Crazy Detective Chapter 462

Chapter 462 You Tell Ghost Stories Too

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The full name of the “Petroleum Second Franchise” is “Petroleum Company Second Department Family Campus”. It was the workers and family members, who were the ones living on the campus.

Originally, this place belonged to the company. But, after the Millennium reform, the ownership was returned to the place. So, when the apartment murder occurred later, the place belonged to the jurisdiction of the Moyang branch. Therefore, all cases at that time were handled by the key case investigation unit of the Moyang branch.

Now, after 10 years, there has been little change in the family campus of the factory, as it is still retaining the old buildings from the 80s and 90s of the last century. Because the campus was originally designed for the workers, the largest surface area here is only just over 80 square meters.

Besides many family campuses, there are also many smaller apartments. These apartments were originally used for trainees, who were trained by the petroleum company. They only needed to pay a very small fee, and in return, they could rent there for a long time.

As Feng Kuo, Lan Shuping, and Liu Jiao took part in the shooting location near this place, and the rent was low, they, like many actors and actresses like them, all arranged to live here. In fact, it is said that, because of Liu Jiao’s death, the film came to a premature end, and thus, was never even premiered.

Armed with an exact address, Zhao Yu quickly found the apartment where Liu Jiao was murdered. However, he was not sure if this was because of the murder, but the three remaining apartment blocks were all now deserted.

Each apartment block was a three single-story block, with a long corridor on the side, which faced the sun, and connected all the rooms. Liu Jiao’s house was on the third story of the middle apartment block, the first room at the corner.

When Zhao Yu arrived, it was completely dark. Zhao Yu looked up at the room where Liu Jiao was murdered, feeling gloomy and terrified.


Zhao Yu scolded and murmured to himself, “How did I plan this? Why did I come at this time?”

This… Zhao Yu looked around, seeing moths flying in the weeds and crickets singing It felt creepy


Zhao Yu, gathering all his courage to bite the bullet, turned on the mobile phone’s flashlight and went up the stairs. When he was going upstairs, he did not forget to tell the miracle system in his brain not to play any adventure or game at this time! Otherwise, it could frighten him to death…

The concrete steps of the apartment were covered with weeds. These living quarters must have been left deserted for a long time. Listening to the squeaky sounds the entire structure made, Zhao Yu could not help but tremble in fear…

On the third story, Zhao Yu arrived at the door of the house where Liu Jiao was murdered. At the thought of the murder, Zhao Yu could feel chills running down his spine.

In fact, Zhao Yu did not know why he chose to be here amid such terrifying excitement. Furthermore, he had no idea what he was going to look for, once he stepped foot inside later.

Don’t forget that 10 years had since passed. Would there still be any clue left in the house? And, if there really was, could it be Liu Jiao’s spirit, lingering?


Zhao Yu patted himself on the mouth, complaining internally that it was frightening enough to be here, so he should not be thinking about spirits on top of everything else. The wooden door had nearly rotted away. In addition to the weeds at the door, there were also some wet cement stains, presumably having blown in with windy and rainy weather over the years.

When he stepped into the house, the whole house looked empty. There were no furnishings, nothing but spooky-looking walls. When Zhao Yu shone his flashlight inside the house, he suddenly saw a huge dark shadow.


Zhao Yu heard a buzzing sound in his head. After he took a closer look, he realized that, because the old house was left unrepaired for years, the roof had started to fall apart. The dark shadow was actually a missing piece of roofing slate. It looked as if it was a ghost hanging from the roof!

Holy sh*t!

Zhao Yu was feeling both angry and afraid, regretting his decision to visit the place so late at night.


After sighing, Zhao Yu shone the flashlight at the front door again. According to the case report, Liu Jiao was found dead at a distance of three or four meters from the door, her body facing the front door.

This was the reason why the police suspected that Liu Jiao opened the door for the murderer, and that the murderer stabbed her with a knife then. The action was so quick, that Liu Jiao had had no time to turn around or dodge the attack!

And, looking at the crime scene, it looked like Liu Jiao should have taken no precaution. That is to say, the murderer was probably one of the acquaintances she knew, and so she did not think that someone familiar would suddenly murder her with a knife!

Someone familiar? Hmmm…

Feng Kuo and Lan Shuping were both very familiar with Liu Jiao. Could the murderer be one of them?

But… These two men were deeply in love with Liu Jiao, which gave them no reason at all to kill her.

Who could the murderer be?

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu took two more steps forward, in order to see clearly the spot where Liu Jiao had lain dead. Although there was nothing there to see at present, Zhao Yu still felt as if he could go back in time, recreating somehow the scene where the crime took place, all those years ago.

Zhao Yu felt that the time between Liu Jiao being stabbed and Feng Kuo’s return was very close. If the murderer had intentions to frame Feng Kuo, he must have known that Feng Kuo could have returned at any moment, so his murder process must have been very fast!

That is to say…

Zhao Yu turned behind him, to take a look at the door, and then turned back to survey the spot where Liu Jiao had lain dead. He had a clear thought in his mind, and felt that the murder process was possibly like this:

First, someone had knocked at the door, and Liu Jiao had then opened the door. Liu Jiao knew that Feng Kuo had had the key to the door. If it was Feng Kuo, he would not have knocked, but simply would have let himself in with his own key.

So Liu Jiao should have stood at the door and asked, “Who is it?”

Liu Jiao must have known the person who answered, and thus, opened the door to him without taking any precaution. However, as soon as the door opened, the murderer stabbed Liu Jiao, and she fell directly to the ground!

In order not to let Liu Jiao make a sound, the murderer must have covered Liu Jiao’s mouth with one hand, then continued stabbing her with the other hand, until Liu Jiao was covered in blood, no longer moving! Worried that Feng Kuo might return at any time, after the murder was committed, the murderer would have fled the scene with his murder weapon.

However, he must not have expected that Liu Jiao would not die on the spot. As, still being alive a few last moments, she wrote the two mysterious strokes of a Chinese character with her blood

Two strokes

With this thought, Zhao Yu further explored the area. However, just as he moved another step forward, he suddenly heard a rattling sound, coming from outside!

Holy sh*t!

As Zhao Yu was already in a nervous mental state, to hear such a sudden, crisp sound, sent chills and numbness up his spine. It almost made him fall to the ground!

Oh no!

Could… Could ghost stories be true?

Though Zhao Yu was terribly frightened, he still managed to run out of the house at the fastest speed.

Unexpectedly, just as he stepped into the corridor outside, he saw, as he peered through the rusty railing, something floating afar. It was a human shadow!!!!