Crazy Detective Chapter 487

Chapter 487 The Third Possibility

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Zhao Yu had just gotten home when the phone rang. That time, it was Li Beini who called.

“Bro, I have the report on Gao Ting!” Li Beini said. “Gao Ting and Lan Shuping were introduced to each other, meaning that they were not classmates or friends. The reason why they got married so early was due to a pregnancy! Gao Ting was pregnant with Lan Shuping’s baby, so their families pressured them into getting married.

“I’ve checked on the actual date. When Liu Jiao was killed, Gao Ting and Lan Shuping had yet to be introduced! So, it was impossible for her to develop any grudges against Liu Jiao!”

“Alright, then,” Zhao Yu asked, “If I wanted to interrogate Feng Kuo in Yunzhou, what procedure do I need to go through? Do I need to inform the higher ups?”

“I just received an update,” Li Beini said. “Due to the prison break, Feng Kuo was returned to his original region! He will be dealt with by the Qinshan judiciary. He will then be transferred to Qinnan Prison tomorrow! Also, with your current reputation, you wouldn’t need to report to the higher-ups. Until Feng Kuo’s transfer is complete, it would be enough for you to just make an appointment! I’ll keep an eye on this and make an appointment for you!”


Then, Zhao Yu told Li Beini about his discovery that day. When Li Beini heard, she too felt that the newly discovered woman was suspicious. As shown at the crime scene of Liu Jiao’s murder, the killer was obviously brutal and angry, so the possibility that it was a crime of passion was high! Especially if the woman liked Feng Kuo, there must be a possibility of her having killed Liu Jiao! Hence, due to urgency, he knew he must find this woman soon. As long as he got to interrogate Feng Kuo, he should be able to know her situation very soon.

Putting down the phone, Zhao Yu wiped off Gao Ting’s name from the suspect list on the whiteboard. After all, now that Liu Beini had certified that Gao Ting didn’t know them then, naturally the suspicion was removed. Besides, it was impossible for Gao Ting to have snuck into Feng Kuo’s house to frame him. And lastly, there wasn’t any ice radical in the word “Gao”!


Zhao Yu looked at the remaining suspects on the whiteboard. From Xiao Zhen to Lan Shuping, from Guan Jun to Gao Ting, their original suspects had been eliminated. From what he saw, only the mysterious woman that was close to Feng Kuo remained a person of any real interest.

However, even though there was now a new suspect, Zhao Yu felt that the case was still full of contradiction. For instance, if the woman had really killed Liu Jiao to get Feng Kuo, why would she then frame Feng Kuo for the murder?

However, as the woman was close to Feng Kuo, she might have been able to sneak into Feng Kuo’s bedroom to frame him. But… if the motive was because of love, it still doesn’t make sense. Could it be… She had other reasons?

Zhao Yu had a headache. Various suspects before his eyes confused him, making it even more difficult to find the truth behind it all. At this point, Zhao Yu even thought Liu Jiao’s death was possibly due to manslaughter only, without premeditation. He even considered the possibility of it being a suicide!

The system might have been worried about Zhao Yu’s head exploding, as it quickly sent a miracle adventure ending notification that interrupted his bizarre imaginings. The system told Zhao Yu that the miracle adventure completion rate was eighty-three percent and that he had gotten an Invisible GPS.

Can this be right?

Suddenly getting such a result, Zhao Yu felt disappointed. Theoretically speaking, his motorcycle war the night before and the hard work investigating that day shouldn’t have earned such a low completion rate!


That couldn’t be right…

Thinking about it, Zhao Yu suddenly understood something. He walked before the whiteboard and looked through the information carefully. He then realized that it was a “Gen” hexagram that day, but the completion rate was low. Would it be… That signified that he was investigating with a wrong approach?

Actually, when Zhao Yu first investigated Liu Jiao’s case, he felt that he had overlooked something. Then, he remembered that he seemed to be overly concerned about looking for suspects. As he diverted his attention on the suspect, he overlooked something else that was very important!

Zhao Yu put his hands against the side of the whiteboard, bent down, and started to look through the information again. Suspects, witnesses, corpse, crime scene, ice radical…

As he was looking, his attention was suddenly attracted by one of the photos! On the photo was the murder weapon, a sharp dagger!

After looking at the dagger, Zhao Yu was stunned by a realization. He suddenly realized that the weapon was most likely the thing that he had overlooked!

Then, Zhao Yu quickly ran before the working desk. From the pile of files, he found the detailed information related to evidence.

Zhao Yu carried the file of correspondence and mumbled to himself, “Why didn’t I think about this earlier? No wonder, during the investigation, I felt confused! That’s it!”

“The weapon was a double-edged dagger with a wooden hilt. It has delicate workmanship and a sharp blade. After examination, it was one of a pair of new knives…” Zhao Yu read the record in the file quickly. “After the crime, the weapon was found in the morning of the second day, tucked in the drawer in Feng Kuo’s room. Plus, there were Feng Kuo’s fingerprints and the victim’s blood stain…”

Zhao Yu read the record and realized that, in the entire process of Liu Jiao’s case, the most contradictory and strange point was this very important piece of evidence! Not only did it appear in Feng Kuo’s room in the end, there were also unreasonable discrepancies regarding the dagger itself.

Try to imagine, if there were people trying to frame Feng Kuo, what could have been done in order to get Feng Kuo’s fingerprints on the dagger, while the victim’s blood was on the blade?

Think about it carefully, it was totally impossible! Because, if the murderer held the dagger to kill and then frame Feng Kuo, either his fingerprint would be on the hilt or there wouldn’t be any fingerprint at all.

Even if the knife was used by Feng Kuo before, resulting in his fingerprints already being on it, when the murderer held the dagger to kill, the fingerprint would be wiped off, due to the strength used, or else it would become blurred!

However, when the weapon was found, Feng Kuo’s fingerprint was very distinct, unsmudged, and obvious. So, Bureau Chief Hong was certain that Feng Kuo was guilty!

Tsk tsk…

It appeared that, if Feng Kuo was really framed, it had indeed required a high level of skill. Zhao Yu speculated repeatedly, finally ending up with only two possibilities.

First, after the murderer finished the kill, he had Feng Kuo hold the knife, which explained his fingerprints being found. Second, the murderer was holding the blade when he killed the person!

But, the two speculations obviously couldn’t be valid. Firstly, Feng Kuo wasn’t stupid, so why would he touch a dagger stained with blood? Plus, Feng Kuo arrived at the crime scene not long after the murder, so the timing didn’t make sense at all.

As for the second, it was even more impossible. The blade was so short! If he was holding onto the blade, he wouldn’t be able to stab someone to death! Plus, the autopsy report certified that the murderer stabbed forcefully and brutally, so based on the depth of the wound, the blade should have been stabbed deeply into the blood, almost entirely to the hilt!

Then…If it wasn’t either of the two, is there any other possibility?

Hold on…

Suddenly, Zhao Yu had a thought. He checked the weapon in the photo again, which left him with a third possibility!

Zhao Yu shook with emotion, knowing that, if the third possibility were to be valid, he would finally know who the true murderer was!