Crazy Detective Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Level Up

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Although Zhao Yu’s exit appeared to be an impromptu decision made in the moment,the fact that he was a witness, who was directly involved with the criminal that had died, meant that he had to have permission to leave. Thus, he had just then received the official go-ahead to make his departure.

In fact, the real reason that Xiao Zhang had told Jinmei to take care of him was actually so that she could guard him as well. However, Jinmei wouldn’t have dared to restrain Zhao Yu’s freedom.

Plus, from what Zhao Yu had analyzed about her earlier, the girl was already dumbfounded by him. In her eyes, Zhao Yu was a great detective, high above all others. She would be so busy admiring him, how would she have dared to stop Zhao Yu, even if he had tried to leave earlier?

However, as he was leaving, just when Zhao Yu came to the hall of the Ruyang Branch, he ran into Mao Wei.

“Hey? Zhao Yu?” Mao Wei saw Zhao Yu and suddenly relaxed. She quickly came forward, asking with concern, “How are you? Are you okay? I heard that you nearly died from a fall!”

“Mao, why are you here?” Zhao Yu was surprised.

“It is such a serious matter, how could I not come over? Anyway, forget about me, as Bureau Chief Luan is already on the way!” Mao Wei quickly said, “Quick, tell me, what’s the situation right now? The one you chased after, was he the murderer? What about the two persons that fell down from the dental hospital and died?”

“Mm” Zhao Yu wanted to explain, but was interrupted, as the door at the main entrance shook, revealing a bunch of people that were bustling in from outside.

Looking at the people, Zhao Yu recognized that they were from the municipal criminal investigation team. The leader of the group could clearly be seen as being vice captain, Wang Shengyao!

“Zhao Yu? You again?!” Seeing Zhao Yu speaking to Mao Wei, Wang Shengyao greeted him with anger, speaking rudely. “Why are you everywhere? Aren’t you supposed to go see a witch doctor? Wherever you go, there would be death, I’m sure. You are surrounded by such bad luck! Humph!”

Zhao Yu was an expert in dealing with people that he hated. Thus, even after listening to Wang Shengyao’s harsh remarks, he remained calm, saying, “Yeah, Captain Wang. I think I come visit you at your place all the time, to see if maybe your family will die then!”

“The frick! You”

No matter how proper Wang Shengyao was, he was utterly triggered by Zhao Yu. He cursed and wanted to dash over to fight with Zhao Yu.

Mao Wei and Wang Sheng Yao were cousins, but he was also Zhao Yu’s colleague at the Key Case Investigation Unit, so he naturally couldn’t stand by the side and just watch. He saw that Wang Shengyao was boiling with anger, so he quickly came forward to stop him.

“Zhao Yu, you jerk! I’ll see how long you remain this arrogant. Just you wait!” Wang Shengyao was in a rage.

Wang Shengyao had brought his own team with him. These people had very high opinions of themselves, and the moment they saw that their captain being sneered at by Zhao Yu, every one of them was rubbing their fists, ready to launch an attack at Zhao Yu. They were simply awaiting Wang Shengyao’s command.

But, Wang Shengyao had no reasons to call for reinforcements. If they were to launch an attack at their colleague for no reason, it would be difficult to explain. However, he was scoffed at by Zhao Yu repeatedly, making it nearly impossible to keep his anger under control.

“Let’s not wait any longer! Let’s do it now!” Zhao Yu smiled in disdain and said, “You want to fight me one-on-one? I, Zhao Yu, would be honored! But, let’s make this clear, be responsible for your own results! Don’t go and lodge a complaint to the higher ups shamelessly!”

“Don’t! What is going on?!” Mao Wei stood awkwardly in between the two men. He pulled Wang Shengyao away, while trying to persuade Zhao Yu. “Zhao, let’s all just take a step back. We are colleagues, so why would we fight against ourselves?” Then, he turned around and told Wang Shengyao, “The investigation of the case is most important. Let’s cool down!”

“Sure!” Zhao Yu agreed. He then smiled mockingly. “For Mao, anything!”

Although Zhao Yu said the words, he thought to himself quite the opposite.

Nonsense, I am not at a disadvantage. So, of course, I wouldn’t be anxious!

