Crazy Detective Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Do You Accept The Disciple?

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It was two fifteen in the afternoon. Le Chao’s wife Xin Xiaoru was transferred from the Ruyang Branch for interrogation by the Yunzhou Police Force. Being very different from a regular criminal, Xin Xiaoru didn’t have any obvious characteristics of a common crook. So, she was only brought to a normal meeting room for some questions, instead of being taken to a professional interrogation room.

At the beginning, it went as was expected by the police. No matter what the police asked, Xin Xiaoru had no idea about it, and she insisted that she always knew everything that Le Chao did. Besides that, she was just crying her heart out, talking about how tough her life was.

Seeing such a situation, Xiao Zhang had no choice but to resort to the wicked idea that Zhao Yu provided him. Xiao Zhang didn’t bring anything but two sets of medical records into the meeting room. After he entered, he put the medical records before Xin Xiaoru’s eyes for her to read.

Xin Xiaoru didn’t understand at the beginning, but as she read, she suddenly realized something. Her body started shivering, and her face displayed a mixture of emotions, like surprise, hatred, sadness

Then, Xiao Zhang started to recite the lines that Zhao Yu had written down for him. Firstly, he told Xin Xiaoru, “Your husband, Le Chao, was originally healthy. He was not ill at all!”

“That supposed advanced stage of lymph cancer that the doctor was talking about was merely fabricated because there was someone that perpetrated a fraud and made amendments on his medical records. And, the person that amended the medical records was the wicked mastermind behind the scenes, the same person that hired your husband to kill the two sisters!”

“Take a good look for yourself!” Xiao Zhang pointed at the second medical record, then said, “One was Le Chao’s original medical record, and the other one was the police’s autopsy report. There were no cancer cells at all in his body!”

“No No It’s impossible!” Hearing such bad news hit her like a thunderbolt, causing Xin Xiaoru to collapse. She stared in disbelief, refusing to accept what she now saw before her eyes.

“So, now you understand?” Xiao Zhang took advantage of the situation and said, “As these people faked the medical records, just to make Le Chao accept the offer to commit murder, you’d better reconsider. Le Chao, who was supposed to be the only witness, died, so why would they still pay you the money as promised? Le Chao was cheated! He was cheated So badly! He even bet his life on it. It was really Not worth it!”

Then, Xin Xiaoru stopped shedding tears, but Xiao Zhang didn’t notice. He just continued to speak. “It’s such a pity! The house is still there, but the loved one is gone. There is no evidence now! Le Chao was a retired policeman, and the blot on his past will last forever”

“Aiyo! Can he pull this off or not?” At that very moment, Zhao Yu was listening to the live recording from the other room, itching to go into the room himself.

He complained, “Xiao Zhang speaks too much! Why didn’t he follow the lines that I wrote for him? One who talks too much is prone to error. Once Xin Xiaoru realizes the rouse, his efforts would all be in vain! Now, he should just turn around and leave!”

As Zhao Yu spoke, Su Jinmei and the bunch of police detectives from the Ruyang Branch were listening with all ears, focusing all their attentions at this questioning. They were all nervous and worried that Xiao Zhang would expose any flaw in their ploy.

Xiao Zhang couldn’t hear Zhao Yu’s guidance on the other side of the wall, but he was still advising Xin Xiaoru patiently. However, although Xiao Zhang’s acting was a little exaggerating, Xin Xiaoru’s mental defense collapsed all the same, exactly as planned. At that very moment, her sorrow was gradually replaced by anger.

“Police officer, I have a way. I can drag the person who framed my husband out!!!” Then, Xin Xiaoru’s eyes were burning with rage and hatred.

“Oh?!” Xiao Zhang was suddenly dumbfounded. He never thought that Zhao Yu’s strategy would succeed. Xin Xiaoru was really an insider!

Xiao Zhang then asked, “Sis, you What did you say? What ways do you have?”

