Crazy Detective Chapter 490

Chapter 490 Do You Know Liu Jiao?

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“You jerk!” Zhao Yu raised his fist in the air at Feng Kuo, who was sitting on the interrogation chair. He shouted with rage, “I went to all this trouble, but you deserved this!”

“Police officer, I’m sorry…” Feng Kuo, who was wearing the prison uniform, apologized. He had a moustache growing and looked scraggly. He already had lost his good looks.

As it turned out, the reason why Zhao Yu was so pissed was because he was asking Feng Kuo about the mysterious woman earlier. But, Feng Kuo rolled his eyes and replied, “Police officer, which woman are you talking about?”

That reply revealed Feng Kuo’s basic character. It seemed that, when he was dating Liu Jiao back then, he did cheat on her a few times.

“How many did you have? Tell me!” Zhao Yu might as well have asked for all the gossip. “Start from when you started filming in Qinshan, until when Liu Jiao was killed!”

“Only two!” Feng Kuo scratched his head and reminisced. “Yeah, just two. Mm… Only two that I slept with at least!”

“The heck?!” Zhao Yu blushed with shame. “So, that means that you kissed quite a few? You hadn’t even become a celebrity yet!”

“Playing games, playing games. I was young back then, and I was curious,” Feng Kuo explained. “Police officer, I will tell you everything! Back then, besides Liu Jiao, I slept with another female actor in the production team once.”

“Not the one from the production team,” Zhao Yu said. “I mean the other one…”

“The other one… The other one was a neighborhood girl. She was a student…” Feng Kuo thought about it carefully. “She’s called….”

“Hey, don’t tell me, you rolled around the bedsheets with her, but you can’t even remember her name?” Zhao Yu sighed. How could Feng Kuo’s dissipated life be similar to mine was before I came to this current life?

“Her surname is either Ai Lili or Ai Li. Mm… or maybe it’s Ai Meili. No, Ai Meili stars in movies. Then… It’s Ai Li!” Feng Kuo said. “That day, after I got back from the studio, I ran into the girl at my house. Then, we chatted and just clicked. Then well…there was no one in my house…so.”

“What the hell? There were such open-minded girls, even ten years back?” Zhao Yu sighed and asked, “Okay, then what happened after that?”

“After that, we had fun a few more times. She even came to the studio to see me in secret a few times,” Feng Kuo said. “That woman was looking for excitement for sure. Besides just physical, however, we had no communications at all! Police officer…” Feng Kuo wasn’t sure, but asked anyway, “Could it be..Maybe the girl is related to Liu Jiao’s murder case?”

Zhao Yu recorded the information about Ai Li, but didn’t bother about addressing Feng Kuo’s doubts. He then asked, “Do you know where she stays now?”

“No idea!” Feng Kuo replied. “Back then, there was only a phone number that I had saved in my hand phone. I dared not save it under her real name either, as I was afraid that Liu Jiao would see it. So, I wrote a man’s name!”

He continued. “I never ever brought up anything about Liu Jiao to her. She doesn’t know Liu Jiao! Back then, I thought she wasn’t even important, that’s why I didn’t tell the police about her…”

“You deserve this!” Zhao Yu cut him off. “You didn’t care whether it was important. You were just afraid that you would be embarrassed if you brought it up! What situation are you in now? Do you still care more about your dignity than finding justice? I’m telling you, if you want me to save you, don’t hide anything else. Tell me everything, do you understand?”

“Yes! Yes, yes!” Feng Kuo nodded.

“Regarding the weapon, before the case, did you have any impressions of it?” Zhao Yu started asking another question. “Why do you think your fingerprints were on it?”

“No! Definitely no, I had never seen it before!” Feng Kuo said in very certain manner. “I don’t cook, I only like to do wood carvings. That kind of dagger, I wouldn’t use it during carving!”

“Oh…” Zhao Yu took note seriously of this fact, then asked, “You learned woodwork before, so do you think the hilt of the weapon could be easily changed?”

“Huh?” Feng Kuo was surprised at the question. “If there was glue used, then it wouldn’t be easy! It would have to be heated up and melted, which takes a lot of effort! Do you think that Lan Shuping changed the hilt? That’s extreme.”

“Why, do you think that Lan Shuping had the ability to change the hilt? Around you, is there anyone else who would be better at it?”

Zhao Yu hinted, and Feng Kuo was suddenly surprised.

“Police officer, you can’t suspect…. Xiao Zhen, right?” Feng Kuo’s throat was dry and he swallowed his saliva. He shook his head in suspicion. “That’s quite impossible, right? That guy…. Why would he?”

“Tell me honestly, you and your non-blood related brother, how is your relationship?” Zhao Yu urged.

“I… We… Are quite close,” Feng Kuo replied. “My brother is an introvert and his temperament is quite good. Normally, he is interested with my work. Also, he had no idea about money, so it’s impossible that all of this is about some inheritance. I… I don’t get it…”

“Then… You think, does he have any special feelings towards you?” Zhao Yu asked. “Your mom said that Xiao Zhen’s character is more like a girl, so do you think…”

“No!” Feng Kuo suddenly understood what Zhao Yu meant and replied immediately. “My brother’s sexual tendency is definitely normal, so he wouldn’t have any ideas about me!”

“Police officer, although I can’t certify it, believe me, I am very sensitive with how people look at me. If my brother was interested in me, it’s impossible that I didn’t know! That kid was just a boring person. When he saw pretty girls, his eyes would light up! Oh…and yeah, I found adult magazine in his room before! They were all pretty hot girls in it!”

“But… From what I know…” Zhao Yu recorded as he spoke. “Xiao Zhen had yet to get married, until now! Plus, he doesn’t even have a girlfriend!”

“Mm… My brother is only twenty-nine. He’s picky, I guess?” Feng Kuo explained. “Also, sometimes, my brother is too shy. He doesn’t take initiative…”


Just when Zhao Yu was making a note, he suddenly realized a problem, a very important problem.


Feng Kuo kept saying the word, so Zhao Yu kept on writing that, too. Then, Zhao Yu suddenly realized that the word “Brother” had an ice radical!!! That instance, Zhao Yu felt a cold chill down his spine and had goosebumps all over.

Could it be that the ice radical that Liu Jiao wrote before she died wasn’t referring to a person’s surname? Not Lan, not Guan, not Feng, but… the word “Brother”?!

In other worlds, the murderer that killed Liu Jiao would then be… Feng Kuo’s brother, Xiao Zhen?!

“You…” Zhao Yu stood up suddenly and asked Feng Kuo, “Quick! Your brother… Does he know Liu Jiao?”