Crazy Detective Chapter 470

Chapter 470 An Unexpected Answer

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Just like before, although Zhao Yu felt that this duplicate adventure was very interesting, and was eagerly expecting it, the actual duplicate adventure was quite different from what he expected. This time, just when Zhao Yu was standing at the location of the duplicate adventure, the Head of the Rongyang Economic Investigation Department, Captain Qian, walked over to him.

“Xiao Zhao!” Captain Qian said to Zhao Yu enthusiastically, “I’m glad you are here! I was about to look for you at the Key Case Investigation Unit!”

“Captain Qian?” Zhao Yu recalled that he was not familiar with this Captain Qian.

“When we were interrogating Li Xiaowei, we found that they had illicit money, 300 thousand dollars of which was actually transferred from your account!” Captain Qian said. “I heard from Li Xiaowei that you were helping a friend to pay a loan. Is that correct?”

“Li Xiaowei?” Zhao Yu frowned, completely confused.

“Li Xiaowei’s nickname is ‘Fatty Sausage’, Li Xiusheng’s nephew!” Captain Qian reminded, hoping this would trigger Zhao Yu’s memory.

“Oh…” Zhao Yu hastily nodded and said, “Yes, there were loan sharks harassing a friend of mine. I helped this friend to pay the loan. This… It should not be a concern, right?”

“Cough! What concern can there be?” Captain Qian smiled and said, “I’ve come to tell you personally, that the money has been transferred back to you! It’s going to be reflected on your card soon!”

“Huh?” Zhao Yu was surprised. “You transferred the money back to me? No, Captain Qian. Though they are loan sharks, paying back a debt is perfectly justifiable! How can I be so immoral, as to take back the payment?”

“Whoops!” Captain Qian nodded earnestly. “Team leader Zhao! You are really a man of righteousness! It is no wonder that the leaders highly commended you. Ah ha ha…”

“But, there is no need to talk to the smugglers, like Li Xiaowei, about morality! The money they hold in their hands is all ill-gotten gain, and usury is a crime. Hence, the illicit money should naturally return to the victim’s hands. You don’t think too much into it. We have returned not only your money, but also that which is owed to the rest of the victims.”


Zhao Yu had a quick-thinking mind. He knew at once, that this Captain Qian was trying to sweet-talk him! Otherwise, it would not be possible for the 300 thousand dollars to be returned to his account!


Zhao Yu could not help but gasp. Sometimes, when luck is coming your way, there is no way to stop it! But, what Captain Qian said was right. Since Fatty Sausage’s actions were indeed illegal, and because of his relationship with Li Xiusheng, he was imprisoned, so there was no need to speak about morality in concerns to him anymore.

“All right!” With this in mind, Zhao Yu thanked Captain Qian, cupping his own hands (traditional greeting) and saying, “Captain Qian, thank you! In future, if you need any help from me, feel free to say so!”

“Cough! No need to say thank you, after all, you are a brother to me!” Captain Qian smiled and said. “I like how straightforward you are, Team Leader Zhao! We should be closer, like brothers!”

“Surely After I finish this present case, I will treat you to a meal…” Unexpectedly, even before Zhao Yu had finished his sentence, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

Zhao Yu saw that the caller was Zhang Jingfeng, and so knew that he had to answer this call. So, he had no choice but to wave goodbye to Captain Qian.

“You go get your work done, go go” Captain Qian was a tactful man, sensible and polite enough to know that he should immediately walk away.

As soon as the phone lines were connected, Zhao Yu heard Zhang Jingfeng’s emotional voice, “Zhao Yu, something is not right! I… I managed to contact Feng Lin’s doctor! ButHe said that, in the first half of the year, after Feng Lin suffered from cerebral hemorrhage, he was fully in charge of treating her, and that her condition improved significantly under his care. But, six months later, Feng Lin suddenly changed to a private doctor, and so, was no longer being treated by him. Thus, he knows nothing about how she is now.”

“Huh?” Zhao Yu hurriedly replied, before asking, “This does not make sense. Feng Lin could not speak, and was paralyzed. How could she change her doctor? It’s… Is it Xiao Guofeng, who did that?”

“Not sure!” Zhang Jingfeng hurriedly replied. “I asked the doctor, and the doctor was puzzled too. It was said that someone had handled the procedures for her, then left!”

“So… Who was this private doctor?” Zhao Yu wondered aloud.

“Again, no idea. Patient records of private doctors are not networked. So, I suspect something is fishy here!” Zhang Jingfeng said. “I hurried to tell you this, so that you could check with your powerful network, to see if they know anything about this.”

“Oh, sure!”

After hanging up, Zhao Yu retrieved the contact numbers of two investigators from the Moyang branch. Just when he was about to dial the numbers, he suddenly realized that it would be useless to make the calls. The reason was due to the fact that the people at the Moyang branch were only concerned about Feng Kuo’s jailbreak, and thus, would not pay any attention to Feng Lin’s medical history!

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu strode back, as he thought about the case strategy.

Because of Zhang Jingfeng’s discovery, things seemed to have undergone a 180 degree turn, returning them right back to the original point. The suspicion of Feng Lin had suddenly increased sharply!

Could it be… She had recovered from her illness? And, if so, that she had helped Feng Kuo to escape from the prison, before kidnapping Lan Shuping’s child?

Li Beini’s inference was indeed not unreasonable. If Feng Lin was pretending to be sick to save her son, she must have had the freedom to do so! Then, how did she do these things, under such strict guardianship of everyone surrounding her?

Wait, wait!

When Zhao Yu came to the door of the office, he suddenly thought of a way to find out the truth quickly!

Xiao Guofeng!


Instead of being coy, it is better to be straightforward. Thinking of this, Zhao Yu retrieved the contact number of Xiao Guofeng, and gave him a call straight away.

“Hello, is this Xiao Guofeng?” Zhao Yu said, pretending to be calm. “I am the investigator from the Moyang branch. We met yesterday? Well, I wish to ask you a few questions today, regarding Miss Feng Lin’s condition. We have a lot of her fans here, and are concerned about her health. So I wish to ask whether Miss Feng Lin still goes to the hospital for her check-ups?”

Zhao Yu was walking towards his office, while he was having this conversation on the phone. When he saw all of the investigators looking at him curiously, he turned on the speakerphone.

Xiao Guofeng’s voice could be heard by all present, booming out via speaker from the mobile phone.

“Thank you very much for all of your concerns. My wife has been going to the central hospital for check-ups regularly, and her condition has remained very stable. So, don’t worry!”

“That’s great! Well… Do you accompany her for every check-up? And if so, do you need our help?”

“No, no, no need for your help. Of course, I accompany her, always!”

“So… Have you considered seeing a private doctor?” Zhao Yu added, “I know several famous doctors, if you need me to introduce them to you!”

“A private doctor?” Xiao Guofeng was slightly distracted. He then said, “Can a private doctor treat cerebral hemorrhage? This is the first time I have heard about such a thing. Sure, if you have the right doctor, I will take my wife to see him. As long as it helps in her recovery, it does not matter how much it costs.”


After hearing Xiao Guofeng’s words, Zhao Yu began to hesitate, pausing to think for a while. From what he had just heard from Xiao Guofeng, it seemed that Xiao Guofeng had no idea that Feng Lin had changed to a private doctor for treatment!

So… How did he accompany Feng Lin to see a doctor? This meant that, in Xiao Guofeng’s speech, there must have been some mistruths.


Which part was the lie?

Zhao Yu quickly said in reply, “We will surely help you to find the best doctor. Also, we do hope Miss Feng Lin can recover soon! But… I still have a question to ask…”

“Go ahead, please feel free,” Xiao Guofeng offered, very politely.

“Hmm… We have a fan, who wanted us to ask this. We heard that Miss Feng Lin had a Chanel limited edition scarf. I wonder Do you know anything about this?”

When the question was asked, not only was Zhao Yu, but almost all the investigators were holding their breaths, with their hearts beating fast, as all waited for Xiao Guofeng’s reply.

However, Xiao Guofeng’s reply was very simple. He immediately said, “Yes, you guys even knew about this small accessory of dress? Yes, it is right now in my house! You are talking about the sunflower design scarf, right? It was a gift from a Hongkong director! Very expensive!”