Crazy Detective Chapter 482

Chapter 482 Reverse The Verdict

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“Ah…Hero, please stay in my sweet dream…”

The lyrical ringtone sounded, as the handphone kept ringing, eventually waking Zhao Yu from his sleep.He grabbed his phone, yet he couldn’t see who was calling him with his blurry vision.

“Hello?” After the call was connected, Zhao Yu greeted the person wearily. But the moment he heard the voice of the person on the other side of the phone, he suddenly sat straight up.

He had never expected the phone call would be from the Petroleum Second Franchise, that same young teen!

“Hey? Police officer,” the boy said, “Didn’t you ask me to look after the Bean Restaurant? Although it wasn’t open the past two days, I’ve heard from some neighbors! It’s not too good, police officer!”

“Oh? Why?” Zhao Yu was curious.

“The shopkeeper’s surname is Ding,” the boy said awkwardly. “But the person just passed away. The notice that was posted on the restaurant referred to the details of a funeral being held for him!”

“Huh? Didn’t the notice say that there was joyous occasion at home?” Zhao Yu creased his eyebrows. “How did it become a funeral?”

“Cough!” The boy replied, “I was confused at the beginning, too. I asked my mother later on, and found out that it was a culture they practice in their hometown of Tongyang. It is a funeral for someone who lived to a venerable age, to ward off any unhappiness with joy! So, you see According to one of the neighbors, after the elderly Ding is done with the funeral, the rest depends upon his son! His son could take over and be a head chef, but it will fall upon whether or not he was willing to continue running the restaurant.”

“Oh, I understand! Help me keep an eye on this. If there was anyone in the restaurant, let me know” Zhao Yu said, then hung up the phone.

Sigh Zhao Yu first let out a heavy sigh, then stretched.


He never expected to receive such gloomy news at the beginning of a new day. Zhao Yu went through the record of the case. Back then, the elderly Dine was the one who had proved that Lan Shuping was not at the scene. As the witness had now passed away, regarding Lan Shuping’s alibi, it could only be put aside.

Tsk tsk

He felt a pang of weariness and lied down in his bed again. Three seconds later, he took up his handphone again to check his messages. Finally, when he saw that there was a red circle notification next to Miao Ying’s name in his WeChat, he felt more relaxed.

Miao Ying had sent him a few short texts. In the messages, she was saying that she went hunting with her dad and that the signal there had been unstable. She also told Zhao Yu not to be worried, and that she would be back soon.

Although Zhao Yu felt that she was putting him off, at least there was news! It was better than having no news at all!

Went hunting?

No signal?

Would it be Did she go to the Africa grassland to hunt?

This is so confusing. When Miao Ying returns, I have to interrogate her.


Zhao Yu yawned and looked at his watch. It was already ten thirty in the morning! Recalling the nuisance of the night before, it was just like a dream!

When Zhao Yu used a nostalgically brutal way to take care of those motorcycles, the girl named Miley fell for him, even volunteering to get a room with him! Forget about the fact that Zhao Yu had Miao Ying, he still would never get involved with that kind of girl!

At the beginning, only based on physical appearance, Zhao Yu had thought the sister would be a quiet and reserved little Limo (Japanese discourse, focusing on the attraction to young or prepubescent girls). Unexpectedly, she had the same blood as the green lipped girl flowing in her body. Hence, she was as crazy in terms of wanting a romantic relationship with him.

At first, Zhao Yu wanted to bring those rich kids to justice, but he decided he’d rather just leave immediately.

Although he got rid of Miley, Zhao Yu was still curious. If the guy who sells shoes is so rich, why would he get a pair of daughters that are so bizarre?

One who drove a Ferrari wanted to commit suicide, by jumping off the building, and the other wanted to get a room with him after just one motorcycle ride. System Bro, what kind of ridiculous miracle adventure is this?


When Zhao Yu checked his accumulated points, he suddenly realized that he had gotten thirty over points for the side quest from the night before. He now had more than fifty points!

But, the system didn’t look any different in general. I really don’t understand what these points can be used for.

What if they are useless? Then, I might as well ignore all these side quests!


Zhao Yu snapped his brain back to reality. Forget about all those things, as this is a new day that has come, and I have gotten a “Gen” hexagram, so I might as well get down to business!

Talking about Feng Ling and Feng Kuo, Zhao Yu felt for the mother and son, but at the same time, he was very curious as to who was the real murderer. He was dying to find out the truth of that Flat Murder case!

Hence, even though Mao Wei and the group had their concerns, Zhao Yu couldn’t be bothered, so he decided to get started in investigating the case. Zhao Yu felt that, if Miao Ying was there, she would also investigate till the very end!

When they had investigated the Qu Ping Case before, even though their lives were in danger, that didn’t stop the two of them. And that time around, there was only a consequence of offending some higher ups and colleagues, so he wouldn’t be bothered much.

Plus, giving up halfway was never in Zhao Yu’s character. So, even if he might flip the entire Qinshan police league upside down, he would not hesitate in order to do his job well, from start to finish!

Of course, Zhao Yu was quick-minded. He knew that it would be difficult to reverse a verdict, so he naturally wouldn’t go toward the muzzle on his own. If he could take the right and proper way, he would definitely be blocked in many directions, so he wouldn’t even pass through the Bureau Luan.

So, he decided to opt for a steady strategy, just like he had back when he investigated the Qu Ping case. First, he would investigate in private. Then, when there was a sign of a positive outcome, he would reveal it to the public.

By then, when there was conclusive proof, the die would be cast. Even a high ranking official, like Bureau Chief Hong, wouldn’t be able to avoid it, but only could admit his wrongdoing back then!

But, Zhao Yu knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to investigate the case. Although it wasn’t as complicated as the Mian Ling Case, it would still require him to put in all his effort, if he truly wanted to unearth the truth.

ThenWhere should I start?

Zhao Yu didn’t even bother washing his face, but grabbed a chair and sat down. He started making notes in his notebook. If he really want to reverse the verdict for Feng Kuo, it would require a large amount of information.

Firstly, regarding the two main suspects, he had to organize their information. He then had to look thoroughly into their family and human relationships, to see if there was any other hidden agenda regarding the dealings of Feng Kuo and Lan Shuping.

Secondly, he had to investigate the background of the deceased victim, Liu Jiao, to see if there were any other suspects around her. Thirdly, he had to study the evidence again carefully, including the crime scene and Liu Jiao’s autopsy report.

Finally, he had to talk to everyone that was related to the case, including the witnesses, the police officers involved, the forensic scientist, the production team members and so on.

In the notebook, Zhao Yu sketched out the entire plan. Once there was a need, he wouldn’t even hesitate to look for Bureau Chief Hong in order to find out more about the situation.

Until the detailed planning had been done, Zhao Yu knew he wouldn’t be able to deal with such a huge workload alone. So, he needed to find help.

Of course, the help was ready. During the celebration dinner, Li Beini and Liang Huan were obviously on the side in support of reversing the verdict, so these two persons could aid him in the investigation.

As expected, After Zhao Yu gave them a call, the two of them were extremely happy. Not only did they agreed instantly, they even divided up the job right then, just so they could get their hands on it immediately!

Then, the whiteboard used for case analysis naturally couldn’t be in the office, but was transported to now stand in Zhao Yu’s house. Along with the increase of information on the whiteboard, he quickly got into the state of investigation. Zhao Yu was confident now, and muttered to himself, “For ten years, you murderer, I’ll see if you can still hide under the radar?!”