Crazy Detective Chapter 489

Chapter 489 A Terrifying Roar

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“Cough cough…”

In the early morning, on the third floor of Da Feng Fruit Co., Zhao Yu’s cough was suddenly heard.

To Jiang Dafeng, who was opening up his stall downstairs, he was used to such coughing. But, after the coughing that was heard today, there was also Zhao Yu’s cry.


“What the hell is going on?” Jiang Dafeng kept arranging his watermelon and looked upstairs. He scoffed, “The psychopath upstairs must have gotten worse.”

Upstairs, Zhao Yu was naked up to his waist, recording things quickly on his notebook. His eyes were wide open and his writing hand was quivering nervously. On the notebook, he wrote two words: “Kun Gen”!

“Dang it…” Zhao Yu finished recording the hexagram poem and couldn’t help but curse under his breath.

He didn’t expect to get a “Kun Gen” hexagram that morning. Every time a “Kun” hexagram opened, he knew there must be big trouble coming!

That very moment, the Liu Jiao Murder Case had already reached its most crucial point. A “Kun” hexagram was opened, which made Zhao Yu anxious.

Zhao Yu instinctually went through all the devices in his head, memorizing them by heart. That way, once something happened, he would be well-prepared.

Tsk tsk…

He pouted and started resolving the poem. After resolving it, the time and location were revealed. The side quest that day was referring to a cross junction on Guobin Street.

Zhao Yu measured on the map carefully, realizing that the location was at a dental hospital in the city. The time shown was 1803.

Then, Zhao Yu unlocked his phone to check Li Beini’s message. Li Beini had already made a reservation to for him to interrogate Feng Kuo. It was set for three in the afternoon.

Qinnan Prison was located in the southern area of Qinshan, while the dental hospital was at the northern area of Qinshan. It seemed that, as usual, the two miracle adventures were not related at all.

The interval time was huge, thankfully. That meant that, if he were to interrogate Feng Kuo first, he should still have plenty of time to get to the dental hospital.

However, as the main matters were to be handled in the afternoon, Zhao Yu came to the unit for work early in the morning, spending the entire morning in the police station. During work, besides his daily tasks, Zhao Yu discussed Feng Kuo with Li Beini and Liang Huan.

When Zhao Yu told them about the speculation regarding the weapon, the two of them were surprised and directed their attentions to the father and son. Liang Huan suggested that they retrieve the evidence from the Moyang Branch in order to carry out the second examination. He knew that the technology would be more advanced compared to ten years ago, and that they might be able to find new clues from the evidence.

Li Beini was considering whether or not they could be certain that the Xiao father and son were the real murderers. He also wondered what measures they would need to take in order to make them admit their guilt.

As it had been so many years, unless they could find clear, definitive evidence, or the pair were to make frank confessions, it would be difficult to convict them of murder. However, Zhao Yu was occupied by the life threatening “Kun” hexagram in his mind, so he wasn’t in the mood to think about this follow-up problem.

His mind was running and running, intent upon analyzing the so-called big incident. Where would it take place?

From the previous General Ridge Incident, the power of the “Qian” hexagram should be above the “Kun” hexagram. Although, it wasn’t a “Qian” hexagram that was given that day, so the power of the “Kun” hexagram shouldn’t be belittled. Hence, he assume that it would either be a death or robbery that occurred, but definitely nothing greater!

Hence, he had to be fully focused and not do anything reckless. However, even though Zhao Yu racked his brain, he still could not figure out how could there be such a serious issue in Liu Jiao’s case.

Would it be that Feng Kuo tried to escape prison for the second time? Or, perhaps someone tried to kill Feng Kuo? Maybe they didn’t want him to come back to Qinshan alive?

If any of these scenarios were to be the truth, it could be made into a Hollywood film!

Although he was beset with doubts and worries, he still had things that must be handled. It was almost time for his afternoon appointment, so Zhao Yu drove his Landrover over to Qinnan Prison.

When Zhao Yu arrived, there was someone questioning Feng Kuo in the interrogation room. Zhao Yu waited outside the door for a few minutes.

When the interrogation ended, the door was pushed open. There were three uniformed policemen that walked out. The leader was none other than the vice captain of the municipal criminal investigation team, Wang Shengyao!

