Crazy Detective Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Pretend That I Dont Exist Okay?

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It was one o’clock in the morning. The autumn night was slightly cooling.

Zhao Yu wasn’t sure if he had slept or not. But, when he heard the ending notification, he knew he was definitely awake now.

As he had solved the kidnapping case and the prison break case that day, and had also gotten his refund for three hundred thousand, Zhao Yu was prepared for his miracle completion rate to be generous! As expected, the system informed him that the miracle completion rate of the day was 138 percent. He was given five devices as a reward!

Opening the device bar, he saw that he was awarded with five of the same device, called the Invisible Browser. According to the introduction, the function of the device was to allow him to browse the internet without any other supplementary device.

Tsk tsk…

Upon first sight, the function didn’t seem to be anything too unique, and wasn’t any level one device or special device. It seemed that, for a completion rate of 138 percent, these devices seemed not quite up to par, so he refused to discard anything.

But, after Zhao Yu looked into it more closely, he had a different idea entirely. As it turned out, according to the description of the device, the five were enhanced versions of the device.

The device already enhanced the search engine of a browser. In other words, it could search for things that couldn’t be searched for on a normal website, such as encrypted items, and it could automatically filter out nullified or untrue information.


This thing

Zhao Yu thought, if he could search things that couldn’t be normally checked online, it should be a pretty handy device. The slight downfall was that, after the function was strengthened, it could only search for one entry at a time.


Lying on the bed, Zhao Yu let out a long sigh. The reason why he couldn’t sleep well was not because of Feng Ling and Feng Kuo. Although Mao Wei and Zhang Jingfeng had made it seem so serious during the celebration dinner, no matter how difficult it sounded, these obstacles couldn’t be considered as difficulties in Zhao Yu’s eyes.

In fact, Zhao Yu couldn’t care less about the higher ups, or about being targeted and hated greatly by anyone. None of those things deterred him, and he wanted to solve the case so badly that even eight horses wouldn’t be able to drag him back from his decision!

In actual fact, when he was investigating the kidnapping case, Zhao Yu was already trying to find out the truth back then. Although the case was very difficult to investigate, to Zhao Yu kept on chipping away at it, not allowing it to defeat him.

What Zhao Yu was worried about was entirely unrelated to Feng Ling and her son, but was instead related to Miao Ying! As it turned out, ever since the last WeChat message that Miao Ying had sent him, Zhao Yu couldn’t get in touch with her. Her phone wouldn’t connect with his, and WeChat messages and texts were not replied to. He didn’t know what was going on with her.

According to Zhao Yu’s understanding of Miao Ying, she wouldn’t ignore his texts for such a long time. Even if she came across any trouble, she would try to figure a way to tell him! But there simply wasn’t any news of Miao Ying…

Would it be because Miao Ying wanted to investigate the cases in the yellow cover notebook, and that her mother was against it, so she was being held captive? Or maybe Miao Ying told her family everything, and since she was from a rich and influential family, they couldn’t accept Zhao Yu the country bumpkin? And then maybe they had gotten into a fight over that?

Regardless of the reason, she could at least update him! When they were in a relationship, in order to show respect for Miao Ying’s privacy, Zhao Yu had never questioned her about her family status, nor had he used any tracking or eavesdropping devices on her. But Zhao Yu was beginning to regret this decision. Forget about her actual address, he couldn’t even be certain if Miao Ying was still in the country!

Zhao Yu felt that, if he was still not getting any news from Miao Ying, he would have to figure out a way to look for her. He couldn’t keep this up! Although it was late at night, Zhao Yu was not sleepy, all because he was worried about Miao Ying.

And since he was also bored, he smoked. While he was enjoying a cigarette, he received another hexagram. He wasn’t not sure if it meant that he would progress in the Flat Murder Case. Or if there would be a new case the next day…

Leaving that aside, Zhao Yu started to tinker accordingly for his side quest. He was getting more and more familiar of navigating how to do so, and so was able to find the location of miracle from the map within a few minutes.

