Crazy Detective Chapter 499

Chapter 499 A Sort Of Premonition

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Suddenly, Zhao Yu was surprised.

Ever since he had the miracle adventure system, he felt that, although the system was amazing, it seemed to have a lot of flaws. It was almost as though it was of an inferior brand.

After requesting a hexagram, the system would only read it once, and it wouldn’t ever repeat it. Hence, if he didn’t manage to record it properly the very first time, he wouldn’t be able to find it again.

Plus, no matter if it was the device bar or the accumulative point display, they both looked unusually simple, like it had a virus or something. And, the most confusing part was that almost everything in the system relied upon his own guessing!

Regarding the meaning of a hexagram riddle, Zhao Yu only gradually understood each, after he experienced them personally, and over a long period of time. Regarding the side quests, he had to rack his brain to figure out what each one was! In fact, if he hadn’t come across Ghost Ba Gua by chance, he might never have known that the system even had side quests!

Without side quests, there wouldn’t be accumulative points. Without accumulative points, there wouldn’t be a system upgrade

Without upgrading, I wouldn’t know what other functions the accumulative points would be useful for. Then, why not just upgrade it?

Then, Zhao Yu quickly tapped “yes”, causing the system to quickly pop up a progress bar. Within a few seconds, the progress bar disappeared, and there was a clear system interface in his mind!


Zhao Yu was surprised, his mouth hanging open. He looked through the system carefully. Along with the touch of his will, the interface in his mind became even clearer.

The interface was formed with five round regions. The circle in the middle was the biggest circle, while the other four smaller circles were located at the four corners of the big circle.

Inside the biggest circle, there were two neat mandarin characters, Kun Gen! So, it seemed that the big circle showed the latest hexagram of the day.

On the left corner, there was a line of smaller mandarin characters. Needless to say, this was the contents of the hexagram. In the future, Zhao Yu wouldn’t need to copy the poem into a book in order to resolve the side quest, and he wouldn’t need to worry about that expiration time of the hexagram poem!

In the circle on the left bottom corner, there was a written grade of a hundred. It seemed to be the place that showed the adventure completion rate. So, even if he missed the ending of an adventure’s completion, he could still know his completion rate.

The contents of the circle on the right were still the same as before. This was where the accumulative points were recorded. However, the current cumulative points were obviously different from before, as it now showed a score of“077/500”.


Zhao Yu understood then. It seemed that, after he accumulated 500 points, he would be able to level up again! This made him wonder what other new functions there would be in the future.

The last region was the right bottom corner. Without a doubt, this was the device area. After he tapped it open, he could see the situation of his devices. Although the devices were still the same, the display looked much more delicate now.

When one tapped on each device, the system would display the introduction of the device and the lasting period, as well as the number of same devices present.

Just when Zhao Yu was looking at this particular function, he suddenly found something different from before. He hadn’t expected that there would be an icon that stood for the “power up” function, which could be found behind the device introduction. However, when he tapped the icon, there wasn’t any apparent effect that he could see.


Zhao Yu thought about it for a while, then became pretty sure that he now understood the mystery behind this. It seemed that the function had yet to be unlocked. So, maybe at the next system upgrade, he would be able to activate the function.

Power up!

I understand that. It meant that I could strengthen the device and make it more powerful!

Of course, it was similar to how things were in gaming. One could definitely not be strengthened out of nowhere. Hence, Zhao Yu reckoned thatit would definitely require some accumulative points, or maybe would involve the fulfilment of some request.


Just when Zhao Yu came back to reality, the system in his mind disappeared. Gratefully, he didn’t feel any discomfort. This aspect itself was so much stronger, that the system no longer affected his normal life.

All right!

As Zhao Yu had now discovered that he could level up, he became much more motivated. He imagined all kinds of scenarios with the system and its functions. He only redirected his mind towards reality after his burning enthusiasm mellowed down a bit.

Zhao Yu still couldn’t stop thinking about the two sisters’ tragic deaths, even though the murderer, Le Chao, had already died. Zhao Yu considered taking revenge on behalf on the sisters indirectly! But, the case wasn’t as simple as taking revenge. Le Chao had died, but the truth behind the whole story was proving to be much more complicated.

Although Zhao Yu had made inferences before the female police officer, they were still merely inferences. Zhao Yu had thought about the case repeatedly.

Although he had yet to see Ai Lili personally, a woman that could gain the favor of a rich boss in the shoes industry must be someone that was savvy, and thus, quite capable of scheming. Hence, she wouldn’t make such a silly mistake as being so easily discovered!


Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled something about the person who was in the Bentley and wanted to sign a contract with him. He couldn’t remember the person’s name, but did remember that he had said that he was the general manager of Bai Shi Li Shoe Enterprise. He had also said that the CEO thought that he would be a suitable person to be her daughters’ bodyguard

Now that Zhao Yu thought more about it, it was definitely fishy!

The CEO of Bai Shi Li Shoe Enterprise, Chen Bingguang, was in a coma three months back, and had already been admitted in the hospital. Hence, how could he possibly have decided that I am a suitable person?

Hmmm. That general manager Should he be suspected? Would it be that Once Chen Bingguang and his daughters died, then Ai Lili was imprisoned, would he then… Become the beneficiary?

Tsk tsk

That’s not right, maybe the one who wanted to hire me as a bodyguard was only the green lipped Mochi. She might have done so in order to get closer to me, so she sent her general manager to talk to me. Hence, that scenario would have nothing to do with Chen Bingguang

All of these thoughts only gave him a headache! It seemed that, if he wanted to find out the real murderer, he couldn’t rely on guessing, but would have to conduct further investigation. However, although the sisters were slightly related to him, the case wasn’t under his control. Plus, now that the municipal had already gotten involved, it would naturally be inconvenient for him to interfere.

He reckoned that, when he returned to the Ruyang Police Station, he only needed to repeat his testimony all over again to the higher ups. But, although the sisters’ case wasn’t under his jurisdiction, in regards to the mystery of Ai Lili, he had to see her!

Until then, Zhao Yu wouldn’t believe that the system would arrange such an encounter for no reason! So, he had some sort of premonition that, if Ai Lili was really the neighborhood girl that Feng Kuo was talking about, he might be able to find out something from her testimony!