When they came out, Zhao Yu wanted to enter. So, they inevitably ran into each other!

“Hey? You again?!” Wang Shengyao was visibly shaken, as he didn’t expect that he would run into Zhao Yu there.

The last time they’d seen each other was when they investigated the Bank Hidden Corpse Case in the Rongyang Branch. Back then, Wang Shengyao led the team of elites that was defeated by Zhao Yu and Miao Ying’s team. In the end, they didn’t solve the case, but instead fainted in the anaesthetic smoke. After such a debacle, they had lost all their prestige and were thoroughly discredited.

Wang Shengyao thought that Zhao Yu was definitely the one that threw the anaesthetic smoke at them, but he didn’t have any proof. So, he just had to grin and bear it.

However, he had kept the resentment in his mind! The very moment the enemies met, they were furious. Wang Shengyao saw that it was Zhao Yu, his eyebrows suddenly raised and he asked arrogantly, “Why are you here for? Who allowed you to interrogate this criminal?”

“None of your business!” Zhao Yu was not afraid of him. He didn’t even bother to look at him, but walked in directly.

“You?!” Wang Shengyao was stunned. He never expected Zhao Yu to be so barbaric.

He quickly blocked Zhao Yu’s way with his shoulders and shouted, “Zhao Yu, I’m asking you a question! Why are you going in? Feng Kuo is our criminal. Without my permission, no one else can interrogate him!”

Zhao Yu sent him a death glare. He got in and said, “Stop looking for trouble! I will interrogate whoever I want! It’s not your turn yet to make noise!”

A criminal policeman, who was behind Wang Shengyao, didn’t know Zhao Yu. All he saw was that this person didn’t even respect the vice captain, so he suddenly shouted, “Who the hell are you? How dare you speak to Captain Wang like this?”

Zhao Yu stole a glance and saw the person acting overbearing. He reckoned he must have bullied others often, all with the backing of a powerful person behind him.

“Zhao Yu, don’t think you can solve a few cases and then get to fly up to the sky because of it!” Wang Shengyao shouted unhappily. “I tell you, in my eyes, you are not even a stinky fart!”


Just when Wang Shengyao finished saying this, Zhao Yu really did fart! No one knew if it was intentional or not. Regardless, the fart was quite loud and it made Wang Shengyao and his team feel extremely embarrassed and awkward.

“Excuse me, my stomach hasn’t been very well these last few days. Hehe…” Zhao Yu leaned his head to one side and spoke, “Captain Wang, I am different from you. I treat you like a fart…I accidentally let you out! Wahaha…”

Zhao Yu laughed in disdain, like a psychopath. Wang Shengyao blushed in embarrassment. Ever since he had started working, Wang Shengyao had seen policemen and gangsters, but he had never seen such a combination of the two, like Zhao Yu. He was suddenly at loss of what to do.

The criminal police by the side dashed to the front, wanting to grab Zhao Yu’s collar. But, Zhao Yu grabbed Wang Shengyao’s arms and swung him over. He knocked onto the person just in time.

“Zhao Yu!” Wang Shengyao immediately turned around and roared, “What are you trying to do?”

“What am I trying to do?” Zhao Yu raised his fist and said casually, “Your memory is quite bad. Did you forget about the three punches that you owed Miao Ying, when you lost to us the last time? Why don’t I help Team Lead Miao to return them to you?”

Zhao Yu’s remark stabbed right at Wang Shengyao’s sore spot.

“Zhao Yu!” Wang Shengyao pointed at Zhao Yu’s nose and wanted to shower abuse on him. But, Zhao Yu suddenly activated the invisible amplifier and shouted at the three of them, “Buzz off!”

The loud roar was suddenly amplified a hundred times with the amplifier, just like a sound wave explosion. It suddenly formed a shock wave and shook the three of them!

Panic-stricken, Wang Shengyao, who was the lead, fell on the ground. As the sound wave was very strong, he had yet to climb up from the ground, but covered his ears with both hands.

Zhao Yu’s earth-shattering roar frightened Wang Shengyao and his team, causing their faces to grow pale. After it stopped, the three of them were still covering their ears and looking at Zhao Yu with terror.

Zhao Yu gave them both his two middle fingers and turned around to push the door open. Then, he walked into the interrogation room elegantly…