The side quest seemed to be magical. Since Zhao Yu didn’t yet know what the use for the accumulated points of the miracle encounter was, he simply saw every miracle encounter as making him into a good man doing good deeds.

Every time after he found the location of a miracle encounter, Zhao Yu would still have a sense of thrill. Sometimes, when you knew the location of the encounter, yet you didn’t know what would happen there, it would develop a very strong sense of anticipation. That was also why, after the side quest was given, it caught Zhao Yu’s attention again.

According to the hexagram, the miracle would take place in the northeast, six kilometers away. When Zhao Yu gazed at the map, an eye-catching Rose Fragrance Bar caught his sight.

Theoretically, it was only a bar. The miracle wouldn’t be much, so it wasn’t really worth the excitement. But, the name “Rose Fragrance” Bar was different, because Zhao Yu was very familiar with the name!

As it turns out, on the night when Team Lead Qu Ping was killed, the suspect Hou Meng was drinking in that particular bar. Then, he was also seized by Zhao Qing at the parking lot of the bar, only to later be framed as a murderer!

Then, today’s side quest had directed him there unexpectedly. Could it be… This was some hidden hint? If so, he had to go and check it out!

At the beginning, he was a little sleepy. When he saw that the miracle would happen at 0158, he thought it was the following night! Hence, he laid down and prepared to go to bed.

But, he soon realized that, once it passed twelve midnight, it would be a brand new day! In other words, 0158 was that day! More accurately, right then! Zhao Yu took a glance at his watch, it was almost 1:45 in the morning, and the miracle was about to happen!

This… This this this…

In order not to miss the miracle adventure, Zhao Yu quickly got out of bed to get dressed. He didn’t even wash his face, before he went downstairs to drive his car away.

The distance of six kilometers isn’t far, plus there was no one on the road in the middle of the night, so Zhao Yu rushed to the parking lot of the Rose Fragrance Bar at 1:57.

According to the accurate measurement of the map in his hand phone, Zhao Yu realized that the miracle adventure wasn’t in the bar itself, but in the garden on the right side of the bar. As the location was close, he parked his car and walked towards the woods.

The side quest was definitely powerful. Just as Zhao Yu got there, he heard some weird noises. After he got closer, he was shocked to see that there were three youngsters, who were pushing and pulling a girl that was wearing a white skirt!

The girl was petite and didn’t have much strength. Not only was her mouth covered by the three youngsters, but she was also being dragged onto a huge motorbike!

“Humph, why the hell are you pretending to be innocent?” Just then, the young man, who was wearing green pants and a yellow T-shirt, shouted, “Today, I will give you a taste of my power! Your father is great, but my father is even greater than yours. I’m telling you, my playing with you today is an honor for you. Don’t try to go against me…”

Then, he extended his hands and grabbed onto the girl’s skirt. He tore it, and the girl’s clothing was ripped off!

“Woo… Woo…” The girl was struggling with all her strength, but her mouth was covered and her limbs were tightly held by the other two people. It would be impossible for her to get loose.

“Yes! Hold on… This posture and angle excite people the most, hehe…” The man in the middle was commanding, while he let loose of his buckle.

Zhao Yu saw this and naturally couldn’t just stand by and watch. He took a huge stride forward and shouted, “Hey, let go of that girl!”

Zhao Yu shouted, but was suddenly dumbfounded, as he saw two things clearly…

First, the motorbike that was supporting the girl was the legendary Dodge Tomahawk! This motorbike was rarely seen in the country, as its price was comparable to a Ferrari!

Second, the girl was someone that Zhao Yu knew. The same green lipped girl that wanted to commit suicide!

“What the heck?!” Zhao Yu nearly bit his tongue. The moment he saw that it was the green lipped girl, he immediately raised his hands and shouted at the three youngsters, “Bros, can we discuss this, could you… Pretend that I don’t exist?”