Crazy Detective Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Bentley

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“Hello, the number you have dialed is out of the coverage area…”

“Are you serious?”

Zhao Yu cursed in distress, and had no choice but to hang up.

It was the sixth time he had called Miao Ying, but the phone was out of the coverage area. Zhao Yu calculated the time, and came up with a conclusion to comfort himself: Miao Ying might be on the plane!

It seemed like Miao Ying’s hometown was extremely far away, so could it be… She might have even gone overseas?

Zhao Yu wanted to express to her that he missed her presence, but he also wanted to discuss with Miao Ying about the kidnapping case, to if she had any other countermeasures in mind. However, it seemed that this hope would be difficult to be realized.

At that very moment, it was already 11:50 pm. Zhao Yu was still on duty in the office. Although there wasn’t any emergency currently in the case, as a team lead, he had to stay put in the headquarters.

Although the hot summer days had passed, and the weather was getting more cool, the office still had the air conditioner on, mostly to alleviate the impatience of the police detectives, and to calm them down. As usual, Zhao Yu was standing before the white board. He was looking at the information on the it, while he tried to find new clues within its framework.

From what Zhao Yu saw, the case before him was different from the major pending cases that he had encountered thus far. Maybe this was due to the fact that he had never come into contact with a kidnapping case before. In his mind, he had constantly kept thinking about the murder case, ever since ten years ago. And, as he thought of it, he would often get distracted from the present topic.

Tsk tsk…

However, in actuality, he was still very well aware. He knew that, at that time, the most urgent thing was to save Lan Shuping’s daughter.

But… what should I do to find the girl? Where would Feng Kuo hide her? Who is his partner in crime? And, most perplexing, how did they avoid the surveillance camera, when they kidnapped the girl?

On the photo, he could see that Lan Shuping’s daughter had black, long hair, and looked cute. As the child was suddenly kidnapped, Lan Shuping’s family was definitely anxious for her swift, and safe, return.

If there was something wrong with the child, their family wouldn’t be able to live anymore…..

Then, according to the orders from the higher ups in the Key Case Investigation Unit, they already spread the news of Lan Shuping’s having turned himself in. As Lan Shuping was a famous figure in Qinshan, the news quickly caused a vigorous response. It was spread widely, exploding across the internet and on WeChat.

The police thought that, if Feng Kuo was paying attention about it, he should already have gotten the news. But, Zhao Yu thought that Feng Kuo wouldn’t let go of the hostage so quickly. He would wait until Lan Shuping was sentenced, and after the police redress his grievance, then he would consider releasing his daughter!

Hence, the time would be dragged out much longer, and the longer it took, the more variables there would be! So, the police’s strategy was to stabilize Feng Kuo. If they wanted to quickly rescue the hostage, they needed to take a different approach.

But, until this was accomplished, the police had yet to find their breakthrough point. In this kidnapping, which was different from those that asked for ransom, the kidnapper only sent one message, then vanished into thin air.

Such a kidnapping method brought the police authority a huge obstacle. Besides, Zhang Yu even considered a more profound layer to this puzzle: Who was the real murderer that killed Li Jiao back then? Although this was definitely more of a secondary question in the case, Zhao Yu felt that, if they could reveal the truth of that, then the kidnap case could also be solved easily!

Plus, from the signs present, Feng Kuo was most likely framed! The reason why he would take such a huge risk, was because he wanted to prove his innocence.

So, if the real murderer wasn’t Feng Kuo, who could it be? If Lan Shuping was the murderer, how could the police let him wander about freely?

Hence, Zhao Yu needed to do two things, the first was to save the hostage, the second was to find the truth of the apartment murder case. Just when Zhao Yu was pondering all of this solemnly, the system in his mind suddenly sent an ending notification.

Zhao Yu had only gotten a completion rate of eighty two percent, so he had only received a signal enhancer device. He analyzed this rate, and realized that he had gotten a “Gen Li” hexagram, but only “Gen” was fulfilled, while the “Li” hexagram, that represented friendship, wasn’t. Hence, for the entire day, he didn’t come across any so-called friends.


Zhao Yu finally understood. The main reason why he didn’t meet any friends, was because he didn’t leave the office, but had instead stayed in for the entire day. He only gave commands in the office, but didn’t visit the crime scene.

Tsk tsk…

Zhao Yu walked back and forth in the office, while he pondered. It seemed that, if he wanted to increase the miracle completion rate and solve the case, he couldn’t just sit in the command tent and devise strategies!

The next day, he had to take a different approach, and venture out to investigate at the scene. After making this decision, Zhao Yu returned to his working desk to make a plan for the investigation the next day.

After he was done with planning, it was already past midnight, so he was able to get another hexagram. In the end, happy news was heard. He had gotten a “Gen Dui” hexagram.

Every time there was a case, what Zhao Yu looked forward to the most was the friendly “Gen” hexagram. With that hexagram, it meant that the investigation approach was correct!

Of course, as he had gotten the hexagram, Zhao Yu quickly resolved upon the chosen side quest. With his past experience, he could resolve the hexagram smoothly. With only ten minutes, he had found the miracle location and time.

In the end, when he was referring to the map, he realized something interesting: The location of the side quest was at the entrance of the Rongyang Branch, about thirty meters away. The time was 7:53 am, and the height was zero.

Interestingly, Zhao Yu shook his head faintly. He wondered what would he would encounter. Would it be helping an old grandma to cross the road again?

Later on, he pondered about the case again, standing before the whiteboard until he felt weary. After he had reached his limit, he pulled three chairs together and slept.

The night was silent. Then, on this second day, after finishing his shift, Zhao Yu went towards his first stop of the day, the entrance of the police station.

In the end, the miracle encounter location that he wanted to look for, was the pedestrian street by the road. He looked at his watch, seeing that it was already 7:50, meaning that he had to wait another three minutes.

Zhang Yu stood there, and looked around. With only a glance, he immediately noticed something out of the ordinary: On the road across from the police station, there was a black car driving slowly. On the logo of the car was an eye-catching letter B.


Zhao Yu was curious, and he looked at it carefully. The Bentley was the Mulsanne model that Miao Ying had talked about before. Its pricing was around six to seven million dollars!

The position of car photo was empty, and it should be a newly collected car. Just as Zhao Yu was looking at it, the Bentley drove into the bicycle lane, and slowly stopped right in front of him.

Before the door opened, Zhao Yu heard a sharp laughter coming from inside.


Then, the door from the back seat opened, and a middle aged man with a moustache exited from the car. The person was wearing a tailor made suit, which looked very westernized.

“Hehehe…” the person opened the door himself, still laughing as he got out of the car. He smiled at Zhao Yu, and extended his hand, saying, “You are police office Zhao Yu, right? Hello, nice to meet you! Hehe…”

“You are…” Zhao Yu tried to recall his face, but he was certain that he didn’t know this person.

“Let me introduce myself, the man with the moustache nodded faintly. “I am the general manager from Bai Shi Li Shoe Enterprise, Li Chen, but you can also call me Charlie!”

“Bai Shi Li Shoe Enterprise?” Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows. “What do I have to do with shoes?”

“Hehehe….. actually,” the man with the moustache smiled and replied, “I came to look for you, because I have a deal to make with you!”

“Shoes? A deal?” Zhao Yu pondered his words, then suddenly spoke out, loud and clear, “Oh… I understand now! You… want to look for me to be an ambassador?”