Crazy Detective Chapter 477

Chapter 477 The Last Question

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When Zhao Yu heard that there was another accomplice, the maid Meifang knelt onto the floor.

Not only did Feng Lin get a shock, everyone at the scene was also shocked by Zhao Yu. Even Lan Shuping’s family turned around out of curiosity.

“Sigh…” Zhao Yu swept the hair away from his forehead and sighed. “Everyone please don’t be so surprised, be proud! Actually… I was only bullshitting earlier. The house where they hid the hostage, its owner’s name wasn’t Meifang but… Mm…” Zhao Yu looked down at his phone and read the name aloud: “Zhang Haibo!”

Zhang Haibo?!

Everyone was confused by Zhao Yu, as no one understood what he was talking about. The police detectives in the Rongyang Branch exchanged glances, feeling that the name was unfamiliar. However, in Feng Lin’s and Meifang’s ears, the name obviously shocked them. In their eyes, they had lost the light of hope.

“Regarding Feng Kuo’s prison break…” Zhao Yu kept his smile, while he told Feng Lin solemnly, “You underestimated our power as criminal police! Before investigating the case, we retrieved the prison visitor records of Feng Kuo and investigated everyone in detail! Within his ten years there, many people came to visit Feng Kuo in prison. So, you could imagine our workload.” Zhao Yu shook his head. “In order to find the truth, however, even an enormous workload would not stop us! Because of this, we finally found Zhang Haibo among all the prison visitors!”

“Oh…” The police detectives listened, enthralled.

“Zhang Haibo only appeared twice on the prison visitor records, but…” Zhao Yu said with a deep voice, “His recent visits were made within the last two months, and the last visit was very close to the time when Feng Kuo escaped! The information showed that Zhang Haibo sells furniture wholesale. So, theoretically, as Feng Kuo was known for his wood carving skills, it seems that he could get along well with a furniture wholesaler!”

He continued, “But, if we had looked into it further, we would have realized that the two had nothing shared besides this! Until… We found out that, in Zhang Haibo’s account, he had a wife named Meifang. Then, we made the connection. Aha!”


Everyone was shocked and looked toward the maid.

“Teacher Feng,” Zhao Yu shook his head and said, “You have charmed this couple into help you! It truly seems that, for Feng Kuo, you gave your all!”

“You… You…” Feng Lin was quivering, at a loss for words.

Zhao Yu said, “I’m guessing that the whole plan came from you, and Meifang and Zhang Haibo were only taking actions according to your orders!”

“Feng Kuo has an allergy, which you used to cause his allergic reaction, causing him to be rushed to the hospital by the criminal police!” Zhao Yu accused. “You already knew which hospital and department he would be sent to. So, you sent Zhang Haibo to the hospital many days before, in order for him to tamper with the anti-theft window in the ward. When Feng Kuo was admitted into the hospital that night, Zhang Haibo got in touch with Feng Kuo secretly, passing anaesthetic spray and handcuff keys into his hands. Then, Feng Kuo was able to escape from prison successfully! Am I right?”

“You…” Feng Lin stammered, her eyes bloodshot.

“But, Feng Kuo’s prison break was just a cover!” Zhao Yu continued. “Your real intention was to kidnap Lan Shuping’s daughter, then force Lan Shuping to plead guilty as the murderer! Once Lan Shuping pled guilty, your plan would have succeeded, and Feng Kuo would have been released! But… even if you had succeeded in the prison break, how about the kidnapping?” Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed. “For your son, you don’t mind putting yourself behind bars?”

Hearing that, Feng Lin lowered her head.

“But… But…” Mao Wei suddenly scratched his head and asked, “Zhao, the logic of the story is clear but… I still don’t understand, what about Feng Kuo? Where… Where exactly is he?”

“Yeah?” The police detectives were all very curious, inquiring in unison.

“Hehe…” Zhao Yu smiled faintly and said, “In the house where she kept Niuniu, Teacher Feng already made a mistake. Then… regarding hiding Feng Kuo, would she follow the same path to ruin?”

“Mm… You… You mean…” Mao Wei was still scratching his head.

“I got Li Beini to look into the couple’s financial status,” Zhao Yu announced solemnly. “The house in Qinshan was registered in Zhang Haibo’s name, while Meifang was the other owner. In Yunzhou, the couple also owns another property, which was newly purchased this year! The location of which I have already sent to the province troops…”

“Wow! Seriously?” The rest of the police force looked at Zhao Yu with their mouths hanging open. They commented in admiration: “Didn’t expect it would be like this! This seems a little too easy, right? But… It was hard to think about all of that!”

“Yeah!” Liang Huan said, his hands spread out before him. “We thought that Feng Kuo had returned to Qinshan already! But actually, he had stayed in Yunzhou… Tsk tsk…”

“You… You…” The way Feng Lin looked at Zhao Yu had now changed. She looked at Zhao Yu in shock, as she asked, “Who… Who are you?”

“Teacher Feng, do you know about the Mianling case?” Lan Bo introduced Zhao Yu, as though he was showing off, “Our number one police detective from the Rongyang Branch, Zhao Yu, Team Lead Zhao! He could even solve the Mianling case. Your meager skills wouldn’t be able to succeed under his watch.”

“Mian… Mianling case?” Feng Lin’s body was still shivering vigorously, but her eyes had already grown dull.

“Oh god! As it turns out… You are the one that solved the Mianling case? No… No wonder… You live up to your name…” The police detectives from the Moyang Branch and the municipal criminal police were also all looking at Zhao Yu in a different light.

“You flatter me!” Zhao Yu clasped his fists together, smug with his success.

“Police officer,” Feng Lin suddenly raised her head and told everyone, “Feng Kuo’s prison break and Niuniu’s kidnapping were all my doing. It is not related to Meifang and Zhang Haibo! I plead guilty, but you have to release them!”

“Teacher Feng…” Meifang knelt by the wheelchair, shivering as she cried.

“Teacher Feng,” Mao Wei said awkwardly, “Whether or not they are guilty, that is not judged by you or us! We have to let the truth speak…”

Then, Mao Wei waved at Zhang Yaohui, beckoning him and Lan Bo to arrest Feng Lin and Meifang.

“No! No!” Feng Lin slammed the armrest on her wheelchair and said, “My Kuo is innocent! He was wrongly imprisoned, it was injustice…”

Xiao Zheng was worried about his mother, so he followed behind in the police car. As Lan Shuping’s family had to make a trip to the police station to make a verbal confession record, they followed the police as well.

“Feng Lin… Sigh!” Xiao Guofeng suddenly slouched on the couch and complained in distress, “After so many years, why did you do that? For Kuo, you… Sigh…”

Xiao Guofeng sighed, while Liang Huan came down from upstairs.

“Zhao, look!” He saw that Liang Huan was holding a yellow scarf, and said excitedly, “The sunflower print scarf. It was left in Teacher Feng’s room! If it wasn’t for this scarf, the case would have been too difficult to solve! This is important evidence! Hey? Why, Zhao?”

As Liang Huan was speaking excitedly, Zhao Yu still didn’t loosen his tightly knit brows. It seemed that he was still pondering something.

“Liang!” Zhao Yu panted and said finally, “The main lead of the case was clarified, but… There is something else that I don’t understand…”