Crazy Detective Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Contract Killing

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“Ai Lili?” Zhao Yu asked Xiao Zhang. “How old is she? Where is she from?”

“Huh?” Xiao Zhang was stunned. He beckoned his colleagues to pass to Zhao Yu the related information, then said, “Police Officer Zhao, you don’t have to be so shocked, right? The case is actually quite straightforward. If Chen Bingguang and both of his daughters died, the biggest beneficiary would be Ai Lili! That is already a dozen billion that she would get in an inheritance. So, she obviously must have contracted a killer!”

“Ai Lili?” Zhao Yu didn’t bother with Xiao Zhang, but read the information in his hands carefully. He saw that the information clearly showed that Ai Lili was twenty-seven years old, and that she was from Qinshan. Although her address was slightly further away from Feng Kuo’s residence, it was clearly stated in her resume that she had graduated from Qinshan Water Conservancy College.

The Water Conservancy College was barely more than a wall away from Feng Kuo’s villa.

Plus, the name, age, and location were so similar

Could this Ai Lili be the same neighborhood girl that had a casual sexual relationship with Feng Kuo?

Zhao Yu couldn’t help but scratch his head. He was confused. He hadn’t expected that the two cases would be connected. Also, he didn’t know if it was just plain coincidence or an intentional arrangement by the system.

Regardless, as he had received the message, Zhao Yu naturally couldn’t let it slip by. So, he quickly made a call to Li Beini, telling her to properly check on the background of Ai Lili, especially tracking down whether or not she was the same girl that was connected with Feng Kuo.

“Captain Zhang.” A police detective walked in the door to report to Xiao Zhang at that moment. “After the dentist woke up, he certified that he had passed out due to an injection. He doesn’t remember anything after that! We checked his office appointments, which showed that Chen Sihui had made a reservation that day. Her younger sister Chen Siqi probably accompanied her!”

Apparently, Xiao Zhang had now become known as Captain Zhang!

“How about surveillance videos?” Captain Zhang took the report and asked.

“Found them. They are deriving speculations from it right now.” The police detective answered. “As of now, although there wasn’t a surveillance video at the rooftop, the facts are quite obvious. Le Chao knocked the dentist out, then pretended to be the dentist. While in disguise, he knocked out the Chen sisters, before dragging them to the rooftop and throwing them off the building!”

Tsk tsk

Zhao Yu had to work hard to focus on listening to the report of the police detective, as he couldn’t help but also think about Feng Kuo’s case.

“Team Lead, the autopsy report was really incomplete,” the other police detective told Xiao Zhang, after putting down the phone. “Apparently, there was sodium lidocaine found in the body of the deceased. The forensic scientist certified that the deceased was injected with the anesthetic before their deaths! Such an anesthetic is not common in dentistry, so it had to belong to the murderer!”

“Team lead!” Just then, another police detective ran in the door excitedly. He raised his arms and shouted, “Found it, found it! Le Chao’s wife made two huge deposits into her account. The total amount of both together was two million! We traced the source to a company called the Doria Leather Ltd.!

“Guess what. That company is a subsidiary company under Bai Shi Li Shoe Enterprise!” The police detective beamed with joy, “We found out that this subsidiary company is solely under Ai Lili’s name. Without her signature, the money wouldn’t be able to transfer out!”

“Okay!” Upon hearing this exciting new evidence, Xiao Zhang stood up and took his jacket. He told Zhao Yu, “Police Officer Zhao, please sit here for a while. You can leave after the approval from my higher ups is given! Meanwhile, I need to get some work done!”

Then, remembering to mind his manners, Xiao Zhang quickly gestured a female police officer to come forward. “Jinmei, please take care of Police Officer Zhao. We need to head out for an arrest!”

Xiao Zhang and the police detectives then left. In the blink of an eye, there was only Zhao Yu remaining, along with the young female police detective.”

“Police officer” The female police detective had heard rumors about Zhao Yu, who was a gangster among the police detectives. She looked unusually nervous. “Do you need anything? I could get you a cup of coffee? Or, maybe you would like a smoke?”

However, Zhao Yu didn’t even look up, but kept reading the information that Xiao Zhang had passed to him. Apparently, Le Chao wasn’t a professional killer, but was, instead, a Yunzhou policeman! And, according to the record, he received over a dozen honorary medals. Hence, he was an outstanding policeman!

But, four years ago, due to his misconduct in a case, which had led to a criminal’s death, he had been suspended. Later on, for some unknown reason, Le Chao was punished for his actions. He then left the police team.

There has to be more to this story…

The female police officer named Jinmei saw that Zhao Yu was ignoring her, so she wanted to leave. However, Zhao Yu suddenly asked her, “Hey junior, do you think your Captain Zhang has got the right person?”

“Huh? What?!” The female police officer was stunned. She then nervously asked, “What did you say?”

“I mean, the person that contracted this killing, do you believe that it is really Ai Lili?” Zhao Yu shook his head and said. “From what I can see, the mastermind behind this must be someone else!”

“Huh? Why Why?” Jinmei was surprised and replied. “After those people died, Ai Lili could receive the inheritance from the rich man in the shoes industry. So, if it wasn’t her, then who else would it be? That cruel woman! So ruthless!”

Jinmei stuttered a bit, as she was so nervous. Zhao Yu remained silence, listening. “I I did hear some news claiming that, before Chen Bingguang fell sick, he was considering making an amendment to his will! I was thinking that, if Ai Lili felt threatened, it might have pushed her to take such an extreme measure.”

“No, no, no” Zhao Yu shook his head and smiled. “The record says that Ai Lili is from an average family, and that she took up various occupations in various cities after graduating from Water Conservancy College. If she was living a wealthy life, she wouldn’t need to marry an old man who was twenty-nine years older than her!”

Jinmei creased her eyebrows, eager to hear more.

“I understand the kind of woman that aims high, regardless of costs,” Zhao Yu sighed. “She wasn’t a descendant of aristocracy. If she could inherit one-tenth of the rich man in shoes industry’s legacy, she would be satisfied! Plus, that inheritance was much more than one-tenth.”

“But” Jinmei further creased her eyebrows, still trying to connect the dots.

“Think about it. Contracting a killing means punishment by the death penalty!” Zhao Yu said. “Real life ain’t a TV series. If it was you, would you take such a risk?”

“No, I wouldn’t!” Jinmei replied affirmatively. “Then, who do you think is the real murderer?”