Crazy Detective Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Heart Sick

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“Little girl, when you were trapped here, did you ever seen anyone else? Such as… this person?” Then, Zhao Yu showed Feng Kuo’s photo to the little girl.

Although the little girl was still wiping away her tears, she took a glance at the photo on the phone and shook her head certainly.

Tsk tsk…

Zhao Yu’s eyebrows were tightly knit again. From what he saw, Feng Kuo had never come there before!

Zhao Yu couldn’t make any sense of the fact that the hostage had been found, but there were still no signs of the escaped prisoner Feng Kuo!

Could it be that… Feng Kuo was hidden in another place?

“Yeah, yes yes yes…” Liang Huan was reporting the situation to the headquarters, “Hurry up and inform Lan Shuping! Her daughter has been found, but there was no sign of Feng Kuo! Yes! Of course, how could I not perform extraordinarily with Team Lead Zhao? Hehehe… Okay…”

After reporting, Liang Huan put down the phone and told Zhao Yu, “Zhao, the troops will be here soon, and the family members of the hostage have been informed too! Mm… Zhao…”

At that moment, Zhao Yu was pondering, so he didn’t hear anything until Liang Huan had shouted. Only then did Zhao Yu snap back to reality, saying in Liang Huan’s ears softly, “Liang, if Feng Kuo had been here, it wouldn’t have been so easy! If he had been here, once he heard us, it would have been difficult for us to arrest him! So…”

“So… ?” Liang Huan couldn’t follow Zhao Yu’s rhythm of thought.

Zhao Yu didn’t respond, but walked before Meifang, saying, “I said, Sis Mei! Don’t you think you will be fine if you don’t say anything! Actually, I already know, even if you don’t tell me!”

Meifang dared not look at Zhao Yu’s imposing eyes, but just looked down, not saying a word.

“Liang!” Zhao Yu said, as he turned around to tell Liang Huan, “Don’t delay anymore. We can’t wait any longer! Come on, arrest her! I’ll bring the kid. We will go look for Feng Ling and confront her in person!”

“Huh? Liang Huan was stunned and said, “Zhao, this… isn’t this against the rules? We already saved the hostage. If we were to bring them out, isn’t it a little a too risky? Plus, I have already informed headquarters…”

“Then, inform them once more,” Zhao Yu was very decisive. “Let headquarters send two troops. One to here, to investigate the scene, and the other to Feng Lin’s house, to meet us! Don’t delay any further! Missing this opportunity would make it more difficult for us to find Feng Kuo!”

“You… You mean, you are going to interrogate Feng Lin?” Liang Huan shook his head and said, “But, Feng Lin went through so much trouble to help Feng Kuo break out from the prison! Do you really think she would send Feng Kuo out?”

“That’s why we need to catch her off guard. We need to surprise her!” Zhao Yu said cunningly. “Don’t you want to see where Teacher Feng stood up from her wheelchair? This is your best chance!”

“Huh?” Hearing what Zhao Yu said, Meifang couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

“But…” Liang Huan was still hesitating. “The troop will get here in a few minutes. We shouldn’t wait for them? What if Feng Kuo suddenly appears?”

Hehehe… Don’t worry!” Zhao Yu said with confidence. “Feng Kuo definitely wouldn’t appear here! Let’s go!” Then, Zhao Yu held the little girl’s hand and walked outside.

Liang Huan saw Zhao Yu was insistent, so he didn’t try to stop the two as they left, but rather escorted Meifang to catch up with Zhao Yu.

“Zhao…” In the lift, Liang Huan couldn’t help but compliment, “How could you be so capable? That was an anti-theft door, so how could you just unlock it with whatever you found? What did you take out just now? It looked like a toothpick to me.”

Actually, the anti-theft door was unlocked by Zhao Yu, using the Universal Lock Picker. The toothpick was just for pretending. Of course, Liang Huan didn’t know that.

“Cough! How dare you say that you graduated from police school!” Zhao Yu replied immediately. “Didn’t you attend the class, where they taught you how to pop the lock open?”

Liang Huan showed his tongue and made a face. “There’s such a class in the police school? Why didn’t I have it during my time there? And, how did you know they would hide the hostage in such a place? You are too amazing.”


Actually, the reason why Zhao Yu could find the location, was because he had put a tracking device on Meifang! But at that moment, he naturally couldn’t answer honestly, so he had to make up an excuse. But… What excuse?

Zhao Yu didn’t directly respond, but instead beckoned toward Meifang using his chin, “You ask her about it!”


Liang Huan was surprised. Meifang was shocked.

“Look at you, how dare you pretend? Quick, tell me.” Zhao Yu went on at Meifang, as he bought time to make up a reason. As Liang Huan and Meifang looked at him, both perplexed, he finally found a reason.

“Sis Mei, this house, is it under your name? The money was paid by Teacher Feng Lin, right?” he asked.

“You…” Meifang finally lifted her head. Her eyes showed that she was shocked, and her body was shivering with fright.

“Oh…” Liang Huan suddenly understood and showed Zhao Yu a thumbs up. “Zhao Yu, you are so amazing! Bro, I am sold! I didn’t know you checked on the financial status of the maidservant too! You are really amazing!” Then, he turned around and told Meifang, “Teacher Feng Lin is so generous. To drag you in, she didn’t even mind buying you a big house! If it was me, I might be convinced too. Hahaha…”

Meifang was at loss for words and hung her head. However, Zhao Yu gulped, because what he had said earlier was made up, so he had no real idea if it was true. Hence, when they came back to the car, Zhao Yu quickly sent Li Beini a text, so that Li Beini could check on Meifang’s financial status.

Then, within a few minutes, Zhao Yu and Liang Huan brought the little girl Niuniu and the maidservant Meifang back to where Feng Lin stayed. Coincidently, besides the police detectives that were on duty, Feng Lin’s family was all gathered there also. Xiao Guofeng and his son, Xiao Zheng, were even there!

Xiao Zheng was pushing Feng Lin around the living room, while he was talking to Xiao Guofeng about their wood carving factory. When Zhao Yu and the rest entered the villa, everyone was confused. Then, when Xiao Guofeng and his son saw that Meifang was wearing handcuffs, they got even more confused.

“Police officer, you…” Xiao Guofeng stood up in confusion and asked, “What does this all mean?”

However, Zhao Yu didn’t care about Xiao Guofeng, but looked at Feng Lin, who was sitting in the wheelchair. He then pulled the little girl, Niuniu, before her.

In the end, when Feng Ling saw the little girl, she shook, like she was suddenly hit by a thunderbolt!

“Auntie, you?” Niuniu immediately recognized Feng Lin. She asked her curiously, “Why are you sitting in the wheelchair? Are you sick?”

“Little girl…” Zhao Yu took Niuniu’s hand and said emotionally, “You are right. Auntie Fen is sick, but what she has is a kind of heart sickness!!”


As Zhao Yu spoke, Feng Lin suddenly moaned with great bitterness. Immediately after this, before everyone’s eyes, she then stood up from the wheelchair!!!