Crazy Detective Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Bean Restaurant

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Zhao Yu was frightened. He thought to himself, WhateverI am afraid of will appear, so why did the figure pop out from nowhere? Why was it floating? Would it be… Was there really a ghost?

Liu Jiao!

Zhao Yu quickly clasped both his hands together and mumbled, “I am here to redress the grievance, you can’t… Can’t…”

Just when he said that, he suddenly saw the shadow on the lower floor hide into the corner, then suddenly roll down. When he looked more closely, he realized that the figure belonged to a live human. The person had tripped and fallen down!

The fuck?


Gave me a shock!


Zhao Yu suddenly redirected his attention and recalled something!

Oh god!

Today, I’ve gotten a “Gen” hexagram. Would it be, would the person be Feng Kuo?!

Zhao Yu thought this, and suddenly felt the high possibility of it. As the location was remote, there wouldn’t be any people that would barge through. If Lan Shuping’s daughter was to be hid here, it would naturally be a good hiding spot! And, Liu Jiao died here, so maybe Feng Kuo had a relationship complex…

At that very moment, the person who fell down, had already stood up among the bushes, and obviously wanted to escape. Zhao Yu couldn’t think further, but immediately ran downstairs.

The stairways entrance for the building that Zhao Yu was at, was the only route that connected to the outside. When Zhao Yu dashed downstairs, he coincidentally ran into the person who was passing by the stairways.

How could Zhao Yu let go of such a coincidence? Before he got to the first floor, he jumped off from the second floor, over the fencing, and leapt onto the person from the sky.

“Ah!” The person groaned, as he was squashed under Zhao Yu.

“Run some more!” Zhao Yu immediately seized control of him, and flipped his arms backwards, to put handcuffs on him.

“Ghost! Ghost! Mom… Mom…” The person underneath struggled with all his strength, while he shouted.

“Don’t move!” Zhao Yu pressed, as he quickly stopped him from moving.

However, after he heard him screaming, Zhao Yu quickly thought to himself.


That’s not right?

Why does this guy think that he ran into ghost? He even shouted for his mother…

Then, Zhao Yu flipped his face over, and shined at it with his hand phone torchlight. He saw that the person was a young man, who was barely twenty years old. His face was pale from terror.


Finally, Zhao Yu realized his mistake. This person… Didn’t look like…

“Ah!You… You you you… You are not a ghost?” The young man saw Zhao Yu holding his hand phone, and finally gained consciousness. He asked loudly, “You… Who are you? What are you doing?”

“Police!” Zhao Yu patted his handcuffs, and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Police?!” The young man repeated, awareness sinking in. He then relaxed, when he answered, “Police, I…. I am here to catch crickets. I… Catching crickets is not against the law, right?

“The fuck?!”

Zhao Yu then dragged the person from the ground, and looked him up and down. Then, he saw the tool that he was using to catch crickets.

Tsk tsk…

Would it be… Really a mistake?

“I ask you,” Zhao Yu quickly shouted, “If you catch crickets, then just catch crickets. Why did you run? Why did you make such big movements?”

“My cricket tins, they were all broken! Oh my god, you gave me a shock!” The young man panted as he spoke, “I knew that this building was haunted. Oh no, I meant that someone died here! But, today the crickets were extremely loud, and I couldn’t help but come over! God knows, when I was catching crickets, I looked up and saw the room where someone died there before, and it was lit up, and there was a human shadow! I… How I could I not be scared?”

Then, the young man nearly fainted, admitting, “I was scared, and I broke the cricket tin! I am so scared, that I don’t even know if I had it in me to run! Turn… Turns out…. You are a human! Aiyo, you give me a shock, give me a shock…”


Zhao Yu cursed, and unlocked the handcuffs. He said, “I am the police, and I am here to investigate, so where did the ghost come from? You are so free, to the point that you came here to catch crickets, and gave me a shock. Do you know that?”

“Comrade, my bad! My bad…” The young man bent down as he spoke, “Don’t worry. Next time, even if you lend me a hundred guts, I wouldn’t dare to come here! I… Eh? That’s not right?” The young man suddenly recalled and asked, “Mr police, you… Why did you come to investigate at night? Is… Is there anything that happened?”

“Sigh!” Zhao Yu looked around and said, “Let’s go, let’s head somewhere with more humans, to talk! Do you think the Yin is not strong enough?”

Five minutes later, Zhao Yu brought the young man to the plaza in the family building. There were people having dinner, taking a stroll, some were even dancing. The two of them found a cooling summer house, and sat down. Zhao Yu then unlocked his phone, and showed the young man Feng Kuo’s photo.

“Look, have you seen this person recently?” he asked the young man.

The young man looked and shook his head, saying, “No, never! Oh… Police officer, you are here to arrest someone? Why? Are you worried that the person was hiding at those places just now?”

“Mm… Yes!” Zhao Yu went along with the flow of conversation.

“Shouldn’t be!” the young man said, “These few days, Da Liu and San Bai were all there to catch crickets. If there were people hiding there, we should’ve found out long ago!”

“Oh!” Zhao Yu nodded. It seemed like Feng Kuo didn’t hide there.

“But, you didn’t know!” The young man gulped and said, “The room you entered earlier, someone died there back then! Aiyo… Just now, I was really frightened!

“How old are you this year?” Zhao Yu suddenly asked.

“Nineteen, why?” The young man spoke, as he took out a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket. He was going to lit one up.

Zhao Yu suddenly snatched the cigarette and smashed it, “You tell me, about the murder case, what do you know?”

“Cigarette…Mm…” The young man dared not attempt to light up for the second time, but answered honestly, “I was just a kid back then! I only remember that, after someone died, everyone at the family building was shocked! Such a small place had a murder case, so wasn’t it terrifying? All of us children were trapped in the house the entire day, and couldn’t go anywhere else…I heard, the person who died was from elsewhere, it’s a girl! San Bai, yeah! San Bai went to see the corpse then, too! After that, he peed in his bed for the entire month…”

Later on, the young man started telling a lot of stories, which were basically irrelevant to the case. Zhao Yu had to redirect his way of thought, so he asked, “Let me ask you, are there many diners around the second franchise? Do you remember one called the Bean Restaurant?”

The Bean Restaurant was the one Lan Shuping drank at back then. Lan Shuping was drinking at the restaurant that night, when Liu Jiao was killed. Zhao Yu wanted to estimate the distance, and see if Lan Shuping had the possibility to commit the crime.

“Bean Restaurant?” The young man thought and replied, “Yeah, it is right outside the entrance to the second franchise. Right next to Shi San Zhong. The restaurant ain’t big, but they cook dishes and serve beer with skewers!”

Wow? That’s interesting… Zhao Yu didn’t expect that the restaurant was still there after ten years.

“Mm…” The young man stood up and patted the dust on his butt away. He said, “Let’s go. I have nothing to do anyway. I will bring you there…”