Listening to Mao Wei’s persuasion, Wang Shengyao suppressed his anger and clenched his teeth, then said to Zhao Yu, “Alright. We will take care of our resentments later on. Just you wait!”

“Alright! I’ll wait Wahaha” Zhao bellowed to the sky, then walked through the bunch of police detectives haughtily.

Although these police detectives were provoked by Zhao Yu’s arrogance, they had also heard about Zhao Yu’s past heroics. Hence, they weren’t sure if they would be able to fight against this legendary detective.

Then, seeing Zhao Yu walking out from the main entrance, Wang Shengyao suddenly thought of something. “Hey? That’s not right. Zhao Yu is an important witness!Where is he going? How can he leave? Quick! Go after him!”

As the police detectives turned to chase after him, Mao Wei called out.

“Don’t!” Mao Wei suddenly stopped them. “Don’t go after him, I’ll go, I’ll go! Wang, you go ahead with your tasks. I’ll talk to Zhao”

As they spoke, Mao Wei sent Wang Shengyao an eye signal, signaling for him not to make it into a big matter! Wang Shengyao could only cover his chest and grit his teeth. He then led his team away, albeit quite unwillingly.

Mao Wei had really acted out of his goodwill. He knew that the combination of Zhao Yu’s natural temperament with anyone who treated him rudely wouldn’t end well, so he inevitably became the neutralizer.

In a while, Mao Wei caught up to Zhao Yu in the parking lot. He grabbed his arm and advised, “Zhao, listen to me, not only is our Bureau Chief Luan coming over, but the higher ups from the municipal will soon be here, too! This case is a serious matter! You happen to be a person directly involved now. If you are not here, it would embarrass Bureau Chief Luan, as well as the entire Rongyang Branch.”

“I know!” Zhao Yu knew that Mao Wei meant well. He also wanted to wait until Xiao Zhang and his team arrested Ai Lili, so he could interrogate her about Feng Kuo.

Hence, Zhao Yu nodded and said, “Mao, I was chasing after a murderer the entire evening, risking my life! There’s a bathhouse right opposite us. I’ll just go over for a quick bath and then come back! I won’t cause any trouble!”

“That’s great!” Mao Wei finally relaxed.

“Hey Mao, what are Wang Shengyao and his team doing here, anyway?” Zhao Yu asked curiously.

“This is a small place, so it’s hard for us to deal with such cases on our own,” Mao Wei answered. “Now, since this is such a serious matter, municipal was worried, so they sent the municipal criminal investigation unit to help with the investigation.”

Mao paused only for a moment, then continued, encouraging Zhao Yu to be on his way. “Alright? So, don’t be bothered. Hurry up and go. Come back as soon as you can! I can help you to delay only for a bit. I’ll say you are injured, and that you needed to take care of your wound!”

“Alright! That’s great!” Zhao Yu cupped his hand on his other fist and bowed slightly at Mao Wei. Then, he drove his Landrover to the nearby bathhouse.

A few minutes later, Zhao Yu was taking huge strides into the bathing pool, which was giving out a wonderful, warm steam.


Feeling the pool water that was so warm and comforting, Zhao Yu extended his neck, then let out a long sigh.


Bro system, what are you trying to do? You almost scared me to death! If it wasn’t for my being smart and knowing how to use the aircraft, I would be dead!

Speaking of the aircraft, Zhao Yu felt sorry. The aircraft was given to him after he’d solved the Golden Buddha Case back then! It was not easy to attain at all!

I wanted to save it for a special occasion. But, in the end, I could only use it so awkwardly! I didn’t even get to show it off! So annoying! Such a waste!

Just when Zhao Yu was feeling really bitter, he felt a strange difference in his head. When he looked carefully, he was surprised to see that the accumulative points, which were only registered at fifty earlier, were now showing up as one hundred and seventy seven!

In other words, during the side quest, he had suddenly earned one hundred and twenty accumulative points! Not only that, but the number one hundred and seventy seven,showing his accumulative points, was blinking!

Out of curiosity, Zhao Yu clicked on it directly. In the end, there was a pop up from the system saying, “Leveling up would require 100 accumulative points. Do you want to level up to version 1.0?”

There was even a “Yes/No” button for confirmation.

Zhao Yu was stunned!