is a prisoner, after all. If he had partners, he had to always keep in touch with him! So, try the investigation from prison again. See who visited him at the prison, and who kept in touch with him the most!”

“Alright!” Li Beini cleared her rice box and started working.

After a short break, Zhao Yu had adapted to his role as a team lead with extreme speed. The commanding work was clear and fast, just like being a general.

Although it hadn’t been long since Zhao Yu had joined the Key Case Investigation Unit, as he was nurtured by Qi Ping and Miao Ying continuously, he had been able to adapt to his job very well. He wasn’t that arrogant gangster that he used to be anymore!

Although he was young and inexperienced, he had resolved so many significant cases, that all of the police detectives in the team were utterly convinced of his capacity to lead. Regarding his orders, they followed all of them, and never delayed.

After delegating the task, the whiteboard, which was covered with related information to the case, was almost fully added onto by all of the police detectives! Through the middle region of the whiteboard, people could easily understand the apartment murder case that had happened ten years ago, with just one, clarifying glance.

Ten years ago, in Qinshan Petroleum Second Franchise’s Flat, there was a murder case. A female, who was a fresh graduate named Liu Jiao, was stabbed to death in the flat with a knife. Fresh blood was all over the ground, and it was a tragic scene.

After verification by a forensic scientist, it was understood that the victim had died between nine thirty to ten at night. The person who had discovered the dead body, and then lodged a police report, was determined to be the murderer, Feng Kuo!

According to Feng Kuo’s verbal confession, on the night that Liu Jiao was killed, he was working at the film set, shooting a scene until nine thirty, due to a last minute add-on clip by the production team.

After work, he had returned to his house, in order to shower and then head over to the Petroleum Second Franchise’s Flat to look for Liu Jiao. Back then, the two of them were in a relationship, and Feng Kuo would stay over at Liu Jiao’s every night.

But, after he got to the flat, he saw that Liu Jiao’s residence door was open. When he entered, he was shocked, as Liu Jiao was there, lying in a pool of blood on the ground!

Feng Kuo was shocked, and immediately called 120, before then lodging a police report. But, by then, Liu Jiao had already lost all signs of life.

After received the report, the detective team naturally seized ahold of Feng Kuo, and verified the actual facts, according to his confession. In the end, when the detectives arrived at Feng Kuo’s residence the very next day, they found a dagger that had blood stains on it in his bedroom.

After the DNA test, it was deciphered that there was Liu Jiao’s blood found on the blade, as well as Feng Kuo’s fingerprint on the handle. Due to the appearance of this evidence, Feng Kuo naturally became listed as the top suspect! Later on, after the police authorities obtained more evidence, and were finally able to send Feng Kuo behind bars, he was sentenced to death with reprieve.

According to the information, Feng Kuo did not admit his wrongdoing. After being imprisoned, he complained many times, but there wasn’t any new evidence or clues, so his appeals always failed.

However, besides Feng Kuo, Lan Shuping was also listed as a suspect. There was a complete record of the corresponding file on him. It clearly stated that Lan Shuping was drinking in a restaurant during the crime, and that he had even called one of his friends to join in the drinking. Also, he had only left the pub at about eleven that night.

Although the pub was located within the Petroleum Second Franchise, due to the fact that Lan Shuping had a completely solid alibi, in the end, he was eliminated as a suspect entirely. Besides these, the police couldn’t find any other suspects. As the fingerprint, footprint, hair and that sort, which were found at the crime scene, were all Feng Kuo’s, the police confirmed that Feng Kuo had to be the murderer.

“Tsk tsk… this is so weird!” Zhao Yu pouted, as he told the police detectives next to him, “Feng Kuo might really have been wrongly imprisoned! Look, when he was realised Liu Jiao was stabbed, he called 120 first, then only 110. In other words, he wanted to save her. Subconsciously, he thought Liu Jiao could be saved. This is a very normal reaction, when someone comes across such a situation!”

“If Feng Kyo called 110 first, but didn’t call 120, it means that there was something fishy! Plus, the case was closed so miserably!” Zhao Yu pointed at the whiteboard and continued, “There are many things that don’t make sense at all! Try to imagine, if Feng Kuo was really a murderer, and if he killed her, why did he stay at the scene? Plus, it would be absolutely silly to hide the weapon in his drawer in his bedroom! Wouldn’t he instead be better off randomly digging a hole and burying it?”

“Really…” Liang Huan pondered, “Feng Kuo and Liu Jiao stayed together, and he entered the crime scene after the crime, when he apparently found her. So, if there were his fingerprint, footprint, and hair found at the scene, it’s natural.”

“True that!” Xiao Bai supported. “After committing a murder, first hide the weapon at home, and then return to the scene to call the ambulance and…All of this… This isn’t stupid, this is just psychotic! From what I see, he was definitely framed!”

“Framed?” Da Fei objected and said, “but, if he was framed, how do you explain the fingerprint on the dagger? Plus, the dagger was from Feng Kuo’s house! Would he be framed by his own family?”

“Correct as well!” Xiao Bai creased eyebrows and pondered aloud, “If the murderer intended to frame him, he could have wiped off his fingerprint from the handle after the murder. But… there was Feng Kuo’s fingerprint on the weapon. That’s hard to explain away!”

“The most unexplainable evidence was…..” Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and said, “I mean…if there was really someone that wanted to frame Feng Kuo, why didn’t he just leave the weapon at the scene? Think about it, if the weapon was at the scene, and it had Feng Kuo’s fingerprint, isn’t that even more convincing?”

“Eh? True…” Xiao Bai shook his head and said, “Why did they try to show that the murderer was in Feng Kuo’s house? Isn’t that a little too ‘extra’?”

“And another important point!” Liang Huan said, “Motives? If Feng Kuo wanted to kill Liu Jiao, there must be a motive, right? The two of them were still in their honeymoon period! Feng Kuo would have to be completely mentally ill, to have wanted to kill his own girlfriend!”

“Nope…. No….” Li Beini was working on her task, while she reminded, “Look at the middle part of the report, it is clearly written there! It says that, although the two of them were in a relationship, they were not quite stable. Apparently, they always fought, and even were seen having a row at the production scene before!”

“Is it?” Liang Huan quickly read through the record and shook his head. “Impossible! It says that, due to the two of them having different opinions, Feng Kuo wanted to develop his career in the bigger film production company in the capital, and get married later! But, Liu Jiao wanted to settle down at the current company, and get married first, before moving forward in her career!”

“So, to kill someone for that difference…..” Liang Huan shook his head, “that’s such a joke!”

“Exactly!” Xiao Bai supported. “The victim was killed with the knife in Feng Kuo’s house. In other words, her death was pre-planned! Those who have conflict, normally kill by accident, mostly by seizing one’s throat, or knocking into something, or that sort of thing! So, Feng Kuo must really have been framed!”

“Then… Who framed him?” Da Fei said. “Would it be… could it really be Teacher Lan?”