Crazy Detective Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Competition to Catch the Culprit

Seeing Zhao Yu laughing for no reason, Department Leader Wang Fei, who was at the location to collect evidence, stopped his work to watch what was happening.

"Zhao Yu, you can laugh!" Liu Changhu was still making faces, "Your happy days are at its end! Well see how long you can laugh!"

Qu Ping was uninterested, and turned to leave. Even though she did not like Zhao Yu, she also did not like Liu Changhu. But as she was leaving, Zhao Yu called out to her.

"Oi, Team Leader Qu! Dont leave yet!" Zhao Yu spoke as he laughed, "You have to be my witness!"

"What?" Qu Ping turned around, confused, "What do you mean?"

"Oi! Liu!" Zhao Yu turned towards Liu Changhu and laughed, "Say, about our bet, does it count or not?"

Liu Changhu rolled his eyes as he replied, "Yeah, why not? Didnt we say so? If you can solve the Lost Hand Case, then Ill pay the 1800 yuan for you! But wheres the culprit? If you dont have the culprit, how can you solve the case?"

"Whats the rush?" Zhao Yu tilted his head, "Didnt we say seven days? Seven days was the limit. Its only been five days, dont I still have time?"

"Right, right, right! Theres still time, still time!" Liu Changhu also laughed, "How about it, Zhao Yu? Could it be that you still want to catch the culprit? Alright! But Ill say it right now, Ill only complete the bet if you specifically catch the culprit! If it was someone else, it doesnt count!"

"Hehehe, I just wanted your promise!" Zhao Yu turned to Qu Ping, "Did you hear, Team Leader Qu? You have to be my witness. After this, Ill go and catch the culprit of the Lost Hand Case with my own hands. How about we also have a competition? See who catches the culprit first?"

Hearing this, the police officers present could not help but talk among themselves, creating a commotion. In their eyes, Zhao Yu was digging himself a grave. Qu Pings had access to all sorts of surveillance, roadblocks, and patrols. For Zhao Yu to catch the culprit before her was almost an impossible task!

"Fine!" Qu Ping had also been taunted by Zhao Yu, and mocked him, "Looks like, I can only wish you good luck!"

Hearing Qu Pings mockery, the investigators on B Team all displayed varying degrees of mocking expressions as well.

But, Zhao Yu even extended his hand towards the crowd, "Come, come, everyone, everyone, interested? Ill pay. If I win, youll get ten times what you bet! If you bet on Team Leader Qu Ping and she wins, youll get twice what you bet, how about it? Anyone?" Zhao Yus words made the police officers even more awkward. Everyone thought he had gone crazy. He had the audacity to make bets? How was this anything like a police officer?

But everyone was watching curiously, no one actually went ahead and made bets.

"Che!" Seeing no one taking the bet, Zhao Yu waved his hands with little interest, "A bunch of chickens! Go do whatever! Im leaving now, got a criminal to catch! See you guys!" After he finished, Zhao Yu turned and walked towards the graveyard.

"Hey, Senioryou didnt make a mistake, right?" Li Beini was somewhat agitated as she waved her hand at Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu simply waved back, "Its fine! Dont need your help this time! I can do it myself! No need to see me off!"

"Not that!" Li Beini stomped her foot in frustration, "Senior, youre going the wrong way, its that way!"

As it turns out, the way Zhao Yu was going was deeper into the graveyard and not towards the exit. "Hahaha" he laughed.

The investigators on Team B thought that Zhao Yu was still under the effect of the anesthesia, and could no longer control himself as he bent over with laughter.

Li Changhu spit onto the ground to vent his frustration, and muttered, "Cant even find the right direction, and he wants to catch the culprit? What a joke!"

By that time, Zhao Yu had already walked far away, but the group could still see his every move. However, they saw that Zhao Yu did not intend to leave the cemetery, but circled around the tombs.

"Huh?" Zhao Yus strange movements quickly attracted the investigators attention, especially Team Leader Qu Ping. She had previously intended to leave, but seeing Zhao Yu making rounds around the tomb, her face also showed confusion. Tsk, tskthat Zhao Yu, what was he planning?

Suddenly, while everyone was distracted, they saw Zhao Yu stop in front of a certain grave. Then, as if he had found something, he suddenly started kicking the tomb!

"Wowwowiewoooowwww" The investigators were all stunned, and thought to themselves, "Zhao Yuthis guydid he really go nuts?!"

After he kicked the tomb a couple of times, Zhao Yu suddenly leaped forward and disappeared!

"Ah? Where did he go?"

"No way?"

"Could he havefallen into the tomb?"

""Quick! Quick! Over there!" Qu Ping had already realized something, and was the first to rush towards Zhao Yus location. The other investigators followed, including Liu Changhu, Wang Fei, and others.

When the group got to the front of the tomb, everyone was stunned in silence! unexpectedly, the side of the grave had a nearly half meter diameter entrance! Before everyone could take a closer look, Zhao Yu popped up from within the opening, and beside him was a woman. The woman was wearing a tight fit windbreaker, still donning the surgical cap. She was definitely the culprit, Li Dan!!

"Quick!" Zhao Yu pressed Li Dan under his body, and extended a peace sign to the group, "Quick, take a photo for me!!"

A few minutes later, Li Dan was handcuffed, and taken away by a police car. As she was being taken away, Li Dan continued to use a bitter expression and glared at Zhao Yu, making him very uncomfortable. Thinking that she was the woman who had chopped off the hands of three victims, Zhao Yu felt nothing but a chill up his spine.

"Hey!" Li Beini slapped Zhao Yu hard on the back, making Zhao Yu shiver.

"JesusOh, its you? You scared me!" Zhao Yu put a hand over his chest. It really had scared him badly.

"Please! You can go grave diving, but youre scared of me?" Li Beini was all smiles as she sat beside Zhao Yu, but she also could noy hold off her impatience, "Quick, tell me now, how did you know the culprit was hiding inside the grave?"

"II" Zhao Yu pondered for a moment, and made up a lie, "Li Dans mom said that Li Dan was going to follow the theatre troupe and perform in the rural areas, and that shed be back in a few days! So that meant that Li Dan had already prepared not to go home?" Zhao Yu continued, "You have to remember, last year after she cut off Yuan Lilis hand, in order to avoid the surveillance cameras, she sat on top of the building for seven days! So, I thought, maybe shed stick to her ways and do it again?"

"That makes sense!" Li Beini thought about it, and said, "There arent any cameras in the cemetery, but all around are streets. If she did not want to leave any evidence, then hiding near here would be the perfect idea. Butto pick a gravethis culprit was too daring!"

"If she wasnt, how could she have cut off all of those hands?" Zhao Yu was unsurprised.

"Huh? Wait?" Li Beini suddenly remembered something, then asked, "Senior? Even if you knew the culprit was hiding in a tomb, how did you know the exact position? Just now, how did you find the position right away?"

"Uhthisthis istsk." Zhao Yu stuttered for a while, and could not find a good excuse.