“Police officer, quickly make a trip back to Yunzhou!” Xin Xiaoru said. “On the third partition box in the basement of my house, there was something that my husband left behind for me! It is a pen-drive. There is a video that my husband recorded for me on it! The video could prove that my husband was framed!”

Hearing that, those police detectives from Ruyang were shocked, and they looked at each other, dumbfounded. That was amazing! They had never expected that Le Chao really did leave evidence behind!

“Oh?! Video?!” Xiao Zhang asked in shock. “Sis, what is going on?”

“At the beginning, I really didn’t know anything!” Xin Xiaoru said. “If I were to have known anything, I would definitely have stopped Le Chao! Even though he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would not have allowed him to do anything inhuman. I really didn’t know”

“This is what happened. Yesterday, at about six in the afternoon, I suddenly received a parcel,” Xin Xiaoru explained. “After I opened the parcel, I realized that the parcel was actually a letter that Le Chao had written to me. In the letter, he told me everything. It was only then that I found out what he had done!”

“In the letter, he instructed me about numerous matters. He said that, once he got the things done, the other party would transfer another 5 million into my hands within half a month. However, if anything were to happen to him, or if the other party was not willing to pay, he told me to send the pen-drive to the police station!”

“What’s inside?” Xiao Zhang asked in a hurry. “Have you seen it?”

“I I haven’t seen it yet” Xin Xiaoru replied. “I found it in the basement, but I didn’t dare touch it. On the letter, he said that it was a video that he had recorded ahead of time!”

“I didn’t expect the police to be at my house so quickly. I hadn’t even managed to take care of it. But, the two million in my account, I really have no idea what it was for!”

“Alright, alright! We will investigate!” Xiao Zhang quickly took care of the medical records. As he was nervous, his hand quivered, causing the medical records to fall on the floor.

“Police officer, please!” Xin Xiaoru was burning with grief and indignation. “Although I am poor, I don’t care much about money! My husband was fine, but he was framed by these people. I will not let this end like this! Please, on behalf of all orphans and widows, arrest the mastermind behind this!”

“Oh! Okay, yes, we will Definitely!” Due to extreme guilt, Xiao Zhang was drenched in sweat.

At the same time, in the other room, Su Jinmei was complimenting Zhao Yu, her face full of admiration. “Police Officer Zhao, you deserve the title of Qinshan Sherlock Holmes. This method of using fake medical records to solve the case, although it was a little inhuman, it worked! I think it should be taught in the textbooks.”

“I’m flattered Hehehe” Zhao Yu nodded proudly and said, “Little sis, as for the rest of the matter, you should know how to deal with it. I have to rush back to deal with my own business! Maybe If I can deal with mine in time, we might be able to close the two cases together!”

“Oh Okay!” Su Jinmei quickly bowed before Zhao Yu and said politely, “Police Officer Zhao, when we have any updates on our side, we will inform you right away!”

“Exactly!” Then, the other police detectives also looked at Zhao Yu in a brand new light, as they were super grateful for the great detective’s help.

There were several people that immediately said enthusiastically, “We don’t inform our higher ups, but we will inform Police Officer Zhao first! This time, we finally get to hold our heads high before that bunch of people from the municipal police station!”

“Exactly! Embarrass that Wang Shengyao, and let him continue to pretend to be an idle man!” Zhao Yu added this comment, which won applause from the group of police detectives.

In order to express her sincerity, Su Jinmei walked Zhao Yu to the door personally.

“Aiya, sis, it’s needless to be so polite! Go ahead with your tasks!” Zhao Yu waved at Su Jinmei, then turned around suddenly, ready to make a move.

“Hey? Police Officer Zhao” Su Jinmei suddenly bloomed like a peach blossom and asked, “You”

“Is there anything else that I can help you with?” Zhao Yu asked this, but there was another voice in his head

Why? Have you fallen for me, and now want to get a room with me?!

“Mm” Su Jinmei bowed politely and said, “Police Officer Zhao, in the future, if there’s an opportunity, can you please give me some more pointers? Mm I Can perhaps be your disciple?”