Crazy Detective Chapter 495

Chapter 495 What Do You Think?

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Zhao Yu didn’t expect that the middle-aged man would not hesitate to jump over such a dangerous ravine!

Their present rooftop was facing the rooftop of an abandoned cement factory, but only across a very far distance! It was at least a difference of three to four meters. In fact, just looking at it made one’s legs weak! And yet, the man had jumped over it without hesitating. It was unbelievable!

Zhao Yu quickly ran forward to get a closer look. He saw the man leap across the sky, then land on the roof of the opposite building! This man was really a professional! After he landed, he even knew to roll forward to buffer the impact. However, it was still a long distance leap, and he had landed heavily on his right leg.


The middle-aged man suddenly toppled over. The shape of his right calf was visibly deformed. By the looks of it, it might be fractured.

Zhao Yu looked at the man on the opposite roof, then peered down at the ravine below. He really didn’t understand how the man had managed to make it over.

Then, although the man was in pain, he turned around to glare at Zhao Yu. It was as though he was saying, If you have guts, why don’t you jump over?!

Zhao Yu naturally was provoked and unhappy to see this. He immediately rolled up his sleeves, took a few quick steps back, and prepared to leap across the sky!

Someone, who is older than me by a dozen years, could jump over this ravine, so why can’t I? I will show him!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu made up his mind completely, then sped up and jumped! Thankfully, Zhao Yu was young and his speed was quick. He arced across the sky, then prepared to land on the roof of the workshop steadily.

However, what met Zhao Yu at that moment shocked him terribly. He never expected that, as the middle-aged man saw Zhao Yu preparing to jump over, he had grabbed a big piece of wooden plank that was lying nearby on the roof. Then, just as Zhao Yu was about to land, the man slammed it towards him!


Zhao Yu never knew what was coming. He was descending at such a high speed that, when he was hit by the wooden plank, Zhao Tu was bounced back, sending him plummeting into the dozen meters ravine!

The bottom of the ravine was made up of the cement ground of the factory area. Hence, it was mean certain death, should Zhao Yu land on the ground!

Luckily, before Zhao Yu had taken the leap, he had mentally prepared for just such a worst case scenario. Thinking about the device called the Invisible Aircraft, he quickly tapped on the device to activate it.

The aircraft was amazing! After putting it to use, there was a sudden upward airflow that formed, which held the weight of Zhao Yu’s body in the air. At the same time, there was a display, similar to that of a controller, which appeared in Zhao Yu’s mind. Using this, he could control the direction, height, and speed of the aircraft via his will power.


Enjoying the great feeling of the device, Zhao Yu quickly recovered from his fear of having fallen. He was so exultant and confident, in fact, that he even posed like a superman haughtily!

Let’s go!

As Zhao Yu was controlling the aircraft to fly upwards, he was thinking to himself, If the man saw all of this, he is going to be so surprised!

But alas, when Zhao Yu returned to the factory roof, he suddenly realized that there was not a soul to be seen!

Where is he?

Zhao Yu wondered how a person with a lame leg could run so fast…


Hold on a second

Suddenly, he saw two things. In his line of sight was the big wooden plank that the man had raised against him, and a big hole on the roof!


Zhao Yu then recalled that, when he had collided with the wooden plank earlier, due to the strong impact, it had knocked the wooden plank and the middle-aged man quite some distance away.

Could it be

That dude fell into that hole?

Then, Zhao Yu quickly ran to check the hole on the roof. When he looked down, he suddenly was shocked!

His guess was right! The man really did fall into the hole. The abandoned cement factory was about ten meters tall. In other words, when Zhao Yu was falling outside of the factory, the middle-aged man was falling inside of the factory!

Oh, the irony!

Of course, the man didn’t have any aircraft like Zhao Yu. Hence, he had burst into pieces, dying a tragic death

Four hours later, beneath a dark night sky.

As the two sisters’ accident took place in the area that fell under the jurisdiction of the Ruyang Branch, Zhao Yu, who was a witness, had to record his testimony in the office of the Key Case Investigation Unit at the Ruyang Branch.

Zhao Yu was somewhat familiar with the office. In fact, when he was investigating a slaughter case, he had once bet with Miao Ying there!

Later on, after Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had started a relationship, Miao Ying had wanted Zhao Yu to tell her about how he could accomplish all of these amazing, uncanny things in investigations. Zhao Yu, knowing that he couldn’t reveal the truth about the system, could only reply with some nonsense to brush it off.

“Police Officer Zhao!” Xiao Zhang, who used to be under Miao Ying, brought a meal box to Zhao Yu at that moment. “Eat something! We asked the higher ups earlier. You should be able to leave soon. However, you know the rules. If we were to need anything more, we would need to trouble you again”

Zhao Yu nodded faintly, but he didn’t extend his hands to take the meal box.

“Phew!” Xiao Zhang let out a heavy sigh, then left the meal box on the table. He then said with emotion, “It seems that it was fate! The person who pushed the pair of sisters off a rooftop, also fell from a rooftop to his own death in the end!”

“That is, thanks to you, Police Officer Zhao! Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been easy to arrest that criminal!”

Zhao Yu grabbed the bottle of mineral water and took a few gulps. As he had said so much earlier, he was too tired to reply then.

“You might not know yet, but that murderer He was a policeman!” Xiao Zhang nodded and said.

“Oh?” Zhao Yu lifted his head. He had originally thought that the man was a professional killer! He had never expected him to be a policeman.

Looking at Zhao Yu’s obvious interest, Xiao Zhang grabbed a chair and sat before Zhao Yu, continuing to explain. “The murderer’s name is Le Chao. He is forty-seven and comes from Yunzhou. He barely even comes to Qinshan! Also, we’ve checked, and he was not related to the Chen sisters personally!”

“The Chen sisters?” Zhao Yu finally asked, confused.

“A rich man, who deals in the shoe business, Chen Bingguang. His two daughters…” Xiao Zhang introduced. “The elder sister is called Chen Sihui, and the younger is called Chen Siqi. The oldest one was 19. The other one was only 18!”

Zhao Yu nodded lightly. As it turns out, those were Miley and Mochi’s real names. Thinking about the pair of sisters, Zhao Yu was suddenly very sad.

Before, the pair of sisters were only passersby to him. But now, with their sudden deaths, Zhao Yu couldn’t accept it calmly, not like he could with other victims.

“Now, we have three points.” Xiao Zhang continued. “Firstly, the murderer and the Chen Sisters have no personal resentments with one another! Secondly, three months ago, Chen Bingguang was admitted into the hospital, due to a spasmodic disease. In fact, he is still in a coma. Thirdly, the widowed rich man, Chen Bingguang, just got married to a beautiful young wife named Ai Lili! So, Police Officer Zhao, what do you think?”


When he heard Ai Lili’s name, Zhao Yu suddenly stood up straight!