Crazy Detective Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Cant Press Forward To The Enemys Headquarters

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Hearing Xiao Guofeng’s answer, the police detectives were shocked.

If Feng Lin really did have such a sunflower print scarf, did it mean…

“Wow! It’s a limited edition!” Zhao Yu couldn’t hold back his excitement, as he said over the phone. “If there’s a chance, can I take a look at the scarf?”

“No problem, of course!” Xiao Guofeng agreed. “It’s in my lover’s room! Before she fell ill, she loved wearing that scarf!

“Of course… I’ll be satisfied with just one glance! Thank you!” Zhao Yu then chatted with Xiao Guofeng casually for a bit, before hanging up.

“Bro!” After seeing he had hung up, Li Beini couldn’t help but shout. “Since Feng Lin had a sunflower print scarf, she had to be the kidnapper, right? Did she really recover from her cerebral hemorrhage?”

“We can’t be certain.” Zhao Yu shook his head and said. “If we want to be positive, we still have to confirm the facts with her private doctor. Plus, I have to confirm one other thing.”

Zhao Yu made another call. This time, the call was to the police detective from the Moyang Branch. After the call was connected, Zhao Yu inquired about Xiao Guofeng’s accompanying Feng Lin when she would go for her check ups.

The police detective gave Xiao Guofeng a lecture on the spot. He said that Xiao Guofeng was simply talking nonsense. He also claimed that Xiao Guofeng was too busy entertaining all of his mistresses to take her to her check ups, as he was barely ever home normally!


Then, Zhao Yu’ s suspicions were eliminated entirely!

It seemed that Xiao Guofeng had no idea that Feng Lin had found a private doctor… So, in other words…

While Zhao Yu was pondering these things, Liang Huan suddenly got a phone call. After the call, he quickly reported, “Zhao, the experts from the Missing Persons Department are done with the portrait comparison. Feng Lin and the woman in the surveillance video are 87 percent identical matches. With such a high level of percentage probability,that makes it sufficient to be used as direct evidence!”


The moment he nodded, Zhao Yu felt a sudden pang of anxiety. After all, this case was related to saving a little girl’s life! Before he gave out orders, he had to be very, very careful.

“Zhao?” Liang Huan said. “What are you waiting for? Arresting a woman in a wheelchair doesn’t need Team A, right? We can do it ourselves! Hurry up!”

“But…” Zhao Yu didn’t yet loosen his tightly knit eyebrows, as he still had some details to figure out before giving the official orders to arrest Feng Lin.

Although the scarf and the portrait matched, Zhao Yu still didn’t understand how Feng Lin had done it. Plus, he could not forget that, behind Feng Lin, there was the escaped prisoner, Feng Kuo! If they suddenly messed around with Feng Lin, would they alert the enemy as well?

Zhao Yu told Liang Huan, “Liang,in order to do this, we shouldn’t involve too many people. You go ahead and get a gun, then just the two of us will go!”

“Just the two of us?” Liang was surprised.

“There are quite a number of provincial criminal police and police detectives from the Moyang Branch already stationed at Feng Kuo’s house,” Zhao Yu said. “With us bringing so many people over, wouldn’t it be crowded?”

“Oh… True that! Okay, I will go get guns!” Liang Huan quickly left.

Zhao Yu told Da Fei, “Help me check on Feng Lin’s private doctor. See if you can find out who he person is. Then, if you find the doctor, please clarify Feng Lin’s actual medical condition!”

“Mm!” Da Fei nodded.

“Li Beini!” Zhao Yu turned to address Li Beini. “Check on Feng Lin’s financial status. Not only hers, but also Feng Kuo’s and Feng Lin’s parents. See if anything is unusual!”

“Alright!” Li Beini immediately nodded in agreement.

After delegating the tasks, Zhao Yu then met Liang Huan downstairs, before leaving to drive toward Feng Kuo’s residence. On the way there, Zhao Yu received a text message alert.

The alert was showing a direct deposit on his card. He wasn’t expecting that the three hundred thousand that he had given Fat Sausage could be returned onto his card! No wonder it was said that the “Dui” hexagram would be first, before the “Gen” hexagram!

However, it was a crucial time to solve the case, so Zhao Yu naturally had no time to ponder about this new development. His mind must only be occupied by the plan to foil the plot of Feng Lin!

Feng Lin…

A highly intelligent retired celebrity…

It is really you?

How did you help Feng Kuo break out of the prison?

How did you earn the little girl’s trust and kidnap her?

From the prison break to the kidnapping, everything was done meticulously. Every step was taken with carefully constructed plans. The entire plan was plotted so elaborately.

As a planner, she was definitely an expert in details!

Feng Lin… Is she the expert?

But… Zhao Yu felt that the case still seemed to be lacking something! Just as Li Beini had speculated, Feng Lin had a fundamental obstacle that she had to overcome before she could complete her great plan: How could she run away from a guardian in real time, in order to carry out her plan?

Although Xiao Guofeng was always out, there was still the personal maid that was constantly keeping Feng Lin under her watch. Would Feng Lin have only waited till sleeping hours to head out?

No way, right?

To kidnap the little girl, she had to prepare beforehand. To be able to gain the little girl’s trust, she could only do so during the daytime!

Then… How did Feng Lin con the maid?



Aiyo, what the heck!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu finally thought about the crucial factor of the problem. He suddenly sat straight up in his car seat and shouted at Liang Huan, “Liang… Pullover!”

“Why?” Liang said. “We will reach the place after just one more turn! Why are we pulling over now?”

“That maid…” Zhao Yu’s voice was shivering in excitement. “She is taking care of Feng Lin everyday. No matter what kind of situation Feng Lin is in, it would be impossible to con the maid!”

“Yeah?” Liang Huan stopped the car by the side of the road, still not understanding. Then, he looked over and asked, “Why… do you think that we are chasing the wrong suspect? We only had to get to Feng Kuo’s house, find the scarf, find the evidence of her buying a Nissan, and then we’d be done!”

“But….” Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows and shook his head, “We can’t just press forward to the enemy’s headquarters and think that we can be done with it.”

“Why not?” Liang Huan spoke with certainty, “Wait until we show our evidence! I can’t wait to see Teacher Feng Lin stand up from her wheelchair! Her husband will be in shock!”

“No!” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “You still don’t get it. You are missing the main point of what I am trying to say! Even if Feng Lin could stand up and was indeed the kidnapper, the crucial point of the problem is not here!”

“Not here? Then, where?” Liang Huan was completely puzzled.

Zhao Yu suddenly replied with a seemingly irrelevant question. “Liang, let me ask you. If you were going to cook lunch, when would you do the grocery shopping?”

“What are you talking about? Why are you asking this?” Liang Huan was completely confused now.

“Don’t go to Feng Kuo’s place first,” Zhao Yu patted Liang Huan’s shoulder and said. “Let’s go to the market first!”