Crazy Detective Chapter 476

Chapter 476 There Is Another Accomplice

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Everyone at the scene was shocked. Zhao Yu’s words had caught everyone’s attention.

Zhang Yaohui stopped pushing the wheelchair, coming to rest in front of Zhao Yu. When Zhao Yu finished speaking, he unlocked his phone screen and beckoned to a police detectives from the municipal police team.

He was a criminal police officer, who was of a similar age as Zhao Yu. He came to Qinshan in order to keep guard at Feng Kuo’s house, in case Feng Kuo returned.

Looking at Zhao Yu waving at him, he came forward in confusion. Then, Zhao Yu showed him something on his hand phone and told him, “Hurry up and inform your higher ups, and arrest him there!


Zhao Yu said this so suddenly, everyone was stunned. Feng Lin fixed her gaze at Zhao Yu’s eyes. Although she was shocked, she thought Zhao Yu was cheating her again!

“Why are you standing here? Go!” Zhao Yu shouted at the criminal police, who were also dumbfounded, “Do you want to perform a great merit?”

“Oh… Oh…” the person responded, as they ran to the side to make a call.

“Hehehe… Teacher Feng…” Zhao Yu turned around with a smile plastered on his face. “The address, do you need me to read it to you?”

“No… I don’t believe…” Feng Lin stared at him and said, “I don’t believe…”

“Alright! It’s okay if you don’t believe it,” Zhao Yu wasn’t bothered, “If so, I will reveal your perfect plan to everyone here! Actually… Feng Kuo is not in Qinshan!”


The others didn’t know the insights, but the police detectives that knew about the kidnapping case were clear that the mastermind behind the of kidnapping of Lan Shuping’s daughter was Feng Kuo, so Feng Kuo must be in Qinshan!

However, Zhao Yu said that he wasn’t. That totally flipped their understand upside down!

“Zhao,” Mao Wei couldn’t help but ask, “If not in Qinshan, then where would he be?”

“Mm…” Zhao Yu turned around and told Mao Wei, “In Yunzhou! Team Lead Mao…”

Zhao Yu sent an eye signal to Mao Wei, who then realized that Zhao Yu might be carrying out a stratagem, so he quickly shut up. However, although Zhao Yu spoke very softly, Feng Lin, who was nearby, could still hear the word “Yunzhou”. Suddenly, she shook, now looking at Zhao Yu in a different light.

“Teacher Feng, although your plan was perfect…” Zhao Yu turned around and said, “The more detailed it was, the more flawed it became! Actually, you did well. You avoided the camera, got close to the little girl, arranged the location to hold the hostage captive, arranged for Feng Kuo to escape prison, and so on… It was almost flawless, near perfect!”

Zhao Yu continued, “At the beginning, I really couldn’t figure out the mystery. I wondered…a person, who was pretending to be sick, how could she do so many things all of the sudden? Then, I figured it out. If you were to carry out such a detailed plan, you must have had an accomplice! So, I suspected your maidservant! She was with you twenty four hours a day. It would be impossible for you to avoid her! So, you must have brought her in, have had her pretend to not see and help you to run the plan!”

Zhao Yu kept explaining his unfoiling of the plan, saying, “The result certified my speculation. We only needed to follow your maidservant, who naturally led us to our answer!”

“But… I don’t understand, where did I expose my weakness and attract your suspicion?” Feng Lin couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s easy. The sunflower print scarf!” Zhang Yaohui couldn’t help but answer.

“Hey!” Zhao Yu was upset. He rolled his eyes at Zhang Yaohui and scolded, “Zhang, can you shut your mouth? Can’t you tell it was time for me to boast about myself?”

“Oh… Sorry…” Zhang Yaohui quickly shut his mouth, while the other police detectives couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yes, the sunflower print scarf betrayed you. Teacher Feng likes to dress up!” Zhao Yu followed suit, teasing, “You didn’t expect that the little girl would draw your sunflower scarf and hang it on the wall in her room for all to see, right?”

“But, I wasn’t even caught on the camera, so how did you know that I was wearing a scarf?” Feng Lin asked, as she didn’t understand.

“Teacher Feng, there…” Liang Huan had just begun to speak, but then shut up immediately seeing Zhao Yu’s death stare.

“Hehehe, there was a parent of a student that was taking a selfie with her child, and you were in the photo!” Zhao Yu said proudly. “Then, I called your husband and confirmed that you had that exact scarf. Hence, all suspicions pointed to you.”

“Huh? You… You you you…” Xiao Guofeng had his eyes wide open and said, “You called me to ask about the scarf because…”

Then, Feng Lin’s face grew awkward.

“Let me continue this, okay?” Zhao Yu pointed at her maidservant, Meifang, and said, “At first, I was drowning in a habitual thought pattern. I thought Teacher Feng kidnapped the little girl and let Feng Kuo keep her underwatch! But when we found the place where you were hiding the hostage, Feng Kuo was nowhere to be found. Then, I realized that I had gotten it wrong!”

Zhao Yu continued, “If Feng Kuo were to be looking after the little girl. As long as there was enough of a food supply, there was no reason for Auntie Mei to take the risk of cooking for the little girl! Hence… I rearranged my trail of though in order to take a different approach!”

Then, the scene was so quiet, they could hear a pin drop. Everyone was attracted to this process of Zhao Yu’s speculation.

“Actually…” Zhao Yu nodded at Feng Lin, saying, “Teacher Feng, the second mistake you made was putting the name of the property where you were hiding your hostage as Meifang’s! That flaw was too huge! After that, we only needed to check under Meifang’s name and were able find her!”

Zhao Yu nodded and then shook his head, continuing, “But, if the house wasn’t under Meifang’s name, she wouldn’t be at ease. So, this slight move would have affected the overall situation. If we didn’t suspect Teacher Feng, we wouldn’t have noticed that there was something wrong with Meifang. And if we didn’t realize that something was wrong with Meifang, we wouldn’t have been able to find the hostage! Without looking for the hostage, don’t even mention figuring out about Feng Kuo!”

When Zhao Yu spoke, Feng Lin and Meifang looked a little strange. It seemed that faintly, they still held hope, or at least still trusted in luck. However, their hope quickly faded.

“Teacher Feng, about the hostage, the matter has been handled. So, let’s talk about Feng Kuo escaping prison!” Zhao Yu raised the corner of his lip and smiled wickedly. “About Feng Kuo, I had fallen into a misconception at first, too! I thought, one of you went to Yunzhou to help Feng Kuo escape prison and bring him back to Qinshan!”

“But, after I pondered it repeatedly, I realized that it was impossible for the two of you to go to Yunzhou!” Zhao Yu said steadily. “The two of you needed to run the kidnapping. Although the timing was possible, in order for you to drive on the highway in the middle night and bring the escaped prisoner along, the danger of your being exposed was too high! So… Feng Kuo’s prison break, how did you carry it out?”

After Zhao Yu had created the suspense, he revealed the answer, “It is as such.Teacher Feng, besides your maidservant Meifang, you had another accomplice!!!”