Crazy Detective Chapter 475

Chapter 475 I Know Even If You Refused To Tell Me

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“Oh oh oh…”

Xiao Zhen was pushing the wheelchair forward. He saw that Feng Lin suddenly stood up from the wheelchair, got a shock, then took a few steps back. He knocked his back into the huge fish tank, and the water splashed from the tank onto the ground. Even the fish were swimming around in terror…


Xiao Guofeng was also shaken by the sight, and knelt onto the floor!


The police detectives were in shock, every one of them panicking, as they were at loss for what to do.

“My goodness!”

Liang Huan reached for his holster instinctually.

“You… All of you…” Feng Lin opened her eyes wide, then raised her finger to point at Zhao Yu. “How did you know? I… What did I do wrong?”

“Tsk tsk…” Hearing that, Zhao Yu held the little girl Niuniu, while he pouted at Feng Lin. “There will always be truth revealed in any crime. Any well-written criminal script will still have its flaws! Teacher Feng Lin, from the moment you decided to run a kidnapping scheme, you had already lost!”

“I… I… Lost?” Feng Lin smiled coldly. “Hmph… I lost? Lan Shuping already admitted that he was the murderer, isn’t that so? My son is innocent!”

“No! It’s not so,” Liang Huan immediately replied. “It was just false information that we police released. It was only a fake out. Lan Shuping’s pleading guilty…”

“Sigh…” Zhao Yu didn’t expect Liang Huan to let the truth out so quickly. He wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

“Huh?! What?! Fake?! Why… How could it be? I… I was fooled… Ah…” Feng Lin suddenly felt dizzy, then fell onto her wheelchair.

“Mom…” Xiao Zheng quickly dashed forward to check on her. Xiao Guofeng also ran toward her.

That very moment, everyone from the Moyang Branch was receiving calls from their higher ups, who were looking for clarification regarding the facts of the kidnapping case.

But looking at Feng Lin, who had just stood up earlier, they had yet to recover from the shock. They were stunned.

“Teacher Feng…” Seeing that Feng Lin had fainted, the maid Meifang was anxious and wanted to dash over to help, but she was held back by Liang Huan.

“Police officer, let… please let me take a look…” Meifang panicked, and as her tears were falling down, she begged, “Teacher Feng has yet to fully recover from her illness. She has to take her medication immediately!”

“This…” Liang Huan looked at Meifang, then at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu nodded faintly, then Liang Huan released Meifang from the handcuffs. There were about seven criminal police at the scene, so naturally they were not worried that she would escape. Meifang quickly came before Feng Lin and took out the pills from the side pocket of the wheelchair, offering them to Feng Lin to take. Feng Lin was then starting to feel better.

“This… What is going on?” Xiao Guofeng was confused. He was surprised and happy, yet scared. “Feng Lin, wake up. You… How did you stand up? Why… Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Mom… Wake up…” Xiao Zheng was also calling for her with mixed emotions.

Then, the police detectives from the Rongyang Branch, led by Mao Wei, were entering from the main entrance. They quickly surround the entire villa.

Behind Mao Wei, Lan Shuping and his wife Gao Ting ran forward from the back. When they saw that their daughter Niuniu was safe, they were surprised and hugged her, shedding tears of joy!

“Niuniu, you gave me a shock… Woo…” Gao Ting was crying, while Lan Shuping had tears welling up in his eyes also. Niuniu hugged her parents’ necks tightly as she wailed with grief!

“Niuniu don’t cry. Hush hush!” Lan Shuping choked up, comforting her. “Daddy will buy you another set of new drawing blocks when we go home, okay?”


Just as Feng Lin heard Lan Shuping’s voice, she suddenly sat straight up! Then, when she confirmed that the person before her eyes was indeed Lan Shuping, she stood up from her wheelchair and pointed at Lan Shuping and scolded, “Murderer! Murderer!”

“What?” Lan Shuping was stunned and turned around. When he saw Feng Lin, he was quivering in fear. “Feng… Auntie Feng… I…”

“You murderer! Ah…” Feng Lin screamed hysterically. “It is you. You made my Kuo stay behind bars for ten years! You murderer! Murderer! Police, quickly arrest him, arrest him!”

“Auntie Feng, listen to me!” Lan Shuping said, feeling wronged. “I didn’t kill anyone, really! I swear to God! I didn’t kill anyone, and I didn’t frame Feng Kuo either!”

“Bull!” Feng Lin roared. “You are jealous of Kuo, because he was more handsome than you, and more talented than you. You were jealous that he took away the woman that you loved, so you used such a despicable method to frame him! You… Murderer!”

“Auntie, it really wasn’t me!” Lan Shuping shouted, with tears on his face. “What do you want me to do, for you to believe what I say?”

“Yeah!” Mao Wei added, “Teacher Feng, we have investigated thoroughly, and Lan Shuping’s verbal confession was totally not parallel with what happened at the scene. Also, he had an alibi! The culprit is not him, so there must be some misunderstanding…”

“That’s enough!” Before Mao Wei was done, Gao Ting, who was squatting next to Niuniu, suddenly roared, causing all present to suddenly become silent.

“Police officer!” Gao Ting stood up and told Mao Wei coldly, “I ask you, are you here to arrest the kidnapper?”

“Mm…” Mao Wei was frightened by Gao Ting’s imposing manner, so he stepped back and only nodded faintly.

“If so, the kidnappers are right before your eyes, so why don’t you put the handcuffs on them?” Gao Ting turned around and pointed at Feng Lin and Meifang. “I don’t care if you have any resentment with my husband! But, I do not allow anyone to threaten me, especially when it involves using my child as a bargaining chip!”

Then, Gao Ting faced Feng Lin directly and told her, “Teacher Feng, don’t be so overbearing! I’m telling you, our Shuping isn’t a murderer, so don’t you dare be so sure about it! Your son was sentenced to prison, and it had nothing to do with my family! But, now that you have kidnapped my daughter, you have committed a crime!! I don’t care who you are, you have to take responsibility for what you did and pay the price! I will… I will make sure of this!”

Then, Gao Ting shouted at Mao Wei and the team with an extremely high pitched roar, “Police officer, what are you waiting for?! Are you… Are you trying to shield the criminal?”

“This…” Mao Wei creased his eyebrows and waved his hands at Zhang Yaohui. Zhang Yaohui and Lan Bo then walked over to put handcuffs on Feng Lin and Meifang.

“Don’t… Don’t… How could this be?” Xiao Guofeng quickly pleaded, “Feng Lin had a brain hemorrhage. How could she be the kidnapper? This must be a misunderstanding!”

“Bro,” Zhang Yaohui said awkwardly, “Whether she did this or not, please make a trip to the police station. We will find out then! Teacher Feng, please follow us!”

Then, Zhang Yaohui went forward to push the wheelchair.

“Hold on!!”

In the hall, there was suddenly another roar that suppressed the noisy discussion. Then, before everyone’s eyes, Zhao Yu slowly walked to the middle of the hall and said, “Everyone, I do not care if you had any grudges before, I am a police officer, here to resolve a case! Don’t forget, before arresting a criminal, I have to interrogate them about the other case!”

Then, Zhao Yu pointed at Feng Lin. “Teacher Feng, as it is already is at this stage, hurry up and tell us, where did you hide Feng Kuo?”

As Zhao Yu said this, those municipal criminal police were shocked, because what Zhao Yu said reminded them that Feng Kuo, who was an escaped prisoner, was still missing!

“Humph!” Feng Lin sent a death stare at Zhao Yu and gritted through his teeth, “Dream on!”

“He… Hehe…” Then, Zhao Yu suddenly chuckled and shook his head at Feng Lin, saying casually, “Teacher Feng, if I could reveal your kidnapping, then… finding Feng Kuo wouldn’t be difficult. Just because you refuse to tell me, doesn’t mean that I don’